BREAKING: Fire Warriors Announce Another Shutdown

MAGMA, Fire Warriors Capital The Fire Warriors abruptly decided to close the doors to their army.  What led to this sudden decision? 

The Fire Warriors were created in 2007 by Wwe09. Since its first generation, it has gone through multiple shutdowns and revivals. It also had multiple names over the years, with some of the most successful being the Roman Fire Warriors, and the Ninjas. During its active time, the army has been defaced several times, and most of its history is now lost. There are only three recognized godfathers of the army, Pochoma123, Pringle64, and the latest and acting godfather, Sweater.

A Roman Fire Warriors event in 2011

On July 21st, 2021 after years of inactivity, the army was revived for another generation by Sweater, alongside Sammyxfastx, and Sophy Bae. Later in November of the same year, the Skateboarders shut down and rebranded to Fire Warriors, with Otter and Ram Em leading, and Sweater joining leadership once more soon after. However, just like before, the army soon shut down.

The army revived once again, with new faces in leadership. This generation of the Fire Warriors would rise to great heights. Maxing 30+ in the March Madness tournament against the Silver Empire. They also showed their strength in the Legends Cup, arguably the most prestigious tournament held every year. Despite losing in the quarter-finals, they went on to win the Challengers Cup II, another greatly regarded tournament, truly showing the strength of this generation. To complement that, they also won the Best S/M army award, in CPAHQ’s Night of Debauchery.

Fire Warriors in Challengers Cup II Final against PIC

Nevertheless, all things that rise eventually fall. Chaos soon ensued in the leadership, and AustinFraud, a leader at the time was banished from the army. And once more, the army shut down.

The recent most generation, although not as strong as the previous, did have its strengths. Winning the New Year Bonanza, where multiple armies took part, was a big achievement.  Earlier today, though, Ugly retired.  Following Ugly’s retirement post, Sweater announced the Warriors’ closure.

Sweater announcing the army’s shutdown

Despite saying that the army would not give a statement to CPAHQ, an interview with Sweater was secured.

Why did you decide to shut down?

I could sit here and b******* to you that it is purely time issues but the truth is after Club Penguin Army Headquarters issued hit piece after hit piece, firing after firing we all became a bit demotivated. We attempted to push through it, but ultimately it got the best of us. This isn’t to say the timing issues aren’t a thing, they absolutely are, especially with me working and being a full time student, and the other leaders having exams and such. A combination of the two factors mean that we can’t continue, and it’s better to close right now than die a slow, painful death.

Is there a possibility of a revival in the future?

Yes, definitely. In the summer our time will free up a lot and I’d definitely like to give this another go. Or, if there’s an aspiring army leader out there who would like to give their own army a go then I’d definitely like to give them a shot. We have a lot to prove, still. This isn’t us finishing up, more like taking a break.

Are you proud of what the Fire Warriors have accomplished?

We have won two tournaments. We have beaten the likes of Golden Troops, Smart Penguins and more legendary small/medium armies. But oddly, no. I’m not. It’s not enough. This was armies on easy mode and next time Fire Warriors & I work together then I will be pushing for major and would like to hold my own against the bigger armies.

What was your favorite memory from this generation?

Definitely the time when half of our allies abandoned us over baseless allegations made by Club Penguin Army Headquarters. We weren’t asked our side, we weren’t given ANY form of defence from Headquarters of from our “allies.” It’s funny, because I don’t even think Club Penguin Army Headquarters cares about the allegations they made towards us, as I was in many group chats with the administration and a whole load of people and not once was anything ever brought up to me. I suppose that’s the thanks you get for being passionate about your craft and the community in general.

While Sweater stated that the army was shutting down due to him not having enough time to manage the army, it seems there were also other reasons involved. With no other leaders to run the army, a new shutdown was imminent. It also seems that this may not be the end of the line for the Fire Warriors, with the possibility of a new revival not discarded yet. Regardless, we would like to wish the Fire Warriors and its leaders all the best in their future endeavors.


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