Reporter of the Month: October

The eerie and terrifying season that accompanies the month of October is fading away as the following month also nears its end. October has certainly left its mark, with the community coming together in spine-chilling celebrations and armies engaging in a first-of-its-kind tournament. Thus, the activity of a reporter undoubtedly stood out, and therefore, this talented writer has been chosen as the new reporter of the month.

Reporter of the Month October

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Currently serving as a General in the Army of Club Penguin, Ugly entered the army community in February 2020, by enlisting in the Aliens. Throughout his career, he even managed to rise to the rank of leader in the Fire WarriorsSecret Service, and the Tree Cult.

However, it was only in late June 2023 that he began his career in the Club Penguin Armies reporting team. Because of his outstanding work in July, with his fantastic coverings of the Legends Cup XIII, the Reporting Heads nominated Ugly as the Reporter of the Month . And he did not stop there. His performance as a reporter continued to impress the editors. Articles on the People’s Imperial Confederation‘s celebration of their fourth anniversary and the Trick or Treat Trials predictions , which earned him an excellent score. His performance during October also resulted in a well-deserved promotion to Senior Reporter.

Managing Editor Shalissa Announcing Ugly’s Promotion

As a direct outcome of his commendable work, there was no one other than Ugly we could have chosen to bear the Reporter of the Month award. Senior Reporter Ugly is now the very first person to be awarded Reporter of the Month twice in Club Penguin Armies. Therefore, we asked the Editor in Chief and ACP Commander-in-Chief Coolguy to deliver us a statement regarding Ugly’s work.

What are your thoughts on Ugly’s performance in Club Penguin Armies?

As a leader, it was clear to see that when Ugly was coming up the ranks, he had goals set in his mind. Those goals weren’t easy btw, but he worked hard to try and achieve each and every one of them and the work rate we saw led to him quickly rising up the ranks. It was definitely unlike what ACP had been used to seeing in terms of rank progression. In terms of CPA, Ugly had great momentum upon coming into the role of reporter and this is his second time becoming reporter of the month which shows how crucial he has been in CPA. Whilst he has had reporters competing with him for the role, his work cannot be understated.

We also reached out to Ugly himself, in order to understand how does he feel about his nomination.

I’d like to thank whoever selected me for the second time for this very nice very cool award, and I’m super honored to be rewarded this once again and will hopefully continue to provide more very nice very cool posts yes

Once again, we appreciate all of those involved working in our team. And most of all, we appreciate the readers who rely on us to provide the most accurate community news. Do you think Ugly will earn Reporter of the Month for the third time?

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