Top Ten Armies [5/2/21-5/8/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- On the back of a monumental event, one army takes a giant stride into first place in one of the fullest Top Tens yet.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3] [94.95]

2. Help Force [-1] [80.24]

3. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [79.43] 

4. Ice Warriors [-1] [72.56]

5. Silver Empire [+1] [49.00]

6. Water Vikings [-1] [47.40]

7. Doritos [NEW!] [44.75]

8. Templars [-1] [40.67]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [35.58]

10. Red Ravagers [-2] [30.27]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Fire Warriors [+0] [29.41]

12. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] [26.75]

13. Magma Clan [NEW!] [17.00]

14. Golden Troops [+0] [16.27]

15. Army of the Orient Seas [NEW!] [13.00]

16. Blue Ravagers [-1] [12.00]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation celebrated their 14th Anniversary this week and had another active week hosting 8 events. They started with a Mascots Divisional Battle maxing 37. This was followed by an AUSIA U-Lead maxing 53, Rank Renegade Operation maxing 63, Projected Figures Operation maxing 51, a Fashion Show maxing 68, Black Ice Triathletes event with Ice Warriors maxing 50 & Fabulous Flair Operation maxing 69. They ended their week with their 14th Anniversary celebration event which saw a max of an astounding 104 Rebels!

2. Help Force: The Help Force held 8 events this time to follow up their amazing performance from last week. To start off the week they hosted an AUSIA Mine Your Own Business event maxing 53 troops. Next was an EU Operation: Thunderbolt event with 49 troops attending. This was followed up with a US event maxing 40. The next two AUSIA and EU events once again saw healthy sizes of 48 and 43 respectively. Succeeding this they hosted another US event, maxing 32 troops on this instance. Continuing their good run, the next AUSIA event which was an army moderator meetup saw 66 helpers in attendance. And lastly, to finish the week the Help Force took part in an EU/US practice battle with brother allies Army of CP and the Doritos of CP, where they witnessed a max of 37 troops.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin hosted an incredible 9 events, They started out this week with an AUSIA Safari event maxing 43 explorers. They then held a UK training event with a dance competition after gathering 50 dancing Clovers. The next day saw yet another AUSIA maxing 40 Skaters, Following that AUSIA, they held a UK Practice Battle with The Silver Empire with 31 troops. After this, the army had an event where they reached sizes of 55! The next day saw yet another AUSIA event which 42 clovers attended. Later that day, a UK/US event saw 38 Troops attended. To end off the week, 34 helpful detectives searched the island to find Kailey in an AUSIA event. Later that day, they saw a total of 37 for a UK ‘Battle of the Brothers’ with the Help Force and the Doritos.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week, with six events. They started out by maxing 30 in a baseball cap takeover. Next, they had a practice battle with the Silver Empire, attended by 41 Warriors. They followed this by maxing 43 and 42 at two more practice battles, one with Help Force to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and one with the Rebel Penguin Federation. They played some Pizzatron in a max 43 Pizza Takeover. Their week concluded with a mission to find Iceyfeet1234’s lost bagels, with 45 troops on the lookout for them.

5. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held six events this week, including plenty of battles. Their first two events were practice battles against the Ice Warriors, and the Army of Club Penguin, maxing 24 and 16 respectively. Next, 31 Silvers helped out in a Puffle Rescue event. They fought the Water Vikings in their next practice battle, attended by 17 troops. Putting on their graduation caps, 28 Silvers celebrated the end of the school year. To finish off the week, they maxed 27 in a Hawaiian Shirt takeover event.

6. Water Vikings: Water Vikings had a very colourful week, holding seven events total. They started off with the first of their rainbow-themed events, maxing 22 in a Purple Takeover. Next, 16 vikings attended the debut of the Ocean Oracle. In the second event of their rainbow week, they held a Blue Takeover, with their highest max this week of 29. They battled the Silver Empire during their Green Takeover, attended by 25 Vikings. They maxed 18 in another battle, against the Army of the Orient Seas. They finished the week with a Red Takeover, and a Kite Flying Competition, both maxing 26.

7. Doritos: The Doritos held a total of 4 events in their opening week! They started strong with their revival event, achieving sizes of 50 troops. Following that Tuesday saw 15 troops log on for a Training Event. Next up, the troops of DCP lead an event that saw 35 chips in attendance. They ended the week with a battle against their allies; the Help Force and the Army Of Club Penguin.

8. Templars: The Templars were busy with training this week, holding five events. Their first two events were both training events, attended by 24, and 28 troops. Next they held Operation Gold Spring, maxing 27. 30 troops took part in Operation Crusade Paradise, their highest maxing event this week. They finished on a quieter note however, maxing 12 in another training event.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics saw a total of 4 events this week, starting the week off they saw a total of 18 for an unscheduled event. Following this, they saw 25 log on for a Graduation Takeover, 16 troops logged on for an Ausia Training event. The army ended off their week with a practice Battle with PIC maxing 18.

10. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers witnessed a decent week consisting of 5 events. To begin, they practice battled against the Help Force in a friendly raid event, maxing 15 troops. Subsequently, they bid farewell to their lovely high command Scorp in a retirement event with 20 troops involved. Moving on, the next event was to celebrate the occasion of Cinco de Mayo maxing 12 troops. 13 troops came together for a fun hide and seek event the next day. Then to close out the week, the Red Ravagers hosted an AUSIA Mod U-Lead event with another max of 13 troops.

The first full Top Ten in May bodes well for the state of the community heading into the summer, as we welcomed three new armies into the rankings.  The Rebel Penguin Federation headline the list, boasting an impressive max of 104 in their anniversary event.  This booted down the rest of the ‘big 4’ a spot, mimicking last weeks Top Ten where the Help Force jumped from 4th to 1st.  The 5-10 rankings just got a whole lot tighter as well with the Doritos returning to the community.  Their presence resulted in the Templars receiving their lowest ranking to date.
What do you think?  Will we see RPF defend their pole position next week?  Will the tightness of the mid-table armies cause tension with each other?  Let us know in the comments below!
CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

Top Ten Committee 

Ferd, Rach, Snork, TD999

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