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Community engagement is more than just wars and news posts, it’s activities that keep everyone having fun and connected. In this post, we will uncover the work performed by the Community Committee backstage!

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The Community Committee is a large workforce dedicated to engaging the army community. Members of the Committee host game challenges daily, and winners can claim the valued Daily Game Champion title. The community has been involved in several games and activities since the Committee’s setting in July 2022, including Blooket and Tetris, among many more.

A Tetris game organized by Community Committee member DorukHolmes earlier this month.

The Committee is age-old; its first event was the Army League’s opening event, which was a fashion show. Following this event, the Committee hosted another opening event—a scavenger hunt. The first Daily Game Challenge featured a Wordle game in celebration of the 4th of July in the same year. In the past, the Committee has integrated its creativity by introducing several games, including the Scavenger Hunt, the Power Couple, and the annual Pride Parade.

Over a year has elapsed since the Committee laid its foundation. Many members have passed by throughout its existence. Recently, as the League’s next chapter commenced, Calgo stepped down from the position of the Community Committee Head. The community experienced Frickle ascended to the position within the same announcement. Despite recent role changes, the Committee remains close-knit, continuing to maintain balance in entertaining the community

CPA Chief Executive Producer Disha announcing changes within the Community Committee Head position.

More recently, the Community Committee came up with the idea of Song of the Day, after experiencing several discussions within the community for music. Within its first 24 hours, almost the Committee received almost 20 responses. Collectively, the innovative efforts throughout their entire team continue to positively impact our community through fun and refreshing activities.

Community Committee Head Aubz introducing the Song of the Day column.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the newly inducted Community Committee Head Frickle, and Community Committee members Zooy and Zomb to interpret their understanding of the Committee.

What inspired you to join the Community Committee?

Frickle, Community Committee Head: What inspired me to originally join the Community Committee is hard to say. I guess at the time I really just wanted to help out more with CPA and then I found love in how the community committee works and found it as a place I felt I enjoyed so much that I helped as much as I could.

Zooy, Community Committee: Just helping the community and contributing to CPA, I also thought I it’d be a good experience to interact with the community, you get to meet a lot of new people in CC!

Zomb, Community Committee: I wanted to join the CC because it felt like an experience worth trying out. The CPA community deserves to thrive and I wanted to lend a hand in any way I could to ensure that this was the case, and the CC felt like the perfect way to contribute to the community

Do you have anything kept for the future of the Community Committee under your headship?

Frickle, Community Committee Head: HMMMM as I am pretty new to the position I can’t say I have a ton of stuff planned yet, but I have began to create ideas for the future of the Community Committee!

What makes you feel that the community is engaged by amusing games and events held by the Community Committee?

Frickle, Community Committee Head: I feel the community is engaged in our Community Committee activities in a few different ways. One basic one is how much I love seeing people participate in CC hosted stuff such as gram submissions, poll votes, game players etc! We appreciate all of those who participate, even if it seems small, a ton. Another way that I feel the community is engaged is simply the many ideas and suggestions from the community and revisions we’ve done in the past on CC related things, all helping motivate us to be an amazing Community Committee.

Do you find your work enjoyable at the Community Committee?

Zooy, Community Committee: Yes, most definitely! The CC heads are very understanding people, and the peers you will work with will be very supportive. I find it really fun also just contributing to the liveliness and communal aspect of CPA!

Zomb, Community Committee: Working for the CC is incredibly fun. I get to meet so many new people and make new friends while coming up with ways to generate hype and growth within the community. Our workforce isn’t the biggest, but everyone is dedicated to making the environment of CPA as welcoming and friendly as possible, which is something I can get behind any day!

What is your opinion on the relevance of the Community Committee?

Zooy, Community Committee: It’s quite relevant as it’s something that keeps people engaged in CPA, and CC is rapidly growing as well!

Zomb, Community Committee: The CC may not be the biggest or most influential branch of CPA, but it helps the community by providing it with down to earth activities such as opinion based questions, polls and games that allow CPA overall to learn more about the people trusting in us and how we can best adapt to provide for them so that they feel safe, happy and find purpose in Club Penguin Armies. Any community should be able to interact with their members to ensure their wellbeing, and that is where the CC comes in. Not the biggest, but far from unimportant.

Do you have any other message to the community?

Frickle, Community Committee Head: I just want to thank everyone for my congrats and support on my new position. You are all the greatest supporters ever and I will try my best to be an impactful CC head!

Zooy, Community Committee: If you haven’t tried out a #poll-qotd or #community activity, I highly encourage you to do so! And you could always apply to CC when applications are open!

Zomb, Community Committee: Stay fresh everyone! Remember to always reach out to the CC with any queries or concerns regarding your time and experiences in CPA! Maybe you could become part of the CC in the future…
Waddle on everyone!

Undoubtedly, it appears that the Community Committee has retained its force over the months. The members of the Committee seem to enjoy their tasks. While the Committee does not influence most decisions in the Army League, it does hold the community’s engagement in the long run, portraying and impacting force. What game hosted by the Community Committee did you enjoy? Are you planning to apply for the Community Committee in the future?

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