Christmas Chaos XI Round One Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the holiday season just getting started, a tournament is just lurking beyond the corner. This year within Christmas Chaos, a grand total of nine teams will compete to see who is the jolliest of them all. Let’s hear from the CP Army HQ staff about who they think will each battle this round!

The eleventh annual Christmas Chaos tournament is set to kick off this upcoming Wednesday, December 2nd. Nine armies will battle in a series of seven battles (and one qualifier battle) to determine who the holiday champion may be. Who will be crowned champion? Who are the staff placing their bets on?

 Special Weapons and Tactics  vs Red Ravagers

To begin the tournament, the Special Weapons and Tactics are set to battle the Red Ravagers in a qualifier match. The winner 0f this match will go on to face the Rebel Penguin Federation on Saturday, December 5th.  The Red Ravagers placed 11th last week on the Top Ten, while the Special Weapons and Tactics went unranked. Who did the staff pick to advance to the next round?

SWAT vs Pizza Federation in Christmas Chaos X



DMT, Administration: Red Ravagers 

KingFunks, Administration: Special Weapons and Tactics

Fusion, Administration: Special Weapons and Tactics

Sidie, Administration: Red Ravagers 

Max, Top Ten Committee Manager: Red Ravagers 

Spotty, Editor-in-Chief: Red Ravagers 

Rach, Column Manager: Special Weapons and Tactics

Sweater, Editor: Red Ravagers 

Ice Warriors vs Silver Empire

The Ice Warriors are set to take on the Silver Empire to kick off this tournament weekend. The Ice Warriors placed second this past week, while the Silver Empire placed eighth. Will the Silver Empire upset the multi-time finalists the Ice Warriors? Let’s see what the staff think.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Ice Warriors in Christmas Chaos X grand finale

DMT, Administration: Ice Warriors

KingFunks, Administration: Ice Warriors

Fusion, Administration: Ice Warriors

Sidie, Administration: Ice Warriors

Max, Top Ten Committee Manager: Ice Warriors

Spotty, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Rach, Column Manager: Ice Warriors

Sweater, Editor: Ice Warriors

Templars vs People’s Imperial Confederation

To conclude Saturday’s battles, the Templars will be facing off against the People’s Imperial Confederation. The Templars took home the top ten last week, placing first, while the People’s Imperial Confederation placed seventh. Will the Templars continue their hard work and breeze through the first round?

Templars vs WAP in CCVI

DMT, Administration: Templars

KingFunks, Administration: Templars

Fusion, Administration: Templars

Sidie, Administration: People’s Imperial Confederation 

Max, Top Ten Committee Manager: Templars

Spotty, Editor-in-Chief: Templars

Rach, Column Manager: Templars

Sweater, Editor: Templars

Help Force vs Water Vikings

The Help Force and Water Vikings will be facing off once again . The Help Force clinched sixth on the top ten last week, while the Water Vikings placed fourth. Will the Water Vikings claim victory over their rivals from the last years Christmas Chaos?

Help Force vs Water Vikings during Christmas Chaos X

DMT, Administration: Water Vikings 

KingFunks, Administration: Water Vikings 

Fusion, Administration: Help Force

Sidie, Administration: Help Force

Max, Top Ten Committee Manager: Help Force

Spotty, Editor-in-Chief: Help Force

Rach, Column Manager: Help Force

Sweater, Editor: Help Force

The tournament this year is sure to heat up, with many exciting battles throughout the next few weeks. Who will win the first series of battles? Are the staff members predictions correct? Who will win the tournament overall? Let us know you thoughts!


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