New Beginnings: Dark Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics Form a New Alliance

Following a series of friendly practice battles between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Dark Vikings, the two infamous armies have united within a new alliance. What circumstances initiated a newfound friendship between the duo?

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Army Legend Ganger90 created the Special Weapons and Tactics in 2009. Though SWAT has maintained a presence in the army community for over a decade, multiple website defacements have led to the loss of much of its early history. The Agents have remained a consistent part of the Small/Medium army community. Under the leadership of Krill3000, SWAT reached the eighth position on January’s Top Ten Armies of the Month. Most recently, the Agents’ participated in the S/M category of the New Year Bonanza 2024. Facing off against the Winged Hussars, Penguins of Madagascar, and the People’s Imperial Confederation, the Agents tied with the Hussars during their second room. During a recent event, SWAT achieved a maximum size of eleven penguins online, in their practice battle against the Dark Vikings.

SWAT and DV in a recent practice battle

The creator of the Dark Vikings is heavily disputed, as Clintos007 created an army using the same name in 2008. Nonetheless, in 2020, Krosive, Alucard, and TrapAnt took the helm of the Vikings, introducing the army for its first known modern generation. However, the Vikings are best known for their revival in 2022, where they grew to be a Major army. In recent months, the Vikings’ have remained quite isolated. Controversial behavior throughout 2023 would see many of their leaders banned from CPA: Battleground. Subsequently, ban evasion eventually led to the army’s complete removal from official Club Penguin Armies tournaments. This hasn’t stopped the Vikings however, as they continue to place in the Top Ten each week. The army most recently achieved the position of tenth on January’s Top Ten Armies of the Month.

Over the past several weeks, the Vikings and Agents have been participating in regular practice battles. On the second of February, an alliance between the Dark Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics was announced. Despite their history during the Bloodbath Barrage, the armies now seem to be on track for a strong friendship.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dark Vikings leader Thunder222 to learn more about the alliance.

Given past history of war between your two armies, what prompted you to initiate this alliance?

The Leadership has changed for SWAT and same with DV and its leadership like me.

What are you hoping to achieve with the newly-formed relationship? Do you have any goals in mind?

i don’t really have any goals in mind for this alliance, but having a normal alliance is my answer, thats all. i am planning some plans with the alliance itself but i wont discuss that.

Do you feel there is any lingering resentment due to the Bloodbath Barrage war last year? Please explain your answer.

No. Sapphire Concordat was only made to defeat DV during the war, and i call that as a fact. The founding army, Pic planned this and mocked us after the war and them having 4 (or more) armies affiliated. But then, SC had more wars then they disppeared whatever.
i didnt mind SWAT being apart of this because it had a diffrent leadership behind it.

Do you have anything else to add?

DV forever – Fear the Darkness

Thunder222 seems confident in the Dark Vikings’ new alliance with the Agents, citing leadership changes in both armies as a reason for diplomacy. While any plans the new alliance may have are uncertain, the community is sure to find out as the year unfolds. The Club Penguin Armies organization wishes the best to both armies.

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  1. AhsokaTano24 February 10, 2024 (7:09 pm)

    DV IS CRAZY FOR ALLYING WITH THOSE BOZOS. I told them not to, and did they listen? NO!

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