Administrative Statement: Beginning The Next Chapter

As we enter April, we are excited to finally begin the third chapter in this league’s history. Furthermore, we wish to share our plans for the future of this organization, and how we have envisioned it to be.

CPA Statement

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Around this time last year, Disha and I were in discussion with Max and Wynn on becoming the next administrators of Club Penguin Armies (CPA). Our promotion to Executive Producer came through later in the month, with Mchappy soon joining Wynn as a Chief Executive Producer in August. This was followed by Wynn’s retirement in September, and since then, it has been the two of us overseeing the organization, and handling all that is required to ensure stability and growth within.

Since then, the organization has been stable and has seen many historic moments occur. These include the approval of a new map, introduction of Memorable Members, and continuation of historic tournaments, with new ones sprinkled in there, among many others.

the next chapter

As we step into another April, we are excited to announce a change in our team. Following the administration system put in place (explains administrator eligibility), we wish to abide by it and incorporate the same while taking into account any kind of changes we make.

With that being said, we are delighted and proud to notify the community about Coolguy joining the administration as an Executive Producer. Starting out with working as a philosopher for Club Penguin Armies in 2022, Coolguy rejoined our organization as a Reporter on January 21, of last year. In only a month, he joined the editing team, as an Associate Editor, with his promotion to Managing Editor coming soon in April. It would just take him just another month after this to take up the position of Editor in Chief (EIC) and he has been serving the league in this role since then.

A year in the making

He has played an integral part in making sure our media division runs efficiently and has contributed immensely, stepping in to help out whenever it was required, and ensuring that we never lag or fall behind in terms of producing content. His dedication to work and commitment to quality and improvement is unparalleled and we believe that he has the qualities that will make him a great administrator. Please join us in congratulating him on this promotion, and we wish him the very best in this endeavor!

Coolguy: I, personally, have had many stints in media organizations from Club Penguin Army Hub to CPA. I returned for one thing and that was to help out. I had no plans in CPA but that is what makes this journey special. There was no plan, yet I have been serving the organization as an EIC, creating many unique ideas and making sure each post is of a high standard.

I have the great privilege to step up alongside Disha and Mchappy and serve this organization. I have witnessed different administrations during my time and I can only hope to be able to fill the shoes of those before me. However, I do not wish to be “another admin.” Disha and Mchappy have both served for almost a year as admins, and they have molded CPA into what it is today. I want to make sure that the current standard is not only maintained but hopefully improved too. I aim to provide new and creative ideas, listening to all parties involved to make sure that CPA gets the best.

While the future may seem uncertain, I will do my utmost best to make sure the future of CPA is secured. I have had varied experiences in and out of armies. I intend to use my experiences for the betterment of CPA and everyone involved, making sure everyone is heard. Thank you to everyone involved for supporting me thus far and helping me to get to this position.

However, that is not the only promotion within the administration team. Now that it’s time for Coolguy to step up as an Executive Producer, I would like to surprise Disha with her very own promotion to Chief Executive Producer. As, without Disha, I would have never, ever been able to make it this long, nor would Club Penguin Armies.

Chief Executive Producer: Disha, Mchappy

Executive Producer: Coolguy

Additionally, we felt this was the perfect time to bolster our staff team. It is imperative as we begin this new chapter that we go into it as strong as possible; including bringing in new perspectives. Therefore, join me in congratulation Shallissa to her promotion to Editor in Chief, and Mei and Thuanthaijo on their promotion to Associate Editor.

Shallissa: Working for Club Penguin Armies has done wonders in building my confidence as a writer. I feel honored to be CPA’s next Editor in Chief, and I am so excited to work with all of our amazing reporters more closely, and help them improve and grow as writers, just like I did. Thank you CPA staff for becoming close friends of mine, and for this new opportunity!

Mei: I am very glad I got an opportunity to get this promotion and I hope it will be a great part of my journey!

Thaunthaijo: Thank you for entrusting me with this role. I promise to continue being tasty for as long as I live.

We are glad to have these three on our team, and we expect more to follow. If you’re interested in being a part of the league’s third chapter, do not hesitate to reach out to one of the now three administrators.

Plans for the future

As mentioned before, the map is supposed to come out this month, and we are gearing up for the same. Since October last year, all the wars that have taken place are considered to be “mapless wars”, which did not involve the idea of owning land and conquering territories of other armies through invasions. Thus, we decided not to enforce any kind of force treaties on any wars, but have encouraged the armies involved to come up with their own peace treaties after reaching a mutual agreement.

We have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of war there has been during this “weird” phase of our league. Nonetheless, we continue to encourage warfare before force treaties become a part of the meta again in the next coming weeks.

The latest prototype by Df44

Finally, there has been a lot of discussion about tournaments in our community Discord. Let’s address the elephant in the room: there are no plans to host an AUSIA Arena before Legends Cup at this time. Some of you may be disappointed with this decision but we hope that you can look forward to an innovating, new tournament that Mchappy is planning and will be presenting to the Army Board later this month. Also, be prepared for Legends Cup XIV to be double elimination as Mchappy’s payback for March Madness IX.

We would like to thank the advisors for their continued support and wisdom. With their expertise, it was possible for us to navigate through all the changes the league has recently been through. Coolguy, Disha, and I are thrilled to embark on this third chapter of Club Penguin Armies. Who could be joining the team next?

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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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