March Madness IX: Semi-Finals Results

The Semi-Finals of March Madness IX have concluded, leading two armies to fight in the Grand Finals next week. Between the battles of Elite Guardians vs. Rebel Penguin Federation, and Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin, who won these battles and what can we expect for the battles next week?

The Quarter-Finals of March Madness IX have concluded after four armies fought for a chance to progress to the Grand Finals. The first battle of this weekend took place between the Elite Guardians and the Rebel Penguin Federation. The following day, a clash between the Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings occurred.

Elite Guardians vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Kicking off the weekend,  the Elite Guardians and the Rebel Penguin Federation met each other on the battlefield for their March Madness battle. The Rebels swept all three rooms, resulting in their victory. Though both the Rebels and Guardians had similar sizes throughout the battle, the Rebels were noted to have cleaner formations and were more identifiable.  Though EGCP gave the battle their all, the Rebels conquered, securing their place in the Grand Finals

Winner – Rebel Penguin Federation

Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin

The second and last battle of the weekend featured a clash between the Water Vikings and Army of Club Penguin. The Vikings defeated the Clovers in a 3-0 fashion, with judges noting their size advantage of 20+ towards the end of the battle. Though the Clover Defenders displayed a strong performance, the Vikings displayed cleaner formations, helping them have significant coverage.

Winner – Water Vikings

The second round of the March Madness IX tournament has now concluded, with the Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation scheduled to face each other in the finals next week. What performance will these two armies bring to the Grand Finals? Will we see some familiar faces reappear for both armies as they compete for the trophy? Who will be crowned the winner of March Madness IX? Congratulations to both the Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation on their victories!

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