AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition – Grand Final Results

After five weeks of battles, the two remaining armies clashed in a battle for the AUSIA Champions title. Today, we were fortunate to witness a spectacular and incredibly close battle, but in the end, there could only be one winner.

In the AUSIA Arena Final, we witnessed Help Force and Water Vikings going head-to-head to earn the Champions title. Despite Help Force’s reputation for having a strong AUSIA division and their previous victory in Aces of AUSIA in 2020, the Vikings posed a significant threat to their plans of reclaiming the crown.

Help Force vs. Water Vikings

The battle took place across three rooms – Docks, Snow Forts, and Iceberg – and surprisingly did not go into overtime despite the spectators’ suspicions. Both Help Force and Water Vikings started with nearly equal sizes in the waiting rooms, reaching 46 penguins two minutes before the battle was scheduled to begin.

The first room was declared a tie. Help Force initially had the size advantage, but the maxes equalized after the first few minutes. The speed of both armies was also similar, with the Vikings showcasing slightly neater formations for the most part, while the Helpers managed to maintain a fast pace until the end of the room. Neither army could take the lead until the second room, which was declared a victory for Help Force. According to the judges, the Snow Forts exhibited neater and more impactful forms from Help Force’s side, while Water Vikings appeared smaller and faced more frequent coverage. The final room was also declared a tie, as each army was seen to dominate half of the room in the judges’ eyes. The judges were particularly impressed by the Vikings’ effective use of the infinity sign formation, countering their opponents’ plus. Throougout the whole battle, the sizes remained almost equal.

AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Champions – Help Force

We reached out to Help Force’s leaders to ask what contributed to their success the most and what they think about the battle:

Can you share any details about your preparations? In your opinion, what gave you the edge in the final battle?

ROOBOO: Hype Hype Hype. During tournament weeks what matters is maintaining the hard work you built before and making sure it all pays off. We truly DMed and hyped so many people with our intense hard working staff. From fun games to hyping our troops, we really made it happen!

Desireus: I’d say our most important part of preparation was hype. We really managed to convince a lot of troops old and new to attend because of the amount of hype and excitement we had for this battle. Informing everyone, spreading the excitement was really key in our preparation.

What is been your biggest personal achievement during AUSIA Arena?

ROOBOO: Biggest achievement to me was beating ACP and WV. Their preparations and hype was more qualified for the win and the majority of the community voted them over us so I’m truly thankful we held the win against both of the armies. Another achievement I wanna share is making my staff want to win. I think making the team wanna win is the #1 key to a successful destination. If the staff want it, the troops will. To me that’s an insanely hard and valuable achievement.

Desireus: Personally our biggest achievement is the fact that despite our inactivity during the weekdays, we still managed to pull it off real hard during the weekends. Im really proud of everyone who gave it all their best this week and the weeks before.

Is there anything you would do differently in the next tournament?

ROOBOO: Prepare better before the tournament. WAKE UP before tournament weeks so when the tournament comes, u have a mindset of a solid and confident army. Waking up in tournament weeks is unstable and risky.

Desireus: Definitely having earlier prepartions, and not letting those preparations go to waste by constantly maintaining the activity.

Was there anything in Water Vikings’ performance or preparations that impressed you?

ROOBOO: They’re beasts. I’d say their numbers and how they maintain a huge max was amazing. Not only that, but their experience in doing accurate formations and creative tactics is such a dangerous zone to play in.

Desireus: I was really impressed by their speed in terms of formation and tactics and most importantly loved their creativity for formations!

Congratulations to Help Force, who emerged victorious from the Grand Final and were once again crowned the AUSIA Champions! Commiserations to Water Vikings for their exceptional performance and for tying two rooms. We, at CPA Administration, would also like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the tournament’s success, especially the Head Judges and the brilliant graphic designers! A special shoutout to Dino, who designed the pennant!

Would you be interested in participating in the AUSIA Arena next year? In your opinion, which army would challenge Help Force to defend their title?

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