March Madness IX Semi Finals Predictions

As we head into the Semi-Finals of the March Madness, four armies are preparing to face each other to secure their place in the finals. With that said, we find out who the community thinks will come out on top.

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Over the past weekend, eight armies battled it out to make it to the Semi-Finals of the historic March Madness tournament. Only four of these armies now remain, as they look towards securing their place in the finals. For each of the armies involved, there are high stakes. The Army of Club Penguin wish to claim their first March Madness trophy, while the Elite Guardians want to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with by achieving their first MM win. The Water Vikings want to prove themselves as a dominant force. They want to prove that their Christmas Chaos win was not a fluke. Finally, the Rebel Penguin Federation want to win another March Madness trophy, seeing back-to-back wins.

With that being said, who is truly in the best position to win? We asked community members to predict the winners of each battle.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Elite Guardians 

On Saturday, the two goliaths will clash, once again, to try and claim their place in the tournament finals. However, the Guardians have a big disadvantage as three of their leaders were banned from CPABattleground. Fighting the Rebels will be a challenge for the Guardians but will they rise to the occasion? The Rebels, in comparison, have their new leadership secured with Gabgeirl stepping into their first Semi-Finals as a leader. Will this be the start of a new golden age for the Rebels or will the loss of Elexonck weigh them down?

Elite Guardians vs People’s Imperial Confederation in the first round

Bscharbach: In previous years I would’ve said that RPF sweeps 3-0-0. However, due to a decline in size as of recent & EGCP’s increasingly well trained army, I think EGCP will get the win 2-0-1. RPF can still come back if their vets come back & they really lock in for the battle, but in this format no.

ROOBOO: I’mma be honest, I don’t have an opinion on the result as much as I have an opinion about performances. I feel like those 4 armies right there are insanely good. I feel that EGCP will max so much and use their quantity to their performance. RPF, no doubts the mater of quality. No matter they max 25 30 35, they’ll absolutely dominate. RPF are just the master class of accuracy and clartiy. So EGCP vs RPF will be a battle to watch.

Mocha: 2-1 in favor of EGCP. EGCP have good sizes and good momentum especially when it comes to tournaments although there is a chance RPF can turn the battle around and win.

Sanya: 2-1-1 RPF win. EGCP is quite a strong army but RPF has quite a large vet pool and has a lot of experience in tournaments and I feel with those 2 armies amazing performances it may force the judges to take them to overtime and i feel as though in overtime there’s a strong possibility that RPF may win but who knows we’ll see next week

Saber: 3-0, maybe even 2-1-0 to EGCP if RPF try REALLY hard, solely based on top ten results alone! they’ve always been above RPF, let’s just hope they keep their tactics in check.

Army of Club Penguin vs Water Vikings

Both the Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings have seen changes in their leadership this year. Yet, neither have let the changes affect them. Both have something to prove, each of them looks to win the March Madness tournament to continue their good run of form. Will the Army of Club Penguin fall short, once again, to the Water Vikings? Will the Christmas Chaos narrative be rewritten to see the clovers overcome the Vikings?

Help Force vs the Water Vikings in the first round

Bscharbach: I think WV VS ACP is likely going to be an underdog story. WV performed exceptionally in their last MM battle, causing a relative upset. Because of this, I think that if the momentum attained stays, WV can pull out a win. That being said, ACP also stands a good chance due to their size. I think underdog stories sound cooler, so I’ll say WV by 2-1-1 in overtime.

ROOBOO: Water Vikings are only getting better, and they use their maxes to their advantage and that’s what makes me feel and know that they’re special. Maybe they don’t max 45, but with their 35 they’ll use every person to make a 35 feel like a 45. ACP man, are both in one. Quanitity and quality in one. They are the hard workers, like how RPF are the talented ones. ACP will dominate through their insane work ethic. Their recruiting, their hype, and their maxes will absolutely dominate. So this will also be a close one and one to watch 💪

Mocha: 3-0-0 in favor of ACP. ACP is very dedicated to winning this tournament. their speed is amazing so is their activity. Honestly believe that ACP could win.

Sanya: ACP win 1-2-0. ACP has constantly been #1 lately and I feel as though with this battle where they’re facing off an army where they share some rivalry with each other and where WV will be able to call as many vets to attend and I feel that would cause ACP and WV sizes to be rather similar resulting in a very close battle where judges will be focused purely on the creativity of the army due to the fact that there’s a chance size may be similar but let’s see next week

Saber: 3-0 to ACP, absolute TITANS of an army and have historically done so well in other events and tournaments!

It seems like the predictions favour EGCP and ACP. Interestingly, the score predictions differ from major sweeps to closely fought overtime battles. No one truly knows what will happen over the weekend. However, one thing is certain, two battles of goliaths will happen but only two armies can prevail. From there, only one army can win the trophy. Who do you think will come out on top over the weekend? Will we see a repeat of the Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals?

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