Project: Conquest Draft Results and Analysis

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Yesterday, the ten charter armies of Project: Conquest took part in the inaugural server draft.

The Draft Stage was, by all means, a success.  Although there were some hiccups (from armies AND admins), the draft was an exciting event for all participants.  The creativity of army leaders was put on display, with some interesting names coming to fruition.  The live stream also saw great success, as the hilarious DiCtator DMT enamored the masses.  Website Manager Superhero123 also did a fabulous job updating the map in real time.  For those who were not able to tune in to the stream, here is a round by round breakdown of the Draft Stage.

Round One

  1. SWAT select Server 9, White Out*
  2. TCP select Server 22, Jerusalem
  3. GT select Server 11, Half Pipe
  4. WV select Server 10, Frostbite
  5. ACP select Server 16, Mammoth
  6. RR select Server 18, Gary*
  7. DCP select Server 51, Summit
  8. SE select Server 30, Sleepy Village
  9. MC select Server 48, Vesuvius
  10. PIC select server 46, Toboggan

Round Two

  1. PIC select Server 39, Beanie
  2. MC select Server 49, Santorini
  3. SE select Server 4, Pumpkin Patch
  4. DCP select Server 50, Bam’s Boys Bay
  5. RR select Server 36, Masked Dreams*
  6. ACP select Server 43, Breeze
  7. WV select Server 40, Cream Soda
  8. GT select Server 5, Golden Hell
  9. TCP select Server 32, Antioch
  10. SWAT select Server 44, Outback

Round Three

  1. SWAT select Server 45, Parka*
  2. TCP select Server 6, Rome
  3. GT select Server 12, Sabertooth
  4. WV select Server 29, MommyCottonVille
  5. ACP select Server 33, Snow Fort
  6. RR select Server 1, Gamer Glaciers*
  7. DCP select Server 37, Rah’s Dwarf Village
  8. SE select Server 47, Faerie Forest
  9. MC select Server 41, Nisyros
  10. PIC select Server 2, Sled

Round Four

  1. PIC select Server 19, Below Zero
  2. MC select Server 42, Methana
  3. SE select Server 21, Funny Bone
  4. DCP select Server 20, Aaron’s Base(d)ment
  5. RR select Server 8, Beverage Overkill*
  6. ACP select Serer 28, Shamrock Bulletin HQ
  7. WV select Server 7, Northern Lights
  8. GT select Server 3, Jerry’s Funeral
  9. TCP select Server 13, Constantinople
  10. SWAT select Server 38, Tuxedo

Round Five

  1. SWAT select Server 27, Ganger’s Gorillas
  2. TCP select Server 15, Alexandria
  3. GT select Server 34, Mighty’s AFK Dome
  4. WV select Server 35, Mireo Manor
  5. ACP select Server 31, Ascent
  6. RR select Server 23, L’Manburg*
  7. DCP select Server 17, Freddy’s Dog House
  8. SE select Server 14, Bubble Tea
  9. MC select server 25, Lord Pain’s Grave
  10. PIC select Server 24, Walmart

*=Auto assigned selection due to running out of time


Server map as of June 6th

Armies across the board adopted a much more aggressive strategy than the Gamemasters anticipated.  The Army of Club Penguin- the favorite to win it all, did not group any of their servers together.  Instead, they positioned their servers next to opponents they feel confident in getting the best of.  That’s not to say that the Clovers will have a cakewalk though.  There are multiple hot points in the map where ACP is next to other threats such as the Doritos, Templars, and Water Vikings.  What will be critical is seeing which of these armies has the best stamina to last a couple weeks of nervy battles.

The Templars, another popular pick to win the competition, are in quite a peculiar spot.  On the top right side of the map, they’re nicely positioned against the Golden Troops.  But on the middle left side, there is lots of pressure from the aforementioned Clovers, the Silver Empire, and WV.  The Crusaders have certainly given themselves a multitude of options to consider.  An army that has historically been aggressive, expect them to be on the battlefield as often as they can be.

A possible thing of note is that an alliance might have been formed already.  The Silver Empire and the Water Vikings, who are brother allies, are in close proximity to each other at every server they own.  The two armies could potentially have agreed to a non-aggression pact, allowing them to worry about one less border.  On the other side of that token, the Army of Club Penguin and SWAT are awfully close, despite listing each other as enemies.  Could an unlikely friendship be forming?  Or are the two adversaries aiming to take each other out?

Surely as the tournament goes on, more armies will come to agreements to try and gain control of the map.  Perhaps those agreements could go sour as well, with one army stabbing another in the back.  Project: Conquest is a new domain for these armies, so only time will tell how they react to their surroundings.

This morning, the armies participating scheduled their moves for the first ever week of Project: Conquest.  If you head over to our Discord server, you’ll notice that we’ve dedicated an entire channel to P:C!  Everyone will be able to see the schedules, battle results, and more!  So make sure to keep up to date on this exciting new competition.  Once again, we would like to thank the leaders and representatives of the participating armies for their willingness to help us experiment with this tournament.  The response so far has been excellent, giving us constructive criticism to work with.  Expect more posts on Project: Conquest throughout it’s duration!

What do you think?  Are you excited for Project: Conquest?  Who do you think had the best draft?  Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief

Project: Conquest Gamemaster

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