Gabgeirl Inducted as Rebel Commander

With the Winter Olympics coming to a close, the Rebel Penguin Federation is looking toward the future and has inducted Gabgeirl into its leadership.

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Over the past week, the Rebel Penguin Federation has been hosting its annual Winter Olympics. The Olympics started on January 28th before closing on February 4th. During the Olympics, 16 events took place with many games taking place. Following the closure of the Olympics, Link3000, Rebel Commander, announced a couple of staff changes including an addition to their leadership. Gabgeirl was officially inducted as a Rebel Commander. Gabi’s promotion made them the 114th Commander of the army. Furthermore, 18 other promotions took place throughout the Winter Olympics.

Gabgeirl, also known as Gabi, first joined the historic army in September 2021. Since joining, Gabi has witnessed the army continue to make history. In just a few months, Gabi became staff and helped RPF take home the Christmas Chaos XI trophy, seeing sizes of 70+ in the finals of the tournament. From there, they marched on into the new year and won the Ausia Arena trophy in 2022.

RPF vs Ice Warriors in the Ausia Arena Winter Edition

With the tournaments coming thick and fast, Gabi used it as an opportunity to rise above their station. This enabled them to continue to progress within the army, making their way to the High Command in September 2022. This was just 1 year after they originally joined. Since then, they have proved themselves to be a capable member of their HCOM, helping them to win the 2022 Christmas Chaos tournament as well as the 2023 March Madness. Afterwards, they continued to make an impact within the army, rising up to become Second in Command in May.

In recent months, the Rebels took home the Double Deck The Halls trophy alongside Coup Crusaders in November. However, in December, they failed to pick up another Christmas Chaos trophy. Despite their recent losses, they have continued to prove they are a force to be reckoned with. In each tournament, the Rebels are the army to beat if you want a chance of winning.

Gabi has now been inducted as a leader in one of the most historic armies in the community. But, what did Link3000 have to say about their promotion? Club Penguin Armies approached them for a statement.

I dont think anybody was surprised by gabi’s promotion. She has been an extremely vital part of the team for as long as she’s been HCOM and it was only a matter of time before she rose to the occasion and was presented with this position which I’m sure she will thrive in. You know I could spend a lot of time listing adjectives and everything trying to describe her but I feel like that’s not necessary, all you have to do is look at her work as HCOM. To be as frank as possible, RPF would be in a worse position if she wasn’t here and I think that’s the most we can ask out of a leader.

It is clear that they are highly thought of within RPF and their rise to the leadership position was just a matter of time. Their journey is an incredible one, making it to staff in a matter of months and HCOM in a year. From there they have shown how much they can and want to contribute to the army.

Club Penguin Armies approached Gabi for an interview about their recent promotion.

What were your initial reactions to your induction as the 114th Rebel Commander?

Pretty much speechlessness. It was something I had been working towards but I really wasn’t expecting it to happen this week. After that a lot of excitement!

Whilst in the high command, was your goal always to become a leader (if at all)?

I don’t really remember if I wanted it when I initially got HCOM but at some point when I was a Third in Command it became a long term goal. Just not one I told many people at all.

Going forward, do you have any plans for the army or ideas you’d like to implement?

I really want to continue the hard work of my predecessors. RPF has been a big name in the community for a long time now and I want to do my best to keep it that way.
It’s quite a while away but I think a personal thing for me would be winning Legends Cup too, as its the only major trophy I haven’t seen us win. Our last Legends Cup was about a month or so before I joined so I’d love to have a hand in bringing it back.

Did you have any inspirations or mentors on your way to the top?

Link and Elex are massive inspirations in how much they’ve done for RPF, so I think a lot of it has come from them. They’re both very supportive of allowing HCOM to step up and learn the leadership skills you need in CPA, as well as always providing help if something doesn’t go as planned. I know my very first time VC leading a practice battle went exceptionally badly but I was only ever met with support. I’m really excited to be able to join their team.

Is there anything you’d like to say to those in RPF who are currently working towards their goal or those who maybe don’t even have a goal?

More than anything, keep attending, keep participating, and keep on having fun! It’s kinda cheesy but all that stuff doesn’t go unnoticed. Even if you don’t know how far you want to go with the community, having a good time and being active sets you in good stead in the long run.

Gabi has bucketloads of confidence as they head into their new role as Rebel Commander. They hope to bring the Legends Cup to the army for the first time since 2021. Their last comments show that the little things that troops do are noticed. With that being said, will the Rebels see new additions to the High Command? Will they be able to accomplish what they set out to do? Can they bring the Legends Cup back to the Confederation? We wish Gabi and the Rebels the best of luck in their future.

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