Mercs Surrender Amid Multilogging Accusations

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The war has ended after just two battles between the Mercs and Magma Clan amid multilogging accusations. How did the Magma Clan come to this conclusion? What do the Mercs have to say?

The Magma Clan declared war on the Mercs of CP on June 17th. In their initial declaration, Lukey, Magma Clan’s leader, cited abusive behavior in the Merc’s main chat. However, it later came to light that the war was reactionary to a rejected merger offer.

Magma Clan Mercs of CP War

War terms issued by the Magma Clan.

Although the Mercs never released a reply to the initial accusations, they did not back down from the challenge—the two armies scheduled numerous battles, though only two took place. In the first battle, the Mercs edged out the Magma Clan in an overtime battle. In the second, only the Mercs arrived, giving them an automatic victory.

Mercs Magma Clan War First Battle

The first battle between the Mercs of CP and Magma Clan.

Roughly 12 hours after the second battle, the Magma Clan declared victory. In an exposé dubbed “Operation: MercFallen,” the Magma Clan cited multiple acts of multilogging by the Mercs leadership. Later, Bull, former Merc’s leader, surrendered to the Magma Clan and admitted only two instances of multilogging. CPAB administrators continue to investigate the other accusations of multilogging.

Bull Surrenders Mercs vs Magma Clan

Bull surrendering to Magma Clan.

Chayun logged on as Zastuy123 and Chayun at the Pride Parade.

Chayun and Zastuy123 online during the battle against the Magma Clan.

Bull clearly states that the multilogging committed by Chayun was unknown to High Command. However, Chayun is a member of staff, and their extra account requested a promotion following the battle with the Magma Clan. This indicates Chayun either had control of the discord account or Zastuy was in on the act.

Chayun, with staff ranks and Zastuy requesting a promotion for the battle Chayun admitted to multilogging.

CP Army Headquarters found at least five occasions in which both Chayun and Zastuy123 logged on simultaneously. The simultaneous attendance began on May 18th in an invasion against the Red Ravagers.

Chayun and Zastuy123 logged on at the same time battling the Red Ravagers.

To find out the exact reason behind the Magma Clan’s suspicion of Mercs’ multilogging, we spoke to Legoman, who, with Bschar, did thorough research on Mercs’ multilogging. Here’s what he had to say:

Legoman: Well, speculation arose throughout the community during the Mercenaries choosing to use Yukon over CPR and having an immediate surge in their sizes. Their sizes dropped as soon as they transitioned to CPAB. During the war, the main factor for Magma Clan not being victorious was a disadvantage in size. However, Magma Clan was significantly more awake throughout the war. This prompted me and my massive biceps to delve deep into research alongside my good friend, Pope BScharbach II of Club Penguin. Our hard-working High Command assisted us and could even infiltrate the multilogged accounts.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters also reached out to Lukey and Mac, the current leaders of Magma Clan and Mercs, respectively, to know their thoughts on the whole situation and about the war ending.

What are your thoughts on this war coming to an end?

Lukey: It’s a mixture of disappointment and happiness. I’m happy that we won and were able to prove some of our claims. I’m also disappointed we couldn’t win this war the right way. My goal as a leader is to grow our army and reach new heights, which was what this war was about.

Mac: I am having positive thoughts on this war coming to an end as we are focusing on the growth and improvement of our army!

How do you think your army did for this war, and what could have gone better?

Lukey: Yeah, we should have gotten more troops online for our battle. Unfortunately, many of them disconnected, and few couldn’t log back on. At the end of the day, though, we could’ve done better preparing.

Mac: We did our best and won in the last two battles we fought in the war. We could have taken better precautions to ensure that the war would continue as expected.

Any final comments you would like to make to the other army?

Lukey: I would say something funny, but I don’t need to sh*t talk anymore, lol.

Mac: I would like to convey that it was pretty fun warring with them, and we are deeply sorry for the battle’s outcome. We wish them good luck on their second generation!


As another war ends, one can only wait and see what kind of an impact it will have on the army community at large. Multilogging has always been a method of cheating in the community, and even through CPAB it seems we can’t eradicate it. This war certainly intrigued the members of the army community, and it will be interesting to see what the two armies do in the future. We wish both armies good luck in their future endeavors.

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