How The Pizza Federation Won The Beach Brawl I

The community is all set to run the second edition of the Beach Brawl tournament on July 23rd, 2022. This is the perfect time to revisit the origin of this small-medium army tournament in 2020.

beach brawl

CP Army Hub created the Beach Brawl tournament as a part of their plans for the summer of 2020. A total of 16 S/M armies participated in this tournament. The Golden Era of 2020 produced several strong S/M armies. The Beach Brawl tournament officially began on July 18. It was anyone’s guess as to who would win the tournament. However, no one foresaw the amount of controversy that eventually shadowed the tournament.

Round one of the Beach Brawl proceeded smoothly. Army of the Orient Seas, Lime Green Army, Marines, Pizza Federation, Coup Crusaders, The Black Order, Silver Empire, and the Templars advanced to Round Two. The first controversy occurred on July 29, two days after Round Two concluded.

CP Army Hub, with the aid of CP Armies owner Flen, disqualified the Army of the Orient Seas following multiple rule violations. Investigations revealed that AOS Leader Intrinsic multi-logged in not just the Beach Brawl battles but previous events as well. Four non-enlisted/dual enlisted members were also found to be attending the Round Two battle versus the Limes.

Army of the Orient Seas vs Lime Green Army

Following these shocking revelations, the Red Ravagers advanced into round two in place of the besmirched Orientals and fought the Limes. The Limes claimed an easy victory over the Ravagers and advanced to the Semi-Finals, along with Pizza Federation, Coup Crusaders, and Silver Empire. The Feds won against the Silvers in overtime. Meanwhile, the Crusaders dominated the Limes and were all set to face off against the Feds in the finals.

Pizza Federation vs Silver Empire

However, it seems that the warning issued by the CP Army Hub regarding their strict enforcement of tournament rules never reached the Crusaders. The presence of a few Ice Warriors members in the Semi-Finals resulted in the disqualification of the Crusaders from the finals. As per tournament rules, people who were dual enlisted post the commencement of a tournament were not allowed in battles. Crusaders’ leader Flav attempted to forge screenshots to find a way around the rules. The fabrication could not hold up, and Flav earned a suspension from his role as CP Army Hub Discord Moderator and Judge.

Coup Crusaders vs Lime Green Army

Hence, the Lime Green Army advanced to the finals of the Beach Brawl tournament after being on the receiving end of two rule-violating armies. During this period, the Limes placed 9th on the Top Ten Major armies list, while the Pizza Federation placed 14th on the S/M Top Ten armies list. On the other hand, the Chefs displayed fantastic performances in all of their tournament battles. Therefore, the community also split in their support of the finalists.

The final battle ended up being quite close, as a true final always is. Both armies maintained similar sizes. Only one room ended up being a victory for one of the two sides – and that side was the Pizza Federation. With their quicker performance, the Chefs managed to pull slightly ahead of their competition. Thus, they also won their second S/M tournament of that year.

Beach Brawl 2020 Finals

Beach Brawl Finals – Pizza Federation vs Lime Green Army

Beach Brawl in 2020 ended up going beyond anyone’s expectations. The tournament provided quality entertainment for all the spectators, and just the right amount of tea. Moreover, it proved to be a true platform for S/M armies to display their prowess on the battlefield.

This year, the single-elimination tournament format is discarded and armies will instead participate in a huge free for all. It will certainly be interesting to see what results, this year produces. What is your take on the new tournament format? And who do you think will take home the victory this time?

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