Behind the Scenes: Mei

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member.ย In this edition, we will explore the life of Mei, who currently serves as an Associate Editor and Community Committee Member at Club Penguin Armies.

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Mei joined the army community on March 10th, 2023, enlisting in the Water Vikings. In just a month, she received the rank of staff in the army. Mei would go on to help the Vikings during World War IX, playing a significant role in the army’s staff. Her dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed as in August, she was welcomed to the Higher Command of the army. Following this, she rose to the rank of Viking General (Second in Command) on November 3rd and continued to display her diligence and support towards her army.

World War IX

During the same month, she decided to give writing a try and eventually joined the Media team at Club Penguin Armies as a Reporter in Training. While she continued to prove her skills in writing, her efforts in Water Vikings ensured a triumph during the Christmas Chaos tournament. After this, her journey maintained an upward trend, as she not only got her well-deserved promotion to Reporter but also received the accolade of Reporter of the Month for January 2024.

In late February, Mei joined the Community Committee team at Club Penguin Armies. This added to the variety of roles they held within the community. Yet, alongside this, she proved to be a capable and reliable leader within her army. At the beginning of March, this year, she was officially inducted as a Viking Commander.

Christmas Chaos XIII Grand Finals

With a new set of responsibilities on her shoulders, she continued to thrive in both of her work spheres. Just a few days after her induction she was promoted to Senior Reporter at Club Penguin Armies. Subsequently, she continued to work vigorously within the reporting team. It would take her just another month to join the Editing Team and accomplish the role of Associate Editor. Since then, she has continued to serve both Club Penguin Armies and Water Vikings simultaneously.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Mei and learn more about who she is behind the scenes.

How did you come up with the username “Meilisa?”

I came up with this username randomly after talking on one public discord servers in 2020. At the time I raged at someone and they told me to “drink melisa” (melisa = lemon balm in polish) and I thought that combining Mei and Melisa will be a great idea. That’s why I am Meilisa and I will be grateful that this random person said that for a looooong time xD

Can you tell us more about your other interests or hobbies?

Sure! My hobbies are mostly drawing and gaming. I also used to edit videos back in the day and i was interested in martial arts, specifically karate which i trained for around 5 years. Unfortunately I had to stop due to an injury and by the time I was ready to go back the pandemic hit and it never reopened again… :/ Right now I am planning to go back to it or another kind of martial arts in September When it comes to interests, I am interested in watching shows, reading, and music. I wouldn’t consider them a hobby but they are a part of my life.

I’m sorry to hear about your injury, but glad to see you get back into martial arts! What belt did you get up to in Karate?

Since in our style the belt hierarchy was a bit different, I’ll just say that I was 1.5 belt away from the black one

As someone who is a new-gen leader, joining armies only a year ago, what are your current thoughts on the community’s stability?

I feel like if we don’t get even more new-gen people we will die within the next.. 2 years I’d say. Basically the community is mostly adults who have their own lives too and won’t really have time to be here forever.. I’ve noticed that even considering how old I am (17) I am still one of the younger people in the community. That’s my main reason why I think so.

What’s your favorite show?

As of now it’s 13 reasons why. I don’t recommend any person who gets triggered easily to watch it though. Another one which I recommend to everyone is Crash Landing on You, though prepare for many plots.

It is no doubt that Mei has been incredible in whatever she does. Handling several roles at once is not an easy task, and yet, she seems to do it with ease. But what does the future hold for Mei? Will we see Mei and the Vikings win the Around The World tournament? Perhaps Mei will become a Viking Legend and a Memorable Member of CPA? We at Club Penguin Armies are grateful to have her on the team and wish her the very best in all of her future endeavors.

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