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In an effort to provide more transparency to the community at large, the latest news provides a look inside the inner workings of the Army Board. With new Army Board members joining, discussion centered around the representative role.

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In case you did not know, the Army Board is a group of army leaders that works as a representative body for armies opinions in the Club Penguin Armies league. While administrators run the league, the Army Board is the one that votes on league and map rules. In order to have a representative on the Army Board, an army must be present in the Top Ten for four weeks, as well as not be a colony or proxy army. Sorry, no memes allowed.

On September 22, Head Representative and Water Vikings‘ leader, Dino, called forth a meeting for the weekend. The agenda set for the meeting ended up being in regards to the representative role; in the case that an army leader may or may not be abusing the role, what can the Army Board do to circumvent that? Having a seat at the Army Board should be treated as holding a position of power.

After an hour of discussion, Army Board members were asked to vote on the following amendments to league rules:

Voting options

In the end, the board ended up voting to pass the second option. Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dino to check in on how he felt the meeting went.

How do you feel the meeting went?

I feel the meeting was a great step in the right direction. I know some army representatives feel more could’ve been done, but I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

What are your personal thoughts on the outcome of the vote?

It was a good outcome. I trust administration solely with evoking board reps, as long as they are transparent. It prevents future abuse by future board rotations whilst also being a nice and fair check-and-balance on administration by telling us in advance.

How do you think this vote will impact the future?

I think it’ll prove to be a useful precedent in the future, but I preferably would not like to ponder too much on it because it’d be premature to make assumptions about the future involving the precedent set in this meeting.

As Dino mentions, the new ruling prevents potential future abuse while also providing a fair checks-and-balances on the administration. Their decisions must be brought to the Army Board’s attention. What are your opinions on the new league rule?

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