Rebel Penguin Federation Hosts Winter Olympics

This past week, we saw the Rebel Penguin Federation bring back its annual yearly Winter Olympics, and this year, it was all about the magical world of Frozen. With four teams participating in this Olympics, there was intense competition among the four in deciding which team took the victory home.


With inspiration from the international Winter Olympic events, every year the Rebel Penguin Federation brings its own version of the competition to its troops. This year, four teams participated in the Olympics namely – Iskald, Krone, Frelsere, and Venn, and the past week saw these four teams compete in a variety of sports, featuring different mini-games in each set of timezones on Club Penguin Armies Battleground. The winners of the games were awarded medals, which helped gain them points, pushing their teams up the ladder to victory, with the more medals they were given.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Winter Olympics in 2022

On Sunday, January 15, the four teams came into the battlefield, ready to show off their tactics and creative costumes for their featured theme of this year, declaring the official commencement of the Winter Olympics.

The Opening Ceremony

On January 17, the first three rounds of the tournament took place, where we saw the Rebels meet up in various different rooms. Throughout the day, the Rebels played Finding Four, and each time a person won, they would win points for their respective team. At the end of the day, Team Venn was up ahead winning three gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals. Team Frelsere was behind them by one bronze medal.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Finding Four Tournament

On January 18, the second day of the Olympics commenced, and we saw the four teams face each other in three rounds of Pizzatron 300. At the end of the day, the Rebels saw a change in the medals, compared to the day before. Teams Iskald, Krone, and Venn won gold medals for their team. The silver medals were won by Teams Venn, Iskald, and Frelsere. And lastly, for bronze, Teams Venn and Frelsere secured them.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Pizzatron 3000 Tournament

On January 19, the third day of the Olympics started, and the Rebels took a bit of a turn in events, bringing out a dancing contest. Throughout the day, the Rebels earned themselves medals for each of the events. For gold, team Krone took home, all three of the gold medals. The silver medals were awarded to the Teams Krone, Frelsere, and Iskald. Lastly, the bronze medals were won by Teams Venn and Iskald.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Dancing Contest Tournament

On January 20, the fourth day of the Olympics began. The Rebels participated in three of their own events, and not long after at the end of those is where they would split off to participate in their Catching Waves Tournament. At the end of the day, the medals were all added up, and it so happened that all the gold and silver medals were won by Team Venn, that day. With regard to the bronze medals, two of them were won by Team Iskald, and the last one went to Team Venn.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s Catching Wave Tournament

On January 21, the fifth and final day of the Olympics commenced. For the last 3 rounds of this day, the Rebels participated in the Bean Counters tournament. At the end of the day, the medals were all added up, and as the results would have it – bringing home the gold medals were Team Iskald with two and Team Venn with one. Silver medals were won by Venn with two, and one by Krone. And lastly, bronze medals were brought home by Team Venn with two, and Krone with one.

The Last Tournament Event

On January 22, the Rebels logged on for a final US Closing Ceremony event. They maxed 22 for the ceremony, where each team had logged on in their uniforms one last time to end the Winter Olympics off for the year.

The Closing Ceremony

With the five days of fun finally coming to an end for the Rebels, they showed what a fun Olympics definitely looks like.  Team Venn won the Winter Olympics with a total of 572 points calculated. Securing the second position, was Team Krone, who accumulated a total of 230 points, and in third place was Team Iskald, with a total of 203 points. Team Frelseire, the fourth team, earned a total of 64 points. With the busy week and numerous events that they had, the Rebel Penguin Federation made its way to the #1 spot on this week’s Top Ten. Club Penguin Armies congratulates the Rebels wishing them the best, and we hope to see this whimsical tradition be continued in the future!

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