Penguins Of Madagascar Goes On Hiatus

Following a leader and several staff members retiring, the Penguins Of Madagascar have announced plans to go on hiatus. Whether this break will prove to benefit the army in the future is something that only time can tell.

On June 7th, Penguins Of Madagascar creator Rye Bread made an official announcement regarding the army’s current status. In her announcement, she mentioned that the army will be taking a brief break from events while she figures out the army’s future. This announcement comes following Sweater stepping down from the leadership. Moreover, many staff members left alongside Sweater in the aftermath of the Bloodbath Barrage war. There has been scarce activity within the army ever since the war ended in victory for them. However, Rye has taken it upon herself to rebuild the staff team and come up with a schedule plan that works for most in the army.

Rye announcing the army’s hiatus

Rye Bread and Logical created the Penguins Of Madagascar in late January 2023. Soon, it became one of the most prominent active S/M armies. Having joined the community officially in February, the army was quick to create a name for themselves. They took part in their first tournament – February Forte and climbed up to the seventh rank of the Top Ten Armies list in just a week. After losing to the Help Force in the quarter-final round of March Madness VIII, the Penguins of Madagascar participated in the War of Conquest, declaring war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The war ended with the two armies agreeing on a ceasefire. However, soon after, the Magma Clan declared war on the army.

War of Conquest

Despite facing two wars consecutively, the army was able to bounce back and eventually even made it to the fifth position in the Top Ten at the beginning of May. The army took part in the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition, but could not make it past the group stages. However, with the month nearing an end, the army once again found themselves in a state of war, this time as a part of the Sapphire Concordat alliance against the Dark Vikings.

Bloodbath Barrage

Despite the Penguins of Madagascar claiming victory in the Bloodbath Barrage war as part of the alliance with a score of 12-0-0, POM skipper Sweater decided to retire. Several staff and Higher Command members echoed his decision. Thus, the army was left with almost no support for a while. The future seemed bleak for the agents until Rye’s announcement, mentioned earlier.

However, the army recently welcomed two new Higher Command members. This could be interpreted as signs of the army being on the rebound. The announcements bring hope for the members waiting for POM to return to the army scene. From Club Penguin Armies, we wish the Penguins of Madagascar the best in all of their future endeavors.

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