The New Map: Updates and Further Information

At this point, I think all of us have been wondering what is going on with the new map. This post will provide everything you need to know about the upcoming map!

Designed by Cassie

Club Penguin Armies has been functioning without a map since October, last year. After a proposal for a new map was brought forward and agreed upon by the Army Board, the process of creating the map has been ongoing. Whilst creating the map, all ideas and views from the meeting have been acknowledged. Mchappy and I have also made it a point to have several discussions around this, as we wish to adhere to what the community wants and implement changes accordingly. We are deeply grateful for your patience since October. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and support thus far.

A new map is currently being made by df44, because of this, we wish to provide transparency and clarify things for the better. Shallissa, the current Managing Editor of our organization, came up with the idea to make a post on the recent developments and updates on the map, which would inform the community about what is going on behind the scenes regarding this. Effectively, we hope this gives everyone a better idea of what to expect. Given it has been a few months since the last update, and now that we have a different person as the driving force behind it, we figured it would be best if the community heard from df himself on what the upcoming map is going to be like.

Hey everyone, the map is scheduled to finally come out during mid-April. The current map in the works is already designed and will be different from what Dino showed, as this one was made after Dino left the map team. There are similarities tho, with the biggest one being the fact that legacy servers will be located in the centre of the map and the other ones around it. The map will be composed of 250 servers with 90 of them being legacy servers, so you can expect names from OG CP as well as a big majority of servers that you can rename. I need to highlight that I believe army leaders agreed on an excessive number of servers. So I don’t think it’ll be map’s fault if it doesn’t succeed. However, visually I like how the servers in this map look like real life borders, by including irregular borders, lots of islands, and even some enclaves so that armies can feel it like a sort of conquer game, so that might be interesting. The way the map works tho will fully depend on League’s rules for it and how they want to structure the league itself. For this map creation I’m using a similar strategy to the one I used in CPAHQ map, but this time we do have to make all the coding again tho since most of it is lost or was made by people who are no longer affiliated with CPA. And that is why it has taken a bit longer. With IRL projects and everything else I’m dedicating free time whenever I can to advance on this map. We’re not complicating tho, I intend it to be a simple map, just for the community to have fun again. So I leave you all with a preview of the map design so far.

With the new map coming out in mid-April, we welcome all armies to take part and explore it. We look forward to having more activity and engagement from members of the community. With that being said, there is still approximately half a month before it releases. This leaves plenty of time for wars to start and end. Will the landscape of armies change by the time the map is out? What are your thoughts on the new map? What could have been done better, if anything, and how would you design the map if it were on you to make it? Let us know your thoughts!

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    It’s about damn time!

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