Secrets Reclassified: Shakeup in Secret Service Leadership

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Headquarters – Recently, the Secret Service has experienced a change in leadership. As one leader exits, other steps into the Directorship. What does this mean for the army? Does Ugly have any plans for Secret Service?

On June 20th, Pandor announced his retirement from Secret Service as Director. In his announcement, Pandor didn’t specify any reasons. Instead, he inducted Ugly as his replacement in the leadership team. 

Secret Service Leadership Changes Pandor and Ugly

Pandor announcing his retirement, and inducting Ugly as the new Director.

Pandor made his debut in the army community in 2019 after being recruited into Doritos. After the closure of the Doritos, he joined the Fire Warriors as a staff but then ranked up to High Command. Eventually, he parted ways and was part of a few armies. Pandor has since led the Wet Army Penguins and Secret Service.

Secret Service Pandor Leadership

Secret Service event under Pandor’s leadership

Ugly joined the army community in February of 2020, where he enlisted in Aliens. He then discovered the Tree Cult, where he eventually became a leader. After its closure, Ugly joined Dark Champions and then the Fire Warriors. In the Night of Debauchery, hosted by CP Army Headquarters, Ugly won the “Best S/M army HCOM Award” for his work in the Fire Warriors. When the Warriors closed in March, Ugly joined the Secret Service as Leader in Training.

Secret Service Ugly Leadership

Ugly’s first event as leader.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Ugly to ask his thoughts on his promotion.

How are you getting used to being the new Director of Secret Service?

Feeling at home already. It’s a very welcoming and kind community.

What are your plans for the Agents now that you’re the leader?

Advance and grow Secret Service to a healthy and friendly army.

You’ve been in the army community for a while now and have a lot of experience. What are you looking forward to as the new leader of the Secret Service?

Looking forward to making the community a pleasant and safe space for everyone to join.

If there were one thing you would expect from an army, what would it be?

Treating their staff respectfully and fairly regardless of who they are.

In September, you were awarded “Best S/M HCOM.” How does it feel knowing that you are gradually growing to greater heights, and how do you relate it to the Secret Service?

It requires hard work to achieve anything in life, no matter what, and I was honored to be awarded “Best S/M HCOM” for 2021. The same goes for Secret Service, which has been growing this year to a great extent, leading me to join the army. I want to continue that growth after Pandor’s retirement, and I hope I deliver on that promise.


With Pandor retiring from Secret Service as Director, it seems assured that he has left the army in good hands with Ugly. He seems to have many plans and ideas for the army to reach greater heights. We wish the best of luck to Pandor, Ugly, and the Secret Service for their journey ahead.

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