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DMT is well known throughout the community, and, as a matter of fact, he’s currently an advisor for the league. In this week’s column of Memorable Moments, we reached out to DMT to find out about his memorable moments.

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Admittingly, DMT states that most of his career has been spent in the media world. However, in 2015, DMT gained experienced leading as he was one of the three leaders that was given permission to revive Army Republic. During that time the army had won a small-medium tournament. In 2020, DMT had also lead Lime Green Army. He helped navigate them through a big war, and assisted them throughout the Beach Brawl, losing to Pizza Federation.

DMT’s media journey began in 2013 where he worked at multiple different media outlets. Upon his return to armies in 2019, he helped lead Club Penguin Armies alongside Greeny and Memmaw. The site would become a home for armies that did not utilize Club Penguin Online. Due to this experience, he was given the opportunity to be the Director in Chief of Club Penguin Army Headquarters (CPAHQ), thus leading into the unified merge of 2022. Now, he is our faithful advisor and Legends Council Head.

Living in the moment, making history (one of DMT’s most memorable moments)

Many of DMT’s crowning jewels is Project: Conquest and championing innovation within the media scope of the community. We were able to get an interview with him on his journey thus far.

How was your time in Club Penguin Armies?

Early on it was a lot of fun. I fondly remember rushing inside after getting home from school, making myself a nice little snack and drink, and logging on to the world of armies. Not only to see all the happenings on news sites and attend events, but to see all my friends in xat chats.

Early on, in middle school especially, I didn’t have many friends in real life. I was a weird kid, so a lot of my social time was spent in armies. As I matured and learned more about myself, armies turned from an escape from reality to a sort of passion project, which shows in my transition from average leader to a prominent media figure. Which was more challenging, but rewarding in the end.

What inspired you to become a leader of leagues, especially during a time of uncertainty?

In 2019, I was dissatisfied with the state of things and felt I’d be a useful helping hand to Greeny and Memmaw in their new organization, Club Penguin Armies. We were all likeminded in the terms of how we felt armies should be more democratic and not controlled, thus why we made a good team. Plus they were friends of mine from OG. It was cool to finally be a “veteran” in that role.

In 2021, part of it was that there weren’t many other people that the original CPAHQ Advisor team had in mind for the position. I didn’t want to leave the community hanging after the collapse of CPAH. But I also saw it as an opportunity to stray away from an “all governing” army organization and get back to my first passion in armies: news. That was always CPAHQ’s top priority, and it felt really good to help usher the state of it into a renaissance and a permanent focal point of the private server era. Some people might not know that a good number of leagues didn’t even have reporting divisions. Or if they did, it was very inconsistent. Thankfully, we are far beyond that.

What were your most memorable events during your army career?

The first time I made the Top Ten as an army leader. I was with Striking Raiders (SR) alongside Delirious and Midnightwave. It was a pretty big shock. I think it came with a major army falling into small-medium army territory; but the coolest part came after, when we took it as a sign to get serious and put together one of SR’s golden ages [by] maintaining that status for a month or so. I learned a lot then, and it helped me get to the position of Army Republic leader, which is one of the highest honors of my career. And, of course, though I can list many memorable good moments from CPAHQ, the [mis]handling of March Madness 2021 will always be at the forefront of many minds– including my own. It’s undeniably one of the most important things I was involved in, good or bad.

Striking Raiders enter the Top Ten at seventh

Do you have any advice on what goes into make a good media organization?

Your first and foremost priority in a media organization should always be the people that work for it. The civic duty of the media administrator is to tap into the potential of community members who are courageous enough to join their team. Helping those people improve their skills promotes stability and competence. It takes a village to run an org successfully, so the best way to get it done is to enable the people below the administration line to success. Being a nurturing figure as an administrator also promotes a good workplace culture. Nobody wants to work a dead end job in real life, and it’s the same with army media. And everyone knows that the best work is made when the environment is healthy and happy. These should always be top priorities for administrators, otherwise the organization becomes too reliant on them, thus success is unsustainable.

Do you have a message to present to the army community? If so, what is it?

Club Penguin armies are fun, but I feel we may be getting to the point where we as a community need to radically rethink how and where we operate as “armies” in an effort to get more people to join up. It’s a daunting task, but one that probably will need to be undertook to ensure the wellbeing of this place.

From my own personal experience, DMT has become one of the most wise people in the community that always provides great advice. Without his hard working service in 2019 and 2022, I am unsure where our journey would’ve taken us. My favorite memory of him is his absolute commitment to going on camping trips at the worst times possible. Where will his next camping trip take him?


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