June 9th: The Day When War Breaks Out?

When the community last saw the map active, multiple wars broke out and many more were likely set to take place sooner or later. However, after the map was frozen, plans were halted. The map is set to unfreeze on June 9th and we are likely to see more wars take place.

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On May 5th, the Club Penguin Armies organisation released the new map, allowing armies to start invading freeland. Following almost a week of freeland invasions, wars started to be declared. One of the wars which was declared saw the Help Force declare on the Army of Club Penguin. However, after the map was re-frozen on the same day (May 11th), the Help Force seemingly cancelled the war. But is this truly the case or was it just postponed until the map unfreezes?

Following an Army League Board meeting that occurred on April 25th, it was decided that the map would unfreeze on June 9th. With that being said, we could see the continuation of unfinished business between the allies, ACP and HF. The two have been allies for several years and have seemingly kept their alliance intact despite the declaration. However, it is not the first time that there have been issues between the two as they previously went to war in 2020. Will the two go head-to-head once more?

ACP vs HF during the Around The World Cup

As well as the war between these two which did not happen, the community witnessed a controversial war between the Templars and Elite Guardians. On paper, the Elite Guardians swept the Templars in battle, 8-1-0 (W-T-L). However, the winner of the war was contested by both of the armies. The Guardians claimed their win by stating that Templars broke war term 8, no-showing 3 battles in a row. However, Templars claimed the Guardians broke the general war terms by harassing their leaders and raiding their Discord server. Mchappy made a post covering the controversy and the war in retrospect.

Ultimately, the Guardians won the war on paper but its controversial ending could open the door to another war in the near future. Both sides claim they won and there was a lot of bad blood between the two armies even after the conclusion of the war. Therefore, a definitive ending may be required by both armies. When the map unfreezes, they may use the opportunity to host a war under the jurisdiction of Club Penguin Armies. This means that if a rule was broken, CPA would have the jurisdiction to declare the opposing army as the winner. This would allow for a natural ending to be had. Alongside this, it allows the victor to issue a definitive force treaty.

Templars vs Elite Guardians during the Elite Crusade war

On May 30th, the Water Vikings announced an alliance server between them and the Rebel Penguin Federation. They claimed that the idea for a server came after the April Fools’ war joke earlier in the year. They realised the bond between both of their army’s troops, ultimately deciding that a server would allow more troops to bond. The Vikings stated that the introduction of the server would allow them to host joint events. However, alliance servers are often made by armies who are about to go to war. Therefore, it can only be assumed that a new war is on the horizon but against who?

Before the new map was released, the Water Vikings and the Templars engaged in a fierce war. Originally, the Vikings declared war against the Templars to settle their issues on the battlefield. However, the war ended with a score of 15-0-5 [W-T-L], favouring TCP. This cannot have been taken well by the Vikings. The Rebels also have a heated past with the Templars, with the two of them engaging in numerous wars over the years. Their rivalry was one of the most well-documented rivalries in previous years.

The Rebels and Vikings previously fought against the Templars one year ago in World War IX. While they did not declare war directly on the Templars, the war became fierce nonetheless. It is clear that the three armies do not have a clean past but could we see them go to war against each other?

Blue Sunset Alliance vs Sapphire Concordat

Outside of these Major competitors, could we see a war between small/medium armies take place? Two armies which could go to war are the Winged Hussars and the Special Weapons And Tactics. The two armies are on opposite sides of the pond with Hussars’ allies often feuding with SWAT. Alongside this, throughout May, we have seen both armies fighting for 8th position in the Top Ten. From the start of the month through to the end, we have seen both armies either at 8th or 10th place. Could a war be on the horizon to prove which army is truly superior? Or perhaps more drama will occur but this time between the Hussars and SWAT.

Two armies which have not been mentioned are the People’s Imperial Confederation and Dark Pirates. The Confederation has already engaged in numerous wars this year. Yet, they should never be counted out of creating yet another memorable moment within the community. It is unknown whether or not they are planning to go to war, however, it is unlikely that it would be against the Dark Pirates, their allies. However, the Pirates broke off their alliance with SWAT last month. Did this lead to a rivalry between the two? Will PIC target a major competitor to prove themselves as a major force within the community

In summary, a lot is set to happen in the weeks to come as the map unfreezes and armies prepare their weapons. But will we see the aforementioned wars take place? Or perhaps our predictions are way off the mark.



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  1. DoingCoolguysJobForHim June 1, 2024 (11:01 pm)

    What Coolguy conveniently forgets to mention here most likely due to his bias, is the most recent Water Vikings and ACP conflict. Where the Vikings decisively defeated the ACP, handing them their first war loss since returning in 2019. Is there leftover animosity between the two armies? We shall see after the map unfreezes.

    You should keep that stuff more hidden Coolguy, though I dont expect you to considering you couldn’t manage a McDonalds restaurant.

    Coolguy in SWAT: carried by Mare Legoman and Ganger (SWAT was dead when Coolguy led solo)
    Coolguy in ACP: Led with Calgocubs (unanimous army legend) and AustinFraud.
    Coolguys previous league: Deader than my Grandma and he also tried to bring Prior Bumble back into the community

    The community’s future is bright!

    • ILuvAboozingPWR June 2, 2024 (10:32 pm)

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