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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. In this edition, we will be taking a closer look at the day-to-day life of Ugly who currently serves as a Senior Reporter and Top Ten Committee Member.

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Ugly joined the army community in February 2020 as a member of Aliens. He quickly honed his skills within the army and held many leadership positions thereafter. His first leadership role was in the Tree Cult in 2020, followed by Dark Champions. But, his most notable leadership role was in the Fire Warriors, where he and his army were able to win the Challengers Cup 2 in August 2021. Despite only being promoted during the tournament, he made his presence felt and is still remembered for his reign in the army. However, his reign was cut short as they announced their retirement at the end of the month.

They rejoined when the next generation of the army rose from the dead in December 2021, helping them to win the New Year Bonanza. Despite the two trophies he helped the army gain, the Warriors remained unstable. He soon retired, once again, in February, leading Sweater to announce the Warriors’ closure.

Ugly’s last Leadership role was within the Secret Service. He joined the service sometime after leaving Fire Warriors and worked his way up to becoming a leader. He was promoted to leader in June 2022 after Pandor stepped down. Yet, much like his time within Fire Warriors, his leadership reign was short-lived due to the army shutting down less than a month later. This left Ugly without an army but it was not his last time in an army.

After some time out of armies, Ugly enlisted in the Army of Club Penguin in June 2023. He went on to help them win the Legends Cup XIII tournament while proving his worth in the army. Recently, on January 6th, Ugly was promoted to Field Marshal (2ic) within the army. Since then, he has continued to help them in the Christmas Crusade war against the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin.

ACP during a recent Christmas Crusade war battle

Despite having an extensive army career, Ugly was able to give back to the army community through his writing. Currently, he serves as a Senior Reporter and a Top Ten Committee Member in Club Penguin Armies. However, these are not the only roles he has held in the wider community as he helped the media departments in Club Penguin Army Network and Club Penguin Army Headquarters in 2021.

In 2023, Ugly proved his skills by earning ‘Reporter of The Month’ in July and October. Not only this, but he also won the ‘Best Top Ten Committee Member’ award and the ‘Outstanding Award’ in December, during the winter awards.

Ugly’s Outstanding Award from the Winter Awards 2023

Outside of armies, Ugly studies Economics and Marketing at University. This takes a lot of his time up, in real life. However, he still manages to indulge in some hobbies: he likes to listen to music. Music can often have positive impacts on a person’s life as it can boost a person’s mood. It has played a big part in Ugly’s downtime as he considers listening to music one of his biggest hobbies. His favorite song is ‘C’est la vie’ by Khalid.

When asked about his favorite football team, he noted that Raja Athletic Club was his favorite. He fondly remembers the club making it to the Club World Cup Final in 2013. Unfortunately, Raja lost but Ugly’s faith in the team he supports remains.

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Ugly to discuss his time within the army community.

What life lessons has the army community taught you?

The ability to not respect anyone around you no matter who they are.

What roles, awards, or positions do you see yourself earning in the future?

Since I’ve just been promoted to 2ic in ACP, my main focus right now is to become leader and continue the legacy of ACP. I want to win all the awards I can and keep the tradition of ACP sweeping every award alive.

How do you balance your real life and army commitments?

I don’t.

What was the favorite article that you wrote? 

The Christmas Chaos XIII Results post. I got a pretty good note for it and was pretty fun to write.

Are you happy in your current senior reporter role or are you thinking of venturing towards other different roles within CPA?

I’m quite fine with just being senior reporter, I feel like being editor would just drain too much of my life to be honest.

What is your role in the Top Ten Committee? Do you enjoy it more than reporting?

My role in the TTC is like any other member and that is to gather all event sizes and info on a different army every week. I don’t necessarily enjoy one than the other, I like being a reporter and TTC member equally.

Ugly has proven that he has great ability in writing and leading throughout his time in the army community. We wish Ugly the best in his future plans in ACP and the army community. What do you think Ugly’s future holds? Will Ugly become an editor in the future? Will he become an ACP leader?

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