Top Ten Armies [5/9/21-5/15/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- While there is little movement within the top four, this edition of the Top Ten is treated to much movement elsewhere.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [81.86]

2. Help Force [+0] [81.05]

3. Ice Warriors [+1] [74.05]

4. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [72.06] 

5. Water Vikings [+1] [53.24]

6. Templars [+2] [50.70]

7. Silver Empire [-2] [45.10]

8. Doritos [-1] [42.67]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [41.82]

10. Magma Clan [+3] [30.80]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] [29.25]

12. Fire Warriors [-1] [26.12]

13. Red Ravagers [-3] [25.66]

14. Golden Troops [+0] [21.04]

15. Blue Ravagers [+1] [13.75]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation saw a total of 9 event this week. First they held an AUSIA Hide and Seek event with 48 in attendance. Following this they saw an EU event lead by the troops with 57 in attendance. Next the Army saw 44 log on for an AUSIA event where they trekked around the island. The army then had a US “Operation Valedictorian” where they maxed 40. Next up they saw a total of 36 mountaineers for a EU theme event trekking up the mountain. They had 43 Rebel Miners log on for an AUSIA  event. An EU event followed that seeing 53 log on for Rebel Revolution event. An AUSIA event saw 45 log on for an igloo raid stamp party! To end off this eventful week they saw 43 log on for a US Scavenger Hunt event.

2. Help Force: Help Force had a busy week, with seven events. They started by grabbing their mops for Operation: Cleanse, maxing 44. After that was Operation: U-Drill, attended by 32 Helpers. 52 troops took part in Scarlet Showdown, which saw them playing different games. This was followed by a battle with the Templars, with a max of 40. 50 Helpers chose Team Fire or Team Water in an exciting branch battle, won by Team Water. They ended their week with two events celebrating ‘Juanita Day’, maxing 62 and 44.

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors hosted a total of 6 events this week too, equaling the amount from last week. They started off with an AUSIA event maxing 33 troops. Then they held a UK/US event with a max of 42. Hereafter, another UK/US event saw 32 troops in attendance. Moving on, they competed in a practice battle against the Water Vikings, with 34 troops taking on to the battlefield. They followed this up with another Mountain Expedition AUSIA event with 35 hikers involved. Finally to close out the week, the Ice Warriors went up against allies Rebel Penguin Federation in a divisional practice battle, maxing out at 46 troops.

4. Army of Club Penguin: Following their declaration of war on the Doritos, the Army of Club Penguin had an intense week with eight events. Their first event was a mission that saw 31 troops search the island for clues. Their next event was a battle against the Templars, maxing 41. 27 penguins attended another mission, where the Army solved riddles around the island. Next, they held The Great Race, with a max of 34. Their next events were a Delta Training, and a Mountain Expedition, both attended by 30 troops. Their penultimate event this week was Operation: Doomsday, where 44 penguins practiced tactics. They ended the week by raiding former allies, the Doritos, with a max of 47.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a total of 7 events this week. They kicked off their week with a Igloo Party maxing 22. This was followed by a Battle against Templars maxing 18 & a Practice Battle against Ice Warriors maxing 25. They then held a celebration event for their leader’s birthday maxing 23. After which they held a Staff U-Lead maxing 25 & a Fashion Show maxing 33. They then ended their week with a friendly Practice Battle against their ally Silver Empire maxing 16.

6. Templars: The Templars saw 5 events total this week which were all battles. First they saw 25 log on for a practice battle against the Army Of Club Penguin. They then had a battle against Help Force, maxing 24. Next they had 30 troops on for a Battle with the Water Vikings. 30 troops attended a Practice Battle with Golden Troops. They ended off the week with 30 for their war with Magma Clan.

7. Silver Empire: The Silvers had an eventful week with 5 events in total. Starting the week they had 21 agents log on for a takeover event. Following that. The army saw 26 dancers log in for a dance contest with the reining title of Dancing Queen going to Comedy. The silvers then saw 23 Silver Moppers log on for a Mop and Bucket takeover. They next had 25 Puffle Handlers log on for a puffle round up. And lastly to end off the week they had a capture the flag game with Water Vikings with 21 in attendance.

8. Doritos: Despite entering a war with the Army of Club Penguin, the Doritos had a quiet week, holding just three events. They began with a Mop Gang event, earning their highest max this week of 33. Next, 20 troops climbed the mountains of Club Penguin during their red flag expedition. Finally, they held a practice battle with SWAT, maxing 30.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics witnessed another week with a total of 4 events. Their first event was a Battle Training event maxing 25. Next, another pre-battle training event saw a max of 22 troops. Soon after they held an AUSIA event with 12 agents involved. The SWAT then put their training to use in a battle against the Doritos of CP which was also raided by the Army of CP, with 35 troops attending.

10. Magma Clan: The Magma Clan saw a total of 6 events this week. They first had their opening event which maxed a total of 13. They then saw 13 log on the next day. A pizza takeover took place the next day maxing 16.They then saw 13 log on for a Cart Surfer Tournament. Following this they saw 15 log on for Operation Gamma. The army then saw 6 at their defense against Templars.


The top four finally returns to its old ways, with each army maintaining their previous spot; though the Help Force did cut it close against the Rebel Penguin Federation.  The Templars, after a disappointment placement last week, jumped their adversaries into 6th this week, barely missing out on clearing the Water Vikings.  The Magma Clan also make their first appearance in the Top Ten, trading places with a flailing Red Ravagers side.

What do you think?  Will the top four change spots?  How will the DCP-ACP war effect the Top Ten?  Let us know in the comments below!

CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

Top Ten Committee 

Ferd, Rach, Snork, TD999



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