Positivitea – 3rd Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Hello lovely people! I am back once again, with the third edition of Positivitea! Let’s see who all have received compliments, this time! Can you guess who the anonymous writers are behind these messages? 

As initiated by Mythic, the objective of this column is to spread love and kindness, in an attempt to let people know that they matter. Like always, let me begin by giving a brief description of the column, before getting to the messages! Every two weeks, I shall be selecting a few people from the CPA community at random and ask them to say something kind and nice about anyone else from the CPA community. All the commenters will be anonymous, though this might change in the future, depending on the situation. The person for who the compliment is will then be asked to guess who may have written it.
Without further ado, let’s get to the positivitea, and see who all have received compliments! This time, I received 9 such messages! Let’s have a look at them!


Our first compliment is for Xing! Xing joined the army community in 2013, by being enlisted in the Army of Club Penguin where he worked his way up to Fourth in Command, before leaving to join the Rebel Penguin Federation. In 2017, he created several armies, one of them being the Red Comrades that witnessed two generations as a success. He briefly joined the Barbarians, eventually joining the Romans where he got Second in Command. In April 2018, he created the Templars, and leads the army, to date.

Dear Xing, Although we aren’t the closest of friends, I will say that your impact on this community, especially the newer gen, is immense– that might be an understatement. Not only within your army have you received numerous achievements for your hard work and loyalty towards Templars but you’ve also have had a (mostly positive) effect on the communities you have participated in. And of course, IRL. Congrats on being accepted into those colleges, sport. Doing stellar!

It’s honestly astonishing to me to have witnessed your presence here. From a mere soldier to one of Club Penguin’s greatest leaders. Might I add you were lucky enough to be mentored by legends who came before you. I’m sure the majority of them were proud to see you rise. And for the ones who don’t, it would most likely be out of jealousy. And even if you weren’t mentored, it was your willpower, your persevering mindset that is one of the reasons why you’re such an inspiration.

I’ve seen the effect you’ve had on my friends. Thank you, for giving them hope. I don’t mean just in armies, encouraging them to recruit and try their hardest. I mean being a shoulder for them to rest on. You treat them as a friend, an equal (when applicable). I’m aware you too have had your fair share of rough times but that element of empathy has also been in addition to that wonderful contagious personality of yours. You are a true definition of a leader, Xing. You are light, the North Star, to shine for those who follow.

I reached out to Xing, and asked him to guess who he thinks, has written this about him. This is what he had to say:

rowan alden.


Our second person to have been complimented is AustinFraud! Austin joined the army community in the year 2014, by enlisting into the Rebel Penguin Federation, and several other armies. After Club Penguin (original) shut down, he came across Pirates in another CPPS, known as Club Penguin Online, and joined them. He then went on to join the Aliens where he was a member of the Staff, before leaving. After gaining some experience in Aliens as Staff, Austin created his own army, known by the name – Athletes, where he led for quite sometime before the army merged with the Elites. He led the Elites as well, and also led the Dark Champions after having revived the army. Last year, he was one of the leaders at the Fire Warriors, and currently, he is a Head Judge at the Club Penguin Army Judges (CPAJ).

If I ever had to pick anyone to compliment its Austinfraud, I feel like he doesnt get enough recognition when it comes to armies or just being a great guy that can be there for you, he’s the greatest person I could’ve ever met and work with, because without him I can safely say for sure I wouldn’t be where I am at today. I just want to thank him for everything and for being a big influence in my armies career and being there for me.

I reached out to Austin and asked him to take a guess at who he thinks has written this. This is what he had to say:

Hmmmmm, i think it’s Ugly. If not I am really sorry for not guessing you 😭


Our third compliment is for Purple! Purple joined armies back in May 2020, by enlisting into the Ice Warriors where she climbed up the ranks and got promoted to the position of Staff after two months. In September 2020, she was inducted as a leader in the Water Ninjas, but that lasted for a short duration. A couple of months later, she decided to join Dark Warriors where she received the position of Sixth in Command and eventually ranked up to Fifth in Command. After Dark Warriors shut down, she went back to the Ice Warriors, and currently, she is one of their Second in Command.

Purple, please, you have to realize to say no to helping me sometimes… I don’t know why you always say yes (although I appreciate it a lot), but regardless, thank you so much. You’ve been almost like a real sister, obviously not a real one because that would be weird, for as long as I can remember. I remember the times in the Icey Avocados and all with Crisy and the rest, those were the days LOL. Even after I started bullying you as a joke (because, to be honest, who doesn’t do that…), we still kept up an amazing friendship, which honestly transcended whatever army we were in, something that I owe to you because I don’t think I was the one who was really stable… Thanks for everything, from helping me with my army affiliations to my vents (and you’re welcome for everything I helped you with too).

I reached out to Purple and asked her to guess who may have said this about her. This was her response:

Omg is that Pran ??


Our fourth compliment is for CSY! CSY joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2015, originally being recruited by the Water Vikings. In some time, he rose through the ranks, and soon enough led the green army’s AUSIA division. CSY also led the AUSIA divisions of major armies like the Doritos and the Water Vikings before retiring. On November 26th, 2019, CSY rejoined the Clovers for the rank of Third In Command and was inducted as a leader on January 27th, 2020. He led the army for a good year and a half before retiring on August 31st, 2021. He is currently an Advisor at the Army of Club Penguin.

