The Bloodbath Barrage: Sapphire Concordat Declares War On Dark Vikings

In a shocking move, Special Weapons And Tactics and People’s Imperial Confederation have declared an alliance war on Dark Vikings. The tension between the Vikings and the Confederates has been surging like a berserk lightning bolt recently. However, SWAT’s unexpected entry might have left the Vikings seeing shades of black despite their already dark color scheme.

SWAT and PIC vs Dark Vikings

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Amidst whispers of a dying community, wars have proven to never be too far off this year. Sometimes, they even occur sooner than you expect. Special Weapons And Tactics and the Dark Vikings are no strangers to each other on the battlefield. In 2021, DV took part in the Red Dawn Alliance‘s offensive against the Western Bloc which included SWAT. More recently, the Vikings were also part of the Circus Alliance‘s war against SWAT in 2022, that concluded with ambiguity.


On May 22nd, SWAT released their declaration of war on the recently relegated Dark Vikings. In their post ‘No Thunder Without A Storm‘, SWAT outlines several reasons for their war, focusing on DV’s alleged inappropriate behavior. However, the main reason behind this war seems to be DV’s recent aggression towards their ally People’s Imperial Confederation. SWAT also states that the Vikings’ history of warfare with SWAT does play a role in the war declaration. The war has been named as the Bloodbath Barrage. Moreover, the alliance between SWAT and PIC is now called the Sapphire Concordat.

This war marks the fourth war involving SWAT in just 2023. Previously, they fought against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Penguins of Madagascar and the Templars, in that order. Their war versus the Templars concluded on April 23rd. Soon after, they became involved in the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition tournament. Their last battle versus the Water Vikings ended on May 21st, which ended their run in the tournament. Thus, it was quite unexpected for a war to erupt in their nation this quickly. Here are the terms of the war:

Bloodbath Barrage War Terms

The war terms as seen on SWAT’s post

PIC also published their own war declaration post on the Dark Vikings. PIC starts their post off by claiming that they have saved the community from a Chat GPT-written war declaration. The Confederates make some severe allegations against the Vikings’, stating that their aggression, inappropriate behavior towards PIC is what became the last straw. Another reason cited by the Confederates is the way through which the Dark Vikings received their loss in the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition tournament.

The terms in the posts are slightly different from the norm. As per the 5th term, any army not showing up to three battles in a row will automatically forfeit the war. It is possible that the Sapphire Concordat introduced this term to make sure the Dark Vikings show up to each and every battle. This may be in response to the Muddy Marathon battles between the Army of Club Penguin and the Vikings. The Dark Vikings failed to show up to several landless battles scheduled by the Clovers. However, since PIC and SWAT can each schedule one battle per time zone while Dark Vikings can only schedule one, the terms could work out in the alliance’s favor.


Army of Club Penguin vs Dark Vikings

Both allies have accused DV of severe malpractices, like harboring doxxers, passing homophobic/transphobic comments, and more. The Dark Vikings are yet to respond to these accusations. Moreover, this is not the first time DV are involved in such a controversy. A similar situation occurred in their last showdown against the ACP, with multiple exchanges of web posts between the two armies. The chances of the same occurring in this conflict are fairly high.

UPDATE: Not even 24 hours after the declaration of war from SWAT and the Confederation, a new army has now entered the fray. At 2:16pm est on May 23, Napalm Corps officially entered the war against the Dark Vikings. With no reason for joining the war being said, we can only assume they aim to aid their allies in battle. What will come of this landless war and will the Vikings find someone to come to their aid?

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Legoman, Sidie9 and Krosive for an interview regarding the war.

This happens to be a landless war. How do you and your army plan to go about with the same?

Sidie: We didn’t have a choice. The Dark Vikings leadership masterfully got themselves banned from the CP Armies Discord, so we had to find another way to operate a war. It’ll be just like old-fashioned wars from the pre-CPPS era, although judges will be required. I’d much rather have a war through the CPA map, but that isn’t possible at the moment.

Krosive: We’re gonna destroy them

Legoman: To invade for a while, get hype and put Krosive’s ego in check.

What do you aim to achieve out of the Bloodbath Barrage?

Sidie: We are aiming to defeat DV like we did the Golden Troops. In other words, I would like to give them a proper Viking burial.

Krosive: Fight the demons of CPA

Legoman: Well it all started when I saw Krosive at the American capital as he waved his firearm and yelled profusely “THE LEFT IS TAKING OUR RIGHTS!” We seek justice and retribution.

What are the steps you are taking to ensure that you emerge victorious?

Sidie: Our community has witnessed an immense growth in energy and vigour since our AUSIA Arena win over DV. We’re doing our best with recruiting and getting members to register. All hands are on deck.

Krosive: We’re gonna piss on them

Legoman: Attending events, sending tactics, and maybe getting in formations too if we have time.

How do you think your army will perform in this war?

Sidie: PIC will perform exceptionally, as it has in any war we’ve started. I think our brother alliance with SWAT will do us some good too, but I have faith in our capacity to perform as an independent unit. I look forward to hopping on the battlefield once more.

Krosive: We will win

Legoman: Good.

Would you like to say anything to the opposition?

Sidie: You wanted war and now you have it. Enjoy the ride.

Krosive: Come at us brahs and get destroyed

Legoman: DV is mid. HOO RAH!

The Dark Vikings face two passionate armies craving a fight, while in the midst of a tough spot with their recent relegation to Small/Medium. How will the Vikings get out of this tough spot? Do you think another army will rush to their aid and help them out? Or will the landless state of this conflict result in yet another escape for either side?

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