Magma Clan Declares War on Mercs

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A few days ago, the Magma Clan declared war on the Mercs of CP. What led to this confrontation, and how are the war efforts going thus far?

On June 17th, the Magma Clan declared war on the renamed Mercs of CP, previously Mercenaries of CP. In a war declaration titled “The Great Simp War,” Lukey explained his reasoning behind the move. The short statement is littered with profanity, along with accusations of pedophilia. In addition to the unorthodox declaration, the Magma Clan included the provision that a merge would end the conflict. As of now, the Mercs have yet to respond to the accusations. 

Magma Clan Mercs of CP War

The war terms provided by the Magma Clan.

The first battle of what could be many took place earlier today. The Mercs eventually came out on top in a close fight between the two armies. The judges ruled the first room a win by the Magma Clan, the second room a tie, and the third and overtime rooms to the Mercs. Common trends in the judges’ decisions included formation cleanliness and creativity. However, the sustained size advantage in the final three rooms played a part in the Mercs’ victory.

Magma Clan Mercs war

Magma Clan and Mercs during their first war battle

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Mac, leader of Mercs, and Lukey, leader of Magma Clan, for statements on the state of the war.

Mac: At first, Magma Clan had given us two options. Either merge with them, or they will declare war on us. We chose not to join them, so the situation turned into war. We were itching for a war. I mean, armies battle each other, and that’s the whole point. As for the Magma Clan, they’re just seeking attention. We are ready for the war and will let the Magma Clan know the might of the Mercs.

Lukey: I wanted something to work for and was bored. The loss today doesn’t set us back far. Their tactics, speed, and formation were all much worse than ours. The only reason they won is that our size decreased due to disconnected troops. This war is very far from over.

Lukey was questioned about Mac’s claim that the war only occurred because of a failed merger.

Completely true. They are an army in a bad state and aren’t strong on their own without allies. We wanted to get more troops, so we asked beforehand if they would merge. However, I don’t think a merge will happen even if we turn things around and win this war.


Although Lukey doesn’t expect the Mercs to merge, he doesn’t believe this war will end anytime soon. With vague evidence of impropriety provided by the Magma Clan and a first loss to overcome, momentum appears to have swung in the Merc’s favor. It will be interesting to see how the Magma Clan performs in their upcoming battle on Tuesday. Will the Magma Clan prove their case, or will the Mercs of Club Penguin show them the real deal?

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