Community Reacts to March Madness IX Semi Finals

The Semi-Finals of the March Madness tournament concluded over the weekend with the Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation reigning victorious. What does the Club Penguin army community think about the battles that took place?

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The Semi-Finals of the March Madness concluded over the weekend as four armies battled it out to earn their place in the finals. Now, only two armies remain but the results sent shockwaves throughout the community.

The seedings for the Semis saw a repeat of the Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals which took place last year. Firstly, the Rebel Penguin Federation took on the Elite Guardians. The battle was fierce, yet the Rebels overcame what would have been a repeat of the Christmas Chaos. They secured their place in the Finals of the March Madness tournament.

The second battle of the weekend saw the Army of Club Penguin hoping to win, similarly to the Rebels, breaking the curse of repetition. However, in what was another battle of goliaths, the Water Vikings were able to dominate, seeing ACP undone. The Vikings head into yet another tournament final. This time, they look to win the March Madness. Shockingly, both battles were 3-0 sweeps, seeing both the Rebels and Vikings, dominate. The finals will surely be a battle to watch.

Club Penguin Armies contacted community members to find out their reactions to these fierce battles.

Zombplays: As for my reaction, I am nothing short of surprised. There were talks among my own army and the rest of the community as to how ACP would sweep and how EGCP would be a close second, but its a pleasant surprise to see armies like RPF upholding their repuation and the Water Vikings constantly surprising us with their tenacity. I look forwards to the finale!

Bscharbach: RPF v egcp was quite the interesting battle. RPF showed their tournament game is still strong. Wvs 3-0 upset was quite impressive shoutout Dino.

NIKO:ย I was expecting ACP to win, since in my opinion, they are at their peak performance this year, but it looks like the Vikings were much more prepared This just shows that the Vikings are a force to be reckoned with and not to be underestimated Regarding the RPF vs. EGCP battle, Im not surpised by the result. When its time for tournaments, you have to be very prepared, especially when facing opponents as serious as the rebels. Congratulations RPF, you did just as well as expected For the Guardians I am sure this will fuel their motivation for victory in the next tournament and they will come back twice as strong as they were before ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Krill: Over the weekend, the army community experienced two intriguing battles against major armies. These were the Semi-Finals in the March Madness IX tournament. Initially, it was very difficult for me to predict a winner for both the battles. I did not expect that an army could win all the rooms in any battle, either!
For the ACP-WV battle, it was very tough to make a prediction. The Water Vikings have won in the Christmas Chaos XIII by the end of 2023, where the army was able to defeat major armies. ACP may be able to outperform them, but likely not outnumber them. At the battle, WV had clearly outnumbered ACP. Performance was the sole deciding factor, which ACP could not manage to oust WV in. This was quite surprising, since I have not seen WV directly defeat ACP in a while.
For the RPF-EGCP battle, I was not quite interested in knowing more about the battle. I did feel that EGCP may not acquire a win, since they encountered a loss in troop count significantly. I also thought that RPF may not necessarily acquire good sizes at the tournament. However, both the armies numbered very well. Sizes were very close, so performance was the deciding factor. RPF performed very well, and took the win. This was also very surprising, as I did not expect EGCP to lose to another army that has not achieved great merit in the past several weeks.
In conclusion, my reaction to the two battles show a lot of surprise. My predictions earlier may have been partially wrong, especially about their sizes. Once again, major armies like WV and RPF have powered their forces to appear like major armies!

BEASTO: ACP v WV: I was shocked a bit by the result, because after last year I think ACP rose to be a very strong army, so seeing them lose 3 rooms was not what i expected, but at the same time the Water Viking always have wonderful surprises for the Community especially in Tournaments, am sure they have a strong chance of winning March Madness!

RPF – EGCP: The Result was not very shocking, RPF was and will always be a strong army, I think EGCP needs to train their own troops on making faster forms and be a bit more clear with their forms as well, I think RPF has an equal chance of winning MM as Water Vikings so I think its gonna be an exciting Finale!

Each of these people had different perspectives of the battle but they were mostly surprised by the results. Will the weekend see more surprises take place? Alongside the big Final battle, there will be a battle for third place between EGCP and ACP. This means that two battles will take place over the weekend, once again. Who will come out on top and win the tournament? Will you be able to predict the winner?

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