Leadership Swap Occurs At Help Force

As the summer comes to a close, Help Force is gearing up for a new season. Following a few months of success and their victory in the AUSIA Arena, it’s now time for a new generation to step forward and make their mark.

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Last weekend, Help Force underwent several changes in its leadership. On August 26th, the army bid farewell to two Commanders – Snowy and Maya. On the next day, Jo (Thuanthaijo) and Yoda were promoted to take their places. The switch was not a surprise to many, as Snowy and Maya’s goal seemed to be to only join for the Summer and help with training the next generation. Around the same time, Jo and Yoda became Leaders in Training.

Snowy first joined Help Force in ’18. After a short period as the leader of the Fashion Army, she returned next year to take on a staff position. However, her tenure was brief as she decided to take a break from armies. Snowy returned to HF in January ’21 and quickly rose through the ranks, achieving Commander in December alongside Wynn. Together, they led HF through multiple tournaments and a conflict with Special Weapons and Tactics. Upon her co-leader’s retirement, Snowy was joined by Desireus and ROOBOO. Her leadership journey came to a close in January 2023. Five months later, in June, she returned to Help Force’s leadership following their victory in AUSIA Arena and Desireus’ retirement.

Maya was recruited to Help Force in May ’20 and joined the staff team four months later. She served as Second in Command under Wynn and Snowy, eventually retiring from her position in November ’22. Although she remained in the army, providing support in the following months, she resumed her role as Leader in Training, rejoining the ranks alongside Snowy this summer. She became Commander approximately a week later.

Snowy announcing her and Maya’s retirement

Over the past months, Snowy and Maya have led Help Force alongside ROOBOO, guiding the army through Legends Cup XIII and World War IX, during which HF provided support to the Army of Club Penguin. During their tenure they introduced several improvements to the server and actively participated in training of the future Commanders. Their hard work and dedication to the army earned them a place in Help Force’s Hall of Fame as a HF Icon and Stalwart.

Yoda joined Help Force in March ’21, arriving just in time for their significant war against the Silver Empire. However, his first army experience was with the Rebel Penguin Federation, where he enlisted in November ’20. Demonstrating exceptional dedication, he earned a staff position in August and steadily advanced within the ranks. By December ’22, he had risen to the position of Second in Command, serving under the leadership of Desireus, ROOBOO, and Snowy. In recognition of his commitment and loyalty, Yoda was honored with the Achiever rank within HF’s Hall of Fame.

Conversely, Help Force was the first army for Jo. He joined in January ’22, introduced to the community by a friend. With swift progress, he demonstrated a keen interest in events and quickly advanced in ranks. By August, he had joined the staff team and achieved the role of Second in Command by May ’23, serving under Desireus and ROOBOO. Similar to Yoda, his dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed, earning him the prestigious Achiever rank.

New leaders’ inauguration event

Yoda and Jo were both promoted to Leader in Training in July, finally reaching Commander last Sunday. Their induction event saw a mx of 26 Helpers online. Club Penguin Armies had the pleasure of speaking with both the retiring leaders Snowy and Maya, as well as the newly inaugurated Commanders – Jo and Yoda.

What were your goals that you planned to achieve during your short comeback to leadership? Did you achieve them?

Snowy: My goal was to burn down HF. Obviously this is taking longer than I thought. Stay tuned.

Maya: Snowy and I had planned to only stay for the summer to help HF out while we also trained the new commanders. I wanted to help HF have a good summer for everyone by having some fun themes for the server, events and getting to help out with LC. I would say we achieved those and everyone enjoyed the chaos.

What was your favorite thing about being a leader?

Snowy: Maya.

Maya: I know for Snowy this was her second time getting to lead again, but obviously it was my first time. I really just enjoyed being able to get that chance to lead an army and really get to see the behind the screens, I never got to completely experience as 2ic. Getting to talk to the cpa community and work with others was really fun and I’ll never forget those moments I got to make.

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to stay in the community or ever come back to leading again?

Snowy: My plans for the future don’t really involve armies, though I won’t completely disappear either. I won’t lead again but I’m willing to cause a coup, not necessarily in HF. Army leaders dm me if interested

Maya: I will still be in HF as a Trustee. I want to still help out in any ways I can and help the new Commanders with any knowledge and to also have fun and chaos in the chats with Snowy because thats basically what we do during US hours Not sure if I will come back to help lead, maybe if they need the assiance but guess we will see.

What piece of advice would you offer to the current and incoming leaders or staff?

Snowy: I would advise new and hopeful leaders to commit themselves to their goals, and to always keep their head up

Maya: Never miss an opportunity to get to do something, because you only get the one chance as Leader or staff. You will always face a challenge and change in anything you try to do for anything, dont think on giving up or that you are alone. Most of us have faced that too while being staff, and thats why we worked hard and together to achieve what HF really is and what it stands for.

What is your favourite aspect of being a leader, and what are you looking forward to the most?

Jo: My favourite aspect is hosting events and having fun with troops. I look forward to being able to plan lots of fun things alongside Rooboo and Yoda and really I’m just looking forward to creating fun for the troops.

Yoda: it would be probably giving a place opportunity to everyone where people can talk chill and fun. It is an honor to help this army that people see as another home. At same time i think we can do great jobs with jo and rooboo together! i am looking forward to work with them and be successful!

Are there any changes or improvements that you are already planning to implement in Help Force, now that you are a leader?

Jo: Apart from some coups, there aren’t many changes happening