Top Ten Armies [6/27/21-7/3/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Summer is in full swing and it shows in the Top Ten; new armies are a plenty and competition is abound.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3] [82.14]

2. Ice Warriors [-1] [80.19]

3. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [77.42]

4. Help Force [-1] [72.70]

5. Silver Empire [+2] [49.72]

6. Templars [-1] [48.73]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [44.51]

8. Fire Warriors [+3] [39.28]

9. Spartans [+0] [37.67]

10. Doritos [+0] [28.75]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Smart Penguins [+3] [27.49]

12. Red Ravagers [+1] [25.88]

13. People´s Imperial Confederation [+2] [25.44]

14. Golden Troops [-2] [25.16]

15. Secret Service [NEW!] [23.00]

16. Sea Serpents [+1] [14.98]

17. Bees [NEW!] [14.50]

18. Sidie´s Rangers [NEW!] [9.50]

19. Blue Ravagers [+0] [6.50]

20. Crimson Guardians [-2] [5.00]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: After last weeks fall to fourth, the Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 8 events to ensure a better placement. Their week started with an AUSIA mop and bucket theme event maxing 33. The next day saw a US battle the Templars which saw 67 troops online. Following that, an EU Rainbow theme event took place with 50 penguins present. An AUSIA invasion of Below Zero took place the next day which had a total of 53 troops log on. Then, PRF hosted an EU Hawaiian event, reaching sizes of 50 troops. 46 logged on for an US invasion of Parka that doubled as a game of hide and seek. Another AUSIA took place the next day which had a total of 45. To end off the week, the army saw 48 log on for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid themed invasion.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had an intense week, holding an impressive ten events. They started out with some battle training, maxing 34. Next up was a game night with the People’s Imperial Confederation, attended by 42 Icemen. To celebrate the Prehistoric Party, they held a Prehistoric themed event, achieving a max of 54. Protecting the waters of the island, 36 troops became Lifeguards in their Lifeguard Takeover. A Rainbow Party was held later on with 38 penguins attending to celebrate Pride Month. Next came a series of invasions, starting off with an invasion of Hypothermia, maxing 35. This was followed by invasions of Snowflake, Husky, and Snowmobile, that saw 39, 44, and 38 troops attend, respectively. They finished the week with one last invasion, claiming Frostbite with 37 penguins.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a banner week, hosting seven events while securing the title of Grand Conquerors in Project: Conquest. They began with their penultimate invasion against Silver Empire, that saw 48 troops seize Funny Bone. Next, they defend the Shamrock Bulletin HQ from the Red Ravagers, maxing 34. Still in battle mode, the Army next take on the Crimson Guardians in dancing, with 46 troops attending the dance-off. In their final Project: Conquest battle, they invade the Silver Empire in the most important fight this week, securing the win with a max of 57. Taking part in Rewritten’s Prehistoric event, the Army hold Operation: Dinosaur Destruction, which was attended by 43 T-Rexes. 39 penguins showed off their sneakers in a fashionable event, and then sneaked off for a Hide and Seek game afterward. To finish the week, they celebrated their victory in Project: Conquest by battling their allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing 31.

4. Help Force: The Help Force had a busy week with 8 events! Their week kicked off with an AUSIA Operation: Pina Colada Event which maxed 40. Next, 38 troops logged on for an AUSIA U-lead Event. Following this, HF held their first US event, Operation: Baywatch with a max of 25, while their EU Event Operation: Blue Thunder maxed 38. Things got action packed with an EU Branch Battle where 41 penguins showed up. In addition, 32 troops aided in a US Invasion of Alaska, while 41 helpers squared off in an AUSIA battle against The Smart Penguins. Their week concluded with a US Operation: Fish Frenzy Event which maxed 40.

5. Silver Empire: Silver Empire held six events this week, focusing on a strong finish in Project: Conquest. They begin with a defense of Funny Bone, maxing 30 against the Army of Club Penguin. Next, they put on a Prehistoric adventure, with 21 Silvers locating gems hidden across the island. They then went head to head with the Army of Club Penguin again, this time fighting for Dragon Alley in a battle fought by 20 penguins. The Silvers had more luck in their next event, invading Jerry’s Second Funeral unhindered, maxing 22. Following that, they set their sights on a different server, with 18 troops claiming Hibernate in their next invasion. SE finished off the week with their last Project: Conquest battle, earning Outback with a max of 21.

6. Templars: The Templars held 6 events this week. They started it off with an AUSIA training event which maxed 8. They followed that up with another training event, this time maxing 32. Next up they took on RPF in battle and maxed 42 troops. The army had a total of 40 log on for an Invasion of Icebox. Next up, the army saw 13 log on for another AUSIA event, this time being an invasion of Elevation. To end off the week they had yet another invasion of Fjord, maxing 27.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT made a start amassing servers this week, holding five events total. They begin by training up their AUSIA Division, with 20 troops practicing their skills. They held another training in the Event of Truth, maxing 30. Next, 21 troops held a Prehistoric Takeover, which also served as an invasion of Ice Shelf. They finish the week with two more invasions, taking Ice Cold, and Ice Cave, earning a max of 20 both times.

8. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors held 6 events this week. Their week began with an EU Invasion of Snowy River which had a max of 16. Next, 17 penguins logged on for another EU free land invasion of Rainbow. Their streak of invasions continued with an Ausia Invasion of Hockey where they maxed 16. Following this, 18 troops showed up for an EU Pride Celebration Event, while their EU Operation: Fiesta Maracas Event maxed 13. Fire Warriors week concluded with an EU Operation: Boombox Event in which they maxed 15.

9. Spartans: The Spartans held a total of 4 events, starting it off with a training session that ended up maxing 30. They then invaded Breeze with a max of 30. Next up an Invasion of Summit took place with 20 penguins in attendance. To end off the week the Spartans had yet another invasion this time of Snow Globe maxing 20.

10. Doritos: The Doritos week was confined to only their final three battles in Project: Conquest.  They began their stand with an AUSIA defense of Shira´s Shbeep Shack against the Golden Troops, seeing sizes of 12 in the win.  In turn, they invaded GT the following day with 13 troops, securing Golden Hell as their own land.  Lastly, DCP added one more server to their Project: Conquest empire, as 14 troops successfully invaded Sled from the People´s Imperial Confederation.

With Club Penguin Army Networks new world map, a handful of armies saw a boost in activity as they rushed to claim free land.  While this was the case for both armies in the Black Ice Alliance, the Rebel Penguin Federation stole first place from the Ice Warriors, largely credited to their massive size increase compared to the previous week.  Below the big four, the absence of the Water Vikings is noticeable.  The Fire Warriors made an eye-catching jump from 11th to 8th after hosting 6 events.  Just above them was pandemonium, as the Silver Empire sent the Templars and SWAT down the order on the back of there 2nd place finish in Project: Conquest.  The action does not stop at 10th though.  A CPAHQ record 20 armies made it on the list this week, made possible by the arrival of the Secret Service and the Bees, and the return of Sidie´s Rangers.  The Smart Penguins led the outside pack in their second week of their revival, clearly vying for their Top Ten debut next week.  One last thing of note: the Red Ravagers, People´s Imperial Confederation, and the Golden Troops are neck-and-neck, as all three armies are within one point of each other.

What do you think?  Will the next Top Ten have 20 armies again?  Will the 1st place army ever hold on to their pole position this summer?  Let us know in the comments below!


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