Napalm Corps Return to the Battlefield

Napalm Corps have returned to the battlefield under the leadership of Cabin after a hiatus lasting for a couple of months.

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Napalm Corps officially opened its doors on February 21, following preparations for their return event which commenced on February 1. It was created under the leadership of Cabin. He is most noticeable for his contributions to the People’s Imperial Confederation and Templars. The army made its debut on the Top Ten on February 26, acquiring the 11th position. Aiming for non-stop growth, the army soon found success as it was able to rise to the 8th position in the following week.

Unfortunately, despite the perfect start, Cabin came to the conclusion of shutting down the army as a result of health issues. Napalm Corps transferred all of their servers on the Map to their allies, the Army of Club Penguin. Following the server transfer, the closure was announced to its members through the bulletin channel of the army’s discord, on March 9.

Commander Cabin announcing the closure of the army

Post-closure, Cabin posted another message, taking opinions from the members about a potential reopening. The potential reopening saw high demand for Napalm’s return. Soon after, on March 15, the reopening event was announced.

Commander Cabin announcing the reopening event of the army

On April 2, Napalm Corps held its reopening event. The event took place on CPA Battleground and it turned out to be a cheerful one for the army. The army recorded their highest maximum so far, reaching a size of 26 penguins. This was a significant rise in comparison to their last event, where they maxed 8 penguins.

Napalm’s reopening event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Cabin, Napalm Corps’ leader for an exclusive interview.

What influenced you to reopen your army?

I believe I have my health under better control now and I feel as if there is room for me to do more with the Napalm Corps.

How do you plan to attain success for your army?

I plan to attain success for the Napalm Corps by recruiting, registering, having awesome events, and treating my troops with the respect they deserve.

Will we witness Napalm Corps on the CPA map once again in the future?

It is likely.

Do you have anything to add?

I have nothing to add.

It seems like Napalm’s return event will be a memorable one as it broke records for the army. Despite the setbacks, Cabin is focusing on new goals and personal successes. Napalm’s short first generation leaves Cabin hungry and ready for more. With that in mind, Napalm may just be the small/medium army to watch. But only time will tell. Do you think Napalm will rise as an small/medium power? Will it close down again as quickly as it opened? Will Cabin lead the army to great success? Only time will tell. We wish Cabin and Napalm Corps the best as they open for the second time.

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