CSY, you are one of the most caring and thoughtful people that I have met during my time in CPA. There is never a dull moment during our interactions, whether it be in army servers or in DMs, which is something I have come to love and appreciate about you during these last couple of years. I do like that you are a hard-worker and are unafraid to say what is on your mind. I also like how I can talk to you about anything and you genuinely listen to me and give me advice on anything. It has been a pleasure working with you in ACP and seeing you be a really good commander during your time. You have been an amazing mentor and are an amazing friend to me. I am beyond thankful that we have grown as close as we have and I hope that your life goes the way you want it to.

I reached out to CSY and asked him to guess who may have said this about him. This is what he said:

Honestly, I couldn’t guess who it could be. But I’m glad to hear that my time here wasn’t a waste, and that I’ve made an impact on others, even if it’s just you 😜


Our fifth person to receive a message is IceQueen, once again. This is her second compliment. For those of you who don’t know her, she joined the army community on April 13th, in the year 2020, after being recruited off of Club Penguin Online, into the Ice Warriors. She became a part of the Higher Command of the army on September 4th, two days after which, she was inducted as one of the leaders of Water Ninjas, a colony of Ice Warriors. She joined the leadership team of Ice Warriors on January 22nd, 2021 as a Leader in Training, after which she was promoted to the position of leader on July 10th. Since then, IceQueen has been one of the leaders of the army and holds this position to date.

I really appreciate how hard you work for Ice Warriors. Even if it’s maybe not always noticed, you are doing great. Make sure to take some time off and don’t let all the work irl and for iw bring you down. Keep it up, you can do anything you want to.

I reached out to IceQueen, and asked her to guess who it could be this time. This is what she said:

Everyone is way too nice :krisscreams: I appreciate it a lot! :tl1HeartsBlue: This is again very hard to guess and I can’t decide between the IW Dragon aka Miss LawCroissant 🐉 🥐 and SE’s Dragon :dragon~1:. Hmmm, after extensive deliberation, my final guess is the dumb L Dragon from SE :oop:.


Our sixth compliment is for Comedy! Comedy joined the community in June 2020, after being recruited to the Help Force. She stayed there until November 7th, 2020, after which she decided to join the Silver Empire on December 20th. There, she quickly rose through the ranks and was eventually inducted as the Silver Commander on July 3rd, 2021. After she left the Silvers, she enlisted in the Ice Warriors, where she still is to date. She is also an Advisor for the Fire Warriors, and currently is an Editor at the Club Penguin Army Headquarters and a Judge at the Club Penguin Army Judges.

ok so comedy is the nicest person to approach or really ask about anything. she’s smart, funny and cares about a lot of things. a lot of people don’t thank her for what she does around this place. i just wanna say thank you comedy 🙏

I reached out to Comedy and asked her to guess who she thinks, has written this about her. This was her response:

:evilgiggle: That’s Frostty. He only thinks I’m smart because he still can’t sink a hole in one.


Our 7th person to receive a compliment is Max! This is his second compliment, as well! He joined the army community back in 2010. In 2013, he was most well known as a Pirates leader. Fast-forwarding to 2019, he re-joined the Army of Club Penguin enlisting as a private rank and worked his way up to 2nd in command, in February of 2020. In June of 2021, Max was inducted as the Commander-in-Chief in the army. Max then retired from the position of Leader that he held in the month of July 2021. Max is currently an Admin at the Club Penguin Army Headquarters serving as an Associate Director and is the Top Ten Committee Manager there, as well.

Max, I like that your optimism and the respect in which you always talk to people, also the fact that you always try to include everyone that is around you.I also really liked the games we played on group, as well the stuff we used to do after events! You are a great friend and a great person in general.

I reached out to Max, and asked him to take a guess on who he thinks may have written this. This is what he said:

Aww love that

This goes out to Cotton: Cotton always believed in me the moment I got staff in training, and although we don’t talk as much anymore but he still helps around in the army community!!! He’s almost like a big brother to me, I love him ❤️

I approached Guncotton and asked him to guess who this could be. Here is what he said:

I think Mabel.


Our ninth person (the last one for this edition) to receive a compliment is DrQueen! Dr.Queen was recruited in Club Penguin Online at the beginning of May. Her first army was the Doritos of Club Penguin where she stayed for a couple of weeks, before moving to Ice Warriors on May 26th of 2020. She quickly rose through the ranks, and on August 23rd, 2020, she was promoted to the position of staff there. On September 6th, 2020, she also joined the Water Ninjas, a colony of the Ice Warriors, and joined the Higher Command on October 4th. Soon after, on October 17th, 2020, she was inducted as a Leader. On November 26th, she was promoted to Third in Command, and in the following year January (January 10th of 2021), she was promoted to Second in Command at the Ice Warriors. On April 5th, 2021 she received the position of Leader in Training, and it was on the 6th of September, that she was inducted as a Leader. She currently still holds the position of Leader at Ice Warriors, while being the Top Ten Committee Head at Club Penguin Army Network and Judge at the Club Penguin Army Judges.

DrQueen, you can always know when to make someone laugh, and when to help someone while they go through something tough. Thanks for always being there for the Ice Warriors when they needed it, and im pretty sad we havent been able to talk as much lately, but I want to let you know I appreciate you a lot!!

I reached out to DrQueen and asked her to guess who she thinks could have said this about her. This was her response:

AH OMG, this is wholesome! Could be one of IW’s staff members or anyone of IW’s allies… I literally have no idea! Whoever you are, you are love and appreciated and I am flattered that I was able to get you through tough times and make you smile. Please annoy my dms so we can talk :bunny_love:


With that, we come to an end to this week’s messages! A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to write these messages, and to everyone for reading! Stay tuned for the next edition. Until then, stay safe and take care!

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