Army Front: Penguins of Madagascar

Welcome back to Army Front, the column in which we dive into the achievements of this week’s standout army. This week, we investigated the intricacies within the Penguins of Madagascar, a key component of the Small/Medium army community.

Army Front

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The Penguins of Madagascar joined the community in late January 2023, created by Rye Bread and Logical. However, it was only on February 11th that the army hosted its opening event, where they achieved a max of 17 penguins, counting with the presence of their former allies Water Vikings. Surprisingly, POM chose not to avoid conflict, even though they were just a brand-new Small/Medium army. In less than a month after their reopening event, they had already gotten involved in a war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. This war, dubbed the War of Conquest, ended in a truce, as both armies decided to call for a cease-fire. The reasoning behind that move becomes clear once we understand that both armies pointed out issues within the Club Penguin Army Judges organization. 

And the Penguins did not stop there. Four days after the end of the War of Conquest, Magma Clan issued a war declaration against POM. The Clan claimed that POM’s ‘extreme’ usage of allies and ‘anti-SWAT personality’ were some of the reasons behind their move. Surprisingly, after a war terms breakage, the Penguins were faced with an opposing force treaty, officially losing the war. Two days after the end of the conflict, Club Penguin Armies announced AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. Despite not winning a single battle in the tournament, POM surprised the community by bringing around 20 troops in their battle against the Help Force, an AUSIA powerhouse.

AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Group Stage Week 1

Despite facing two wars consecutively, the army was able to bounce back. POM even made it to the fifth position in the Top Ten at the beginning of May. However, by the end of the month, the army joined forces with the Sapphire Concordat against the Dark Vikings in the infamous Bloodbath Barrage war, in which the alliance claimed victory. Nonetheless, the army would also face some important internal changes: commanders Sweater and Logical announced their retirement from the army, Rye moved to the Templars, and some HCOM and staff also left the army. These circumstances drove the army into a two-month hiatus.

The army then met its return when Logical announced the reopening with 3 new leaders, Cr3epyGuest User, and Solarix. This would give the army a fresh new start. However, the trio silently left their positions and the army was once again without a proper leadership structure. Then, at the beginning of September, Pingo was officially inducted as leader, bringing the stability the army deserved. Although the army has been placing low in the Top Ten rankings, POM has undoubtedly become a stand-out S/M Army with an amazing potential.

POM in a recent event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Pingo, aiming to learn about his experience in his army.

Well, its an experience, I’ll tell you that, I definetly thought it would be way easier then it was, I never fully realized how much time it takes along with trying to get good grades and stuff, expecially if you want to actually grow your army, even to try and host events is hard if you want a good max, building an army is no joke. Currently, my plan is just to slowly build up forces until the summer, not sure if I should make a break for it or if that will just repeat the same mistake of the first generation, killing off all remaining energy we have. POM being still a new army (yet to even be one year old) means that we cant really rely on veterans and i dont think i need to talk about how recruiting goes in a S/M army (while not speaking for all S/M armies, if you’re screaming into your screen for an answer, its hell), it really just is a good way of trying to teach yourself about how an army goes, but if you wanna do a S/M army, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO THAT ON THE SUMMER AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM ALL THE TOURM- Uh what I saying, oh right, its fun when you get 3rd place in a tournament because you’re cracked at Cart Surf my guy

Undoubtedly, the Small/Medium army community faces a series of struggles and it is no easy task to raise an army under such circumstances. Nevertheless, the Penguins of Madagascar have been around for almost a year. This may indicate that they have no intentions of backing down. What do you think the future holds for POM?

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