March Madness VIII: Qualifier Results

The Qualifier Round of March Madness VIII has now concluded, and three armies have progressed to the Elite Eight. Which armies were able to proceed to the next tier of the bracket?

The opening round of March Madness VIII saw three sets of armies pitted against each other: the Warlords of the Kosmos were set against the Penguins of Madagascar, the People’s Imperial Confederation faced off with the Dark Vikings, and the Army of Club Penguin was placed opposite to the Water Vikings.

Penguins of Madagascar vs. Warlords of the Kosmos

The Warlords of the Kosmos had previously voiced their intentions to not attend in favor of supporting their allies, the Water Vikings. Subsequently, this was a ten-minute event due to the Warlords not showing up for the battle. This resulted in a victory for the Penguins of Madagascar, who will face the Help Force in the following round.

Qualifier Round

Winner – Penguins of Madagascar

People’s imperial Confederation vsDark Vikings

The second battle of the tournament featured two prominent S/M armies clashing. Furthermore, the Vikings were able to max 26 penguins and secure a 3-0-0 victory against the Confederates. Although they were originally set to battle the Ice Warriors, the Warriors have since shut down.

Qualifier Round

Winner – Dark Vikings

Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin

Lastly, the final battle of this seeding featured two historic armies facing off. As predicted, this was the closest of all three Qualifier Rounds; the verdict of this battle is currently being reviewed. Water Vikings peaked at 44 penguins, while the Army of Club Penguin rallied 55 soldiers to the event. Thereafter, the Army of Club Penguin won with a 2-0-1 battle score and is projected to face off against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Qualifier Round

Winner – Army of Club Penguin

With the Qualifier Round of March Madness VIII completed, the Penguins of Madagascar are set to face the Help Force and the Army of Club Penguin proceeds to face the Rebel Penguin Federation. Additionally, the Dark Vikings proceed forward to face no one. Finally, we at Club Penguin Armies wish all of the victorious armies the best of luck as they proceed to the Elite Eight.

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