15 Years Frozen: Ice Warriors Celebrate Anniversary

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – This week the Ice Warriors celebrated their 15th anniversary – a huge achievement that they marked with a range of events within their community. 

In June 2007, Iceyfeet1234 created one of the most influential and dominant armies: Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors have been one of the longest existing armies and have seen sizes over 100. Additionally, they have been consistent semi-finalists and finalists in tournaments this year, including Christmas Chaos XIAUSIA Arena, and Legends Cup XI. In March, they continued their domination and secured first prize in the March Madness VII tournament.

Ice Warriors March Madness VII

Ice Warriors and Help Force | March Madness VII Finals

In honor of their 15th anniversary, the Ice Warriors planned numerous special events throughout the week, including battles with their allies, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Water Vikings. Additionally, they held an anniversary party, a history quiz championship, and a Prom Awards planned for this weekend. Troops were asked to vote on various awards, such as Best Ally, Best Event, Funniest Moment, etc. At the event on Saturday, the awards will be presented and the Prom King and Queen will be announced.

Ice Warriors 15th Anniversary

Ice Warriors 15th Anniversary Party on June 1st

CP Army Headquarters reached out to IceQueen and Freedomist, some of the current leaders,  for their thoughts on Ice Warriors’ 15th anniversary.

How do you feel about Ice Warrior’s anniversary?

IceQueen: IW’s 15th anniversary has caused a lot of hype all week, and It’s been super exciting for our staff and troops. As one of the leaders of this generation, it is an honour and privilege to witness IW’s 15th anniversary. The CPA community has undergone so many changes, but Ice Warriors has been standing strong and will continue to do so. 

Freedomist: Well, it’s crazy to think IW’s already turned 15. It feels like we were just celebrating IW’s 14th-anniversary, yet here we are. Since last year it’s been a challenging period; however, I’m glad we can still celebrate this anniversary. I’m looking forward to seeing what the 16th anniversary will be like.

What are some of your favorite memories in Ice Warriors?

IceQueen: That’s a tricky question as there are so many memories to choose from lol. I would say so far, my favourite memory would be IW winning March Madness 2022. It’s a huge achievement for the army and marked our 3rd consecutive year of winning this tournament. #THREEPEAT

Freedomist: That’s difficult because I’ve made many good memories in IW. One which certainly stands out was this year’s March Madness final. It felt good to become threepeat champions and finally win a tournament after just missing out consecutive times. I’ve also made many fond memories joking around with some of the members in IW, especially with the avo fam Kally, DrQueen, IceQueen, and Levelz.

What can we expect from the Ice Guardians heading into the next year?

Icequeen: For the upcoming year, Ice Warriors will continue to thrive and grow. We’ve got a lot of new troops and staff who are so passionate and have so much care for IW. The future is looking really bright! We’re also excited for upcoming tournaments, of course. 

Freedomist: Well, over the next year, we’ll do our best to strengthen and grow the Ice Warriors to continue our successes and celebrate an even bigger 16th anniversary. Most importantly, we will have as much fun in the process as possible.

As the Ice Warriors prepare for their awards ceremony to close out their anniversary week, we can be sure that they plan to continue to build on their successes. With such a rich history and many memories, it is no surprise that the Ice Guardians want to carry on the legacy. We wish them all the best in their plans for an even grander sixteenth year.

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