Reporter of the Month: January 2024

In the first month of 2024, the army community witnessed a plethora of noteworthy events. From a particularly exciting and innovative tournament to wars being declared and legends being inducted, January has left its mark. Within the media team, a reporter stood out amidst such a bustling month.

Mei Reporter of the Month

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Mei currently serves as a Viking General (second-in-command) in the Water Vikings. In the words of her commander Dino, Mei is ‘a recruitment bulwark and a rising event/battle leader’. Those generous words describe her tenacity and commendable work within her army.

However, it was only on November 22nd, 2023, that Mei decided to join the Club Penguin Armies [CPA] reporting team. Nonetheless, her first article was only published in January of this year, an issue of HCOM Life Stories, featuring Zoomey from the Army of Club Penguin. Finding the column to be an interest of hers, in what concerns writing, Mei kept releasing high-quality editions of HCOM Life Stories. More recently, she covered the lives of Stoggs from Special Weapons and Tactics, and Nicoolas01 from the Winged Hussars.

Reporter Mei


Undoubtedly her tireless efforts to contribute to the media department have not gone unnoticed. Therefore, she was awarded the Reporter of the Month of January! We, at CPA, are very proud of her progress and enthusiasm, definitely looking forward to working with her for the rest of this year.

First of all, what motivated you to become a reporter?

To be honest me becoming a reporter was pretty random, same with what motivated me. I thought about it a lot earlier but never actually applied. One day I saw someone’s nickname about hiring reporters and I thought “I thought about it some time ago, so why not now?” So in the end I think my main motivation was reminding myself of my previous thoughts, and even if it’s not the best motivation I am still glad I listened to myself that day!

 What has been your favorite part of being a reporter?

For me my favourite part of being a reporter is being able to make my writing skills better and also being able to get in touch with people who I could never think of talking with before.

So, what are your topics of interest, when writing?

My favourite things to write about are the ones related to people and their stories, opinions etc. For me getting to know other’s by talking to them is so amazing and often inspiring! (That’s why HCOM Life Stories are my favourite thing to write!!) I also hope to find another topic that will interest me a lot in the near future! 😀

Could you share with us some of your aspirations and goals in CPA?

Honestly the thing I care about achieving the most is being a good reporter and just to being active in community, possibly bringing something good in there too! I don’t think I have any other goals, I just want to spend some nice, memorable time in there 😀

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