RPF Hosts Winter Olympics 2024

The Rebel Penguin Federation hosted its 2024 Winter Olympics last week, with the theme of Mario and Sonic at the Rebel Olympic Games. With three teams competing fiercely to earn points, a struggle for victory was guaranteed.

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Every year, the Rebel Penguin Federation hosts its Winter Olympics, each year displaying a different theme. Last year, in 2023, the Rebels themed the occasion around the movie ‘Frozen’. Following the end of the 2023 Olympics, it was revealed that Team Venn secured first place with 572 points. This was more than double the amount of points the team in second place had. This year, the Rebels decided on the theme of Mario and Sonic at the Rebel Olympic Games, with three teams competing to win.

For the 2024 Winter Olympics, the teams were named Team Celeritas, Team Fratres, and Team Magicae, led by Link3000, Elexonck, and Gabgeirl respectively. The Rebels stuck true to their theme, creating uniforms inspired by Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Shadow, Princess Peach and Amy Rose. These are characters which are a part of the Mario and Sonic games. During the olympics, teams would earn points throughout various events and minigames hosted across CPABattleground and Club Penguin Journies.

The Winter Olympics started on January 28th, with the Rebels hosting a battle at the opening ceremony. 31 Rebels attended the ceremony, eager to support their team.

RPF at the Opening Ceremony for the 2024 Winter Olympics

On January 29th, the second day of the Olympics, the Rebels hosted the RNM Meme Contest. The contest involved making a meme themed around the Olympics. Chonono managed to take first place, followed by Pen/Han and Gabi

The third day of the Olympics, January 30th saw the Rebels host three Bean Counters tournaments on Club Penguin Journey. Team Magicae managed to take home two gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Following behind them was Team Celeritas who earned one gold and one silver medal. This gave the two teams a sizeable lead against Team Fratres, who scored a single bronze medal.

RPF’s Bean Counters Tournament

On January 31st, the fourth day of the Olympics, the Rebels competed in three Card Jitsu tournaments. Team Celeritas played their cards right to break Team Magicae’s lead, earning two gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Team Magicae fought harshly to maintain their lead, earning one gold and one bronze medal. They continued to show that the competition was fierce between these two teams. Alongside this, Team Fratres improved from the previous day, earning a silver medal this time. Ultimately, the minigame allowed Team Celeritas to take the lead, followed closely by Team Magicae.

RPF’s Card Jitsu Tournament

The fifth day of the Olympics, on February 1st, saw the Rebels engage in three dance contests. Team Celeritas earned two gold, one silver, and three bronze medals, showing their will to win. Team Magicae followed closely behind, earning one gold and two silver medals. However, Team Fratres did not earn any medals for this game. Therefore, Team Celeritas gained an even bigger lead.

RPF’s Dance Battle

On February 2nd, the sixth day of the Olympics, the Rebels hosted three Catchin’ Waves tournaments. This minigame saw Team Magicae make a comeback, earning two gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Team Celeritas tried to keep their lead, earning one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal. Unfortunately, Team Fratres earned no medals for a second time. The comeback by Team Magicae brought the scores much closer, making the last days of the Olympics even more intense.

RPF’s Catchin’ Waves Tournament

On February 3rd, the seventh day of the Olympics, the Rebels cooked up three Pizzatron 3000 contests for the last minigame of the Olympics. Multiple gold medals were given for these competitions, giving other teams a chance to snatch first place. Team Celeritas managed to earn three gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Following close behind them was Team Magicae, earning three gold, one silver, and two bronze medals. Team Fratres improved significantly from the past contests, earning three gold and three silver medals. Despite this, it left them following behind the two other teams.

The end of the minigame signalled the end of the competitions, with only the closing ceremony left to go. Although, despite all competitions ending, the desire to win was on display by all teams involved.

RPF’s Pizzatron Contest

Lastly, on February 4th, the Rebels held a closing ceremony to mark the end of the Olympics. After a long week of minigames, 31 Rebels made their way to the ceremony, awaiting the results.

RPF’s Closing Ceremony

The winner of the 2024 Winter Olympics, with 564 points, was Team Celeritas. They were closely followed by Team Magicae, with 526 points, and Team Fratres, with 211 points. Unlike the 2023 Winter Olympics, the competition was very close. However, it ended with a point difference equal to just 2 gold medals between first and second place.

Team Celeritas


Club Penguin Armies interviewed Rebel Commander, Gabgeirl, to gather insight into this special occasion.

What inspired the Mario and Sonic theme?

We always try to do a theme which lots of people are familiar with since it means people are able to get behind the teams more. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is such a classic video game which a large number of our troops and staff played growing up so it felt like a perfect fit!

How do your troops feel about big events like this?

Troops traditionally love taking part in the Olympics! The team nature of it means people get to really rally around similar objectives and get involved. It’s definitely one of the big events on our annual calendar and once it gets to the time when Olympics are usually held, troops begin asking about it because they can’t wait to begin.

What are your thoughts on Team Celeritas winning?

As the leader of the second place team, it was certainly disappointing, but at the same time it was a really close competition and Celeritas had some really strong competitors. It’s been the closest Olympics in a good while! Congratulations Link and Team Celeritas!

Do you think that this year’s Olympics was better than last year?

It’s hard to say really since all Olympics are different and special in their own way. Like I already said this was an incredibly close Olympics, and we didn’t know the winner until the very last minigame was over. That ongoing competitiveness was a nice change since the last couple of Olympics has had a winner beginning to emerge from about halfway through, but going into that final set of minigames knowing the title was still up for grabs was a lot of fun.

What improvements would you make for next year?

One thing I really want to get back to is the four team format, as we went down to three teams this time. Traditionally we’ve always had four teams but due to a couple of factors a three team format felt more appropriate this time. It was the right decision but it would be nice to go back to tradition!

Undoubtedly, the Rebels enjoy their annual competitions and they continue to be a massive success for the army. The Olympics brought a lot of activity to the army, with troops loving the competitiveness. Furthermore, the army was able to gain the top spot in the Top Tens with the Olympics being held. But what will be in store for the 2025 Olympics? Will the Rebels bring back the four-team tradition? Should other armies host similar events/competitions?

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