POM Lose Magma Clan War Following War Term Breach

The war between the Magma Clan and the Penguins of Madagascar has taken a dramatic turn, culminating in the Magma Clan’s ultimate triumph over POM. This victory came after the war terms were breached.

Shortly after the treaty between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Penguins of Madagascar, which suspended hostilities between both sides, the Magma Clan declared war on the latter on April 2nd.

Magma Clan’s declaration

The drama first began in the war when Clan veteran Scars was caught multi-logging for Magma Clan. When confronted, he accused Magma Clan leader Lukey of offering him nitro for multi-logging. He was soon banned from the army, and the battle judges were informed of the situation. Following an investigation of the situation, the administration concluded that Magma Clan would not be punished for the actions of a rogue member. Alongside this, the administration ruled the invasion invalid.

Scars streaming himself multi-logging in the voice chat

The war came to a controversial turning point during the Invasion of Olympia. Jojo Teri, who is a Higher Command in Water Vikings, was found to be attending for the Penguins of Madagascar during the invasion. The war terms created by the Magma Clan stated that double enlistment and allies were prohibited.

Logical, Penguin of Madagascar’s leader instructed Jojo to log off, however despite the instruction, Jojo Teri stayed in the battle. He stated that he was an advisor of the army, and Logical did not follow up with proper action to get Jojo offline.


Invasion of Olympia


Logical instructing Jojo Teri to log off

The Penguins of Madagascar were accused of breaking the war terms post-battle as a result of this. The POM opposed this, as the user was also an Advisor to their army. This caused a huge conflict between the members of the concerned armies, and the administration was called in to settle the situation.


Term stating outside involvement is not allowed.

Club Penguin Armies administration investigated this situation and came to a verdict that Jojo’s attendance did in fact breach the terms. Thus, the Magma Clan were declared the victors of the war.

The administration stated that this situation was different from Scars’ situation as immediate measures were taken by Magma Clan to inform the judges and admins about the multi-logging. Whereas, Logical ignored the situation after Jojo Teri stated he was an advisor. Logical also did not make any attempt to inform the administration or judges.

Administration conveying their decision to the concerned army leaders.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Jojo Teri, POM Advisor & WV HCOM, for a statement regarding his attendance for POM.

Yes, I considered that advisors were allowed to attend battles in the war as they are a non-enlisted part of the army which is the reason why I attended.
Post the war’s conclusion, the Force Treaty of Raticide’s Left T******e was announced by the Magma Clan leadership. This resulted in the Penguins of Madagascar losing all their servers. The administration took the decision of following the original treaty, as a result of the treaty going through changes at various times. Alongside that, the fifth point of “No loopholes” was also invalidated.

The sudden termination of the hostilities brings a triumph for the Magma Clan and the imposition of a force treaty upon their adversary, POM. It is noteworthy that the treaty is slated to expire in precisely one month. Hence, the reigniting of this conflict cannot be discounted if POM decides to seek retribution. What do you think lies in the future of these two implacable enemies?

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