Dark Pirates Discontinues Alliance With SWAT

Amidst numerous conflicts currently occurring in the community, the Dark Pirates announced an end to their alliance with the Special Weapons and Tactics. With the partnership between their armies being short-lived, the future of relations between the armies remains uncertain.

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Formal relations between the Dark Pirates and Special Weapons and Tactics began on the 10th of April, 2024, with both armies proclaiming the establishment of a new alliance. This decision was notable, as the Agents had lacked any other allies in the community. Less than one month later, on the 3rd of May, 2024, Dark Pirates Captain Shrekkks formally severed ties with SWAT. Though DPC refrained from providing reasoning for the decision, the move followed the outbreak of war between their People’s Imperial Confederation allies and the Agents. SWAT fourth-in-command Shadow responded to the news their announcements channel, emphasising the army’s disappointment as well as their hopes of creating alliances in the future.

Dark Pirates’ announcement regarding the alliance

Originally founded on the 10th of April, 2023 by Ninja Leader and Tide, the Dark Pirates have become a familiar face in the Small/Medium community. With a team consisting of people who had worked on the Baseball Team of Club Penguin, DPC forged numerous alliances and fought against the Dark Vikings as a member of the Sapphire Concordat. Though the army closed following a merge into the Special Weapons and Tactics army, the Pirates washed ashore for a second generation this year. Featuring a maximum size of 10 at their re-opening event on the 16th of March, the Dark Pirates have since become a regular fixture on the Top Ten.

A recent Dark Pirates event

With a history spanning over a decade, the Special Weapons and Tactics were created by army legend Ganger90 in 2009. Maintaining a fierce rivalry with the Army of Club Penguin, the Agents regularly soared to Major status and have claimed the first spot in the Top Ten on numerous occasions. In recent years, the army prospered under the helm of individuals such as Legoman and Coolguy, waging war against a variety of armies such as the Templars and Water Vikings. More recently, the army surrendered their war with the Confederation on the 3rd of May. Currently led by Fun X Time and Fwapo, the Agents have persisted as a notable force in the Small/Medium army community.

Battle of SWAT Bot between SWAT and PIC

Club Penguin Armies spoke with Dark Pirates Captain Shrekkks regarding their decision to end the alliance.

What prompted the sudden change in diplomacy?

Internal discussions within the SWAT Ally GC led to the discontinue of our alliance with SWAT, we also believe that without them is the right decision. Yes, we appreciate the the support that SWAT has provided us but we believe its time to continue without them

How is Dark Pirates’ relationship with SWAT?

Dark Pirates’ relationship with SWAT can be described as somewhat amicable.

Do you consider them to be neutral or enemies?

In my opinion, I consider them to be neutral, despite past incidents that may have caused tension. Forgiveness is possible, though caution remains.

What are Dark Pirates’ plans moving forward?

Dark Pirates aims to reach new heights, disproving critics through our hard work and dedication. Recognition for our perseverance and determination is deserved as we continue to progress. We anticipate positive developments for Dark Pirates’ future.

Club Penguin Armies also approached SWAT leader Fun X Time to learn his thoughts about the situation.

Your alliance with DPC was established very recently! What do you feel promoted this sudden change in diplomacy?

SWAT had implemented very positive relationships with the Dark Pirates. We were very confident of our future together and had plans to work together on the newly established CPA server map. However, the spontaneous change in diplomacy with the armies has shaken us. Looking at the recent changes in the leadership of the Dark Pirates, we are very concerned about why this change has been seen.

How is SWAT’s relationship with Dark Pirates’? Do you consider them to be neutral or enemies?

SWAT’s relationship with the Dark Pirates, which is now neutral, was very peaceful and loving. They are no longer allied with us and are attributed as a neutral army. We can recall memories where individuals from SWAT were eager to attend for the Dark Pirates.

What are SWAT’s plans moving forward?

Remorsefully, SWAT continues its course without its friend. We plan to create profound friendly relationships with certain armies as we advance. We thank the Dark Pirates and appreciate them for the support they have given to us!

While the relationship between the armies has come to an end, both armies seem driven to forge new diplomatic ties in the community. Though the Special Weapons and Tactics are now at peace, the possibility of future hostilities between the armies remains open. With the launch of the new CP Armies server map swiftly approaching, both armies will be present in the new frontier. How will the Pirates and Agents fare in their future diplomatic endeavours?

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