Best Buds Clovers & Confederation Prepare For War

The Confederation calls war upon one of their allies, creating confusion within the army community. Many questions have been left unanswered, and in this article, we will uncover them.

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On Saturday, April 20th, 2024, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared a state of war against the Army of Club Penguin. As per their post, this war is intended to be friendly, and the Confederates are unwilling to lose their alliance with the Clovers. Both armies negotiated the war, entitling it as the Green Out War. According to the Confederation,

To be as blunt as possible, this is meant to be a fun war between two allies. However, this is also a serious war and there will be battles that take place. We don’t intend to waste any judge’s time. We will see our allies on the battlefield next weekend!

People’s Imperial Confederation declare war against the Army of Club Penguin

The alliance between the armies has been age-old. However, the community has seen both armies as rivals in the past. In 2020, the People’s Imperial Confederation was against the Army of Club Penguin at the World War Rewritten. Even earlier in November 2019, the two armies met on the battlefield when the Clovers declared war on the Confederation, intending to have an honest and one-on-one war, without any external involvement. Fast forwarding to the current situation, the two armies find themselves in a state of war once again, though, this time, there are no hard feelings at either end.

The Army of Club Penguin’s response to the Green Out War

The armies believe that this war will strengthen their alliance, expecting troops to be hyped. Friendly wars are ideal for preparation, rejuvenation, and practicing multiple battles with readiness. The Clovers are willing to show their love to their ally. Presently, both armies are expressing quality morale, with the first battle set to occur on Saturday, April 27th, 2024, at 9 PM EST.

War Terms for the Green Out War

Club Penguin Armies reached out to PIC Leader Shallissa and ACP Leader Ugly to know more about the war.

What are your expectations with this particular war?

Shallissa: This war will definitely be a lot different than our past declarations on WH and POM. Those wars were declared as “fun wars” as well, however there was still a good level of competitiveness considering we shared the same size classification. Obviously ACP is Major and PIC is S/M, so as far as battle scores go I’m not expecting a PIC sweep. However I’m expecting PIC to put up a strong fight, as we always do. This will be a 4/20 for the CPA history books.

Ugly: I think this war would be fun and exciting for the two armies and I believe would increase relations even further.

Will this war redefine your relationship with your ally?

Shallissa: ACP is PIC’s closest ally and we don’t intend to redefine our relationship in any negative way. If anything, I hope this war brings us even closer. And by closer I mean an arranged marriage between Ugly and Alu.

Ugly: No not at all, in fact the opposite. The point of this war is to strengthen our alliance and for our communities to have fun.

Care to speak on any strategies you will use to come out on top?

Shallissa: yes I will follow my new CPA motto: War before bong, you’re in the wrong. In all seriousness, we’re gonna keep recruiting and training our newbies to be fast with forms and tactics. Considering this is a war between allies I think our battles will be a low pressure way to train our new recruits and make sure they’re having fun and understanding the basics. I also feel confident that with the right size and speed we can at the very least win some rooms!

Ugly: Finding Alu’s non existing shower.

The stage for the Green Out War is set. As this friendly war continues to rejuvenate the troops of the armies, the armies prepare to face each other this Saturday. Which army will claim victory? How will it influence their relationship?

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