March Madness IX: Third-Place Match and Grand Finals Predictions

Two fortunate armies proceed to the last battle of the tournament, while another pair of armies are determined to acquire victory in a third-place match. We asked various community members for their predictions of these two battles.

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Over the weekend, four armies fought against each other, producing results that many failed to predict. Both the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings ousted their opponents with 3-0-0 sweeps. With this, they successfully advanced to the Grand Finals round of the ongoing March Madness IX tournament.

During the Christmas Chaos XIII in December 2023, the Vikings came out on top, beating anyone who came between them and the trophy. Will this give them the edge against the previous winners of the March Madness tournament? Or will the Rebels prove to be a force to be reckoned with once again? Both of these armies are worthy competitors, as they have outperformed other major armies within the tournament. But who will be able to succeed?

The third-place match, where the Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians will be battling each other has also received significant interest from the community. During the previous round, most people predicted that ACP would oust WV in many rooms in the Semi-Finals. But, the Vikings proved the community wrong. The same also happened with the community’s predictions for EGCP and RPF, which predicted RPF to be the underdogs. Will the community’s predictions be wrong again or will they be able to predict the winners?

Club Penguin Armies approached five community members to find out their predictions for the remainder of the tournament.

What are your predictions for the March Madness IX Finals and the third-place match within?

Alucard, People’s Imperial Confederation Leader: It’s hard to give predictions because both armies in the finals and 3rd place match have been performing insanely well thus far, I think both will go into overtime and will equally be fun to watch

Jo, Help Force Leader: I believe Water Vikings will win the finals 2-1 as they’ve proven themselves with Christmas Chaos, and they’ve had really good performance at their previous battles. RPF has been recruiting a lot recently, and the effects of that have shown, but I still think WV will win.

I think ACP will win third place. Looking back on the past, ACP generally beats EGCP when they have similar maxes.

Ninja Leader, Dark Pirates Leader: I predict that Water Vikings will win the Finals as they have so many vetreans and troops trained up. And for the Third Place match Acp will win!

Shadow, Special Weapons and Tactics High Command Member: The grand finals have two strongest armies currently in the CPA and i think its going to be a tough one for the judges but i myself think that RPF would win in overtime against WV
In the third place match i hope that ACP will take home that third place instead of the EGCP because of their long hatred and rivalry against each other

Mchappy, CPA Administrator: First off, I’m excited to see a third place match be agreed upon as the last time it was proposed, it unfortunately did not go through!

March Madness IV has been a crazy one but we’ve seen a lot of effort be put into the tournament by both the Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings. If I were to choose a winner, I would place my money on the Rebels. It has been a while since their last tournament win so I think they’re very thirsty for it. Quenched, even. Seeing their performance in the Semi Finals really impressed me.

As for the third place match, since it’s been a hot minute since we’ve last seen a match like it taken place, I think it’s anyone’s game. Both matches will come down to who has the fastest tactics.

The community is split in their predictions for the final battle of the tournament. Some think the Vikings will take home their second major trophy in a row. Others believe that the Rebels will claim the trophy for back-to-back years. As for the third-place match, community members predict that the Army of Club Penguin will win. Will the Guardians be able to overcome the odds? Who will stand out and claim victory? Who do you think will win? We wish the best of luck to each of these armies for their upcoming battles this weekend!

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