AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Group Stage Week 2 Results

This week, we witnessed eight armies entering the battlefield to tighten their position on the points table. Subsequently, 4 armies emerged victorious following fierce encounters between the armies.

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Over the weekend, there were four battles that took place in the Magenta Block and Shadow Block. The first battle on Saturday was fought between Water Vikings and Dark Vikings, followed by another between the Special Weapons & Tactics and People’s Imperial Confederation. On Sunday, the Army of Club Penguin & Penguins of Madagascar had their battle, which was followed by a battle between the Help Force & Napalm Corps.


The first battle to take place this weekend was between the Water Vikings and the Dark Vikings. The battle saw the Dark Vikings being outnumbered by Water Vikings. Despite giving a good fight based on their size, they were not able to overcome their size disadvantage. The Water Vikings entered the battle with a huge maximum size and showed some great play. Continuing their good form from the last game, the Water Vikings were successful to steal this victory 3-0-0 from Dark Vikings.

Winner – Water Vikings


Next, we witnessed a battle between the Special Weapons & Tactics and People’s Imperial Confederation. This battle was similar to the last battle, as the Confederation were outnumbered by the Special Weapons. However, we witnessed the Confederation giving competition to the Weapons in the first room, after which they slowed down. As a result of SWAT’s huge size advantage, and staying active throughout the battle, They were successfully able to take the win 3-0-0.

Winner – Special Weapons & Tactics



The first battle to take place on Sunday was between the Army of Club Penguin and the Penguins of Madagascar. Just like the other battles we witnessed this week, The Clovers had a clear size advantage of more than 10 penguins. The Penguins attempted their best to give tough competition to the Clovers. However, as a result of lower size, they often had to repeat their formations. The Judges noted that both armies had certain flaws such as AFK troops, and gaps. However, as a result of consistent performance and better creativity by the Clovers, they succeeded in taking the win.

Winner – Army of Club Penguin



In the second battle of Sunday, Help Force fought Napalm Corps. Although both armies shared a similar number of troops pre-battle, the Help Force’s size boosted in the last few minutes before the start. They were able to outnumber the Napalm Corps, and had a clear advantage. Though Napalm Corps tried to do whatever they could with their size, they often witnessed AFK users. Help Force performed well, and tried out creative formations. The huge size disadvantage for Napalm Corps went in favor of the Help Force as they were able to clean sweep the battle.

Winner – Help Force

Following the completion of the Week 2 of the Group Stages, Help Force, Special Weapons & Tactics, Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings have successfully claimed their second win of the tournament. Therefore, the remaining armies have officially been knocked out from qualifying in the Finals. Who do you think out of the remaining 4 armies will take the win?

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