Behind The Scenes: Lunita

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. This time, we will look into the life of Lunita who currently serves as a Reporter and Community Committee member in Club Penguin Armies.

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Lunita joined the army community just last year, in March 2023. Despite only joining the community last year, they have quickly found their feet. Their first and only army was the Water Vikings. They originally joined the Vikings on the 9th of March, finding the army just in time to participate in the March Madness tournament.

Tournaments are often times of massive hype and big promotions. It can be a great time for troops to see how armies work and the battles that take place close up. For Lunita, despite the Vikings not progressing from the qualifiers, it was a great experience which gave them a taste of what armies fight for. Just one month after joining the army, they quickly ranked up to Staff-in-Training.

WV during the March Madness Qualifiers

From there, Lunita looked towards the future and the Ausia Arena tournament. Looking back, this is one of their favourite moments in the army. Despite their early exit from the March Madness, they paved their way through to the tournament finals, taking down their opponents. However, they were tasked with defeating the Ausia force, the Help Force. Unfortunately, they did not win the tournament but they put up a great fight and showed the community what they are made of. Despite their loss, it was a defining moment for Lunita as they earned their position on the staff team on May 17th, during the tournament.

Lunita went on to witness history being made with World War IX taking place. The Vikings were just one of the three armies in the Blue Sunset Alliance which declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, starting what would soon become a world war. It saw 32 battles take place between two alliances involved in the war; however, the war ended neutrally with a peace treaty being made and neither side winning.

Despite only being in the army community for a few months, they had experienced a lot. From historic tournaments to quick rises and World War, they were witnessing pieces of army history. The amount of history they saw only grew from here. On the 14th of August, they became a High Commanding member of the army, cementing themself in the ranks. They were able to help the army grow, improve and prepare for what was to come. They did briefly retire in October but quickly returned in November.

Water Vikings during World War IX

Many people counted the Vikings out because of their past history with the September drop. However, they were able to use this to create their own underdog story. Whilst flying under the radar, they trained hard and made sure each part of their army was ready. When Christmas came around the corner, the Vikings were ready to take on the world. They entered the Christmas Chaos XIII tournament with many counting them out early on. Yet, they proved all their doubters wrong and paved their way into the finals. Not only this, but they won the whole tournament, making history.

Within their first year with the army, they saw the army grow and be successful. Not everyone can say that they helped their army to win the Christmas Chaos. Alongside the success the army saw, Lunita gained their own personal achievement. On January 6th 2024, they were awarded the Greatest Viking title in the army. The Greatest Viking title is just one of the titles within the Vikings’ Hall of Fame. It is a prestigious award that showcased their work and quick rise within the army. They have earned their place in the army’s history quite quickly.

Now, Lunita serves as a Community Committee member and a Reporter within Club Penguin Armies. Alongside this, she continues to serve the Vikings as a HCOM member. Outside of armies, she is currently studying IT because of their love for programming and creating websites. They love everything about the subject and would like to go on to study web design. She also loves, reading, watching anime, worldbuilding and nature walks. Even with all of this, they still found time to create pixel art as a hobby.

One of Lunita’s pixel art pieces

It is clear to see that they are a talented individual. Outside of the designing, one of their favourite anime series is Ancient Magnus Bride. It’s about a girl who sold herself in an auction to find herself a new home. However, she went to live with an ancient being. The anime shows her growth throughout the series from being depressed to becoming ambitious. It is different from a typical series, yet it provides a lot of content to keep the viewer engaged.

Lunita seems to have many interesting hobbies and interests outside of armies. While armies can take up a lot of time, people love to explore outside of the community too. Club Penguin Armies approached Lunita to find out more about who she is behind the scenes.

Who is Lunita behind the scenes and outside of CPA?

Outside of CPA and online in general, I am a rather easy going person. I am neither shy nor extroverted, rather I am a mix of both, depending upon who I am talking to. I have a wonderful lil hamster called Betina, whom I adore incredibly much. I also have many wonderful friends, who mean the world to me, and a incredible partner. Other than that, I guess I am rather boring, and lazy in many ways. However despite that I do my best to help those around me, and to improve myself in all ways, be it as a person, or my skills.

Behind the scenes, I don’t do nearly as much as I used to. I used to be one of the most active people in water vikings, and I also used to make a lot of posts etc. Now days I just do my best to help in any way I can, and keep water vikings up and running

How did you first come across armies and what has your experience been like since?

I was recruited by Raven on discord. My experience was great since then and I honestly loved the community and club penguin in general

What got you into website designing and programming?

Tbh mostly the fact that I enjoy designing stuff and being bit artsy. I never really had the talent for actual graphical design, but web design is something I can do as substitute and use my brain in the process.

Have you been able to do any of this inside of the army community or get any tips?

Unfunately I haven’t been. Most armies don’t require any active knowledge of web design, or coding etc, especially as most use wordpress to design their sites.

What do you think the future holds for you inside/outside of CPA?

Honestly I am unsure about my future in CPA. I guess I am just gonna do my best and hopefully one day reach 2ic? I don’t really know about that though-. As far as irl, I just wanna graduate hs, and get into the university I want. Nothing would make me happier lol

Thank you for the interview Lunita. It seems like Lunita hopes to become a higher rank in armies and pursue their dreams in real life. They have a goal which they want to reach and are doing everything they can to reach it. What does the future hold for Lunita? Will they reach their goals? Will they be a future WV leader? 

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