Yoda Bids Farewell To Help Force

As the first month of 2024 concludes, the Help Force witnesses one of their leaders, Yoda, departing from the leadership. After having led the army for 5 months, he has decided to step down and move on with his life.

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On the 4th of February, Yoda retired from the Help Force. Having been a leader since August 2023, he made the call to step down from leadership, pertaining to his real life, and exams ahead. A retirement event honoring him and his time in the army was held on the same day. This saw an attendance of more than thirty people who showed up to express their gratitude towards Yoda for all his work and contributions to the army.

Yoda’s Retirement Event

Yoda joined the army community in the year 2020 after coming across the Rebel Penguin Federation whilst looking to get an igloo stamp and enlisted himself as a troop there. He was not as active in the army, however, in the coming year, during the month of March, he was recruited by Diwix to the Help Force and joined at a time when the army was at war against the Silver Empire. Given his dedication and diligence, in just a span of a few months, Yoda was welcomed to the Staff team of the army. Even after this, he continued to work hard, helping the army to his best abilities, and proved his loyalty towards the Helpers. His promotion to Second in Command came in December of 2022, following which he was promoted to the position of Leader in Training sometime around May or June of 2023. After Maya and Snowy retired in August 2023, Yoda and Jo were inducted as the newest Commanders of the Help Force. Under their leadership, Help Force not only participated in several tournaments, making it to the Grand Finals of Trick or Treat Trials but also hosted their very own charity fundraiser, donating money to the people and organizations that are in need of it. Apart from this, and for all his work and efforts towards Help Force, Yoda also features in the Hall of Fame of the army, as an Achiever.

Grand Finals of Trick or Treat Trials – Help Force vs. Army of Club Penguin

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Yoda about his retirement from Help Force, and what he plans on doing next.

What is the reason behind your retirement?

I have to study and get prepared for uni exam i dont think i will be able to stay active much cause of that and i just felt like i didnt had much interest for cpa anymore maybe cause i grew up maybe cause i have been doing for long who knows It’s important to leave some things on right time and place.

What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army at large?

I dont think my retirement would change much its more like one goes other one comes we already have talented and experienced staff and new juniors coming on the way im pretty sure Rooboo and Jo can lead army very well they are good at their job.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army, during your time as a Leader?

Im not sure to be honest my only aims were winning a few trophies if possible and make this place stay as it was which is nice people making other peoples day better i wanted to work for to make people feel like they are home and having fun, finding friends maybe a life time like safe and warm environment that other people can experience like i did i hope i was able to make few people’s day better

What would you say has been the best thing about being a Leader?

Best thing about being leader for me hmm i guess i could say I learned how to make speeches i learned to talk people differently i became a good listener oh and ofc leading in tournaments was very cool man i wish i had a good pc to lead better.

Could you share your favorite memory/memories of the army with me, if it’s not too personal?

To give some examples i could say vc nights were my favorite where randomly people would join vc then talk about stuff or when people created a birthday server for me i felt honored maybe just maybe I may have shed some tears i also had fun while we played games online like minecraft overwatch fortnite with my friends in server oh then ofc theres the time where we have won Ausia Arena which we all worked hard for it i was very happy that all of the effort found its reward lifting that cup with my friends is definitely unforgettable having takeovers US chaos raiding Snowy’s office chats jokes and more i could type here but you guys would have to code a whole site for it LOL just kidding i love them i love help force thanks for every single memory and experience i got from this army.

Do you plan to come back at any time in the future?

Definitely I dont know when would happen but if i can i hope i can return after my university exam.

Any final words or advice that you would like to give to the staff team and the army at large?

Lastly i guess i could say have fun while it lasts never realized time passes too fast be kind to each other always support each other work best for the army if you get along well and work organized you can do anything you aim oh and ofc recruit recruit recruit:) thats all i can say folks take care of the army and yourselfs for me see ya around!

Having been a part of the Help Force for two and a half years, Yoda is certainly a key figure in the army’s success and accomplishments. Even though he has retired, he has faith that the army will continue to prosper and thrive. We wish him the very best in all of his future endeavors and hope to see him return to the army community someday!

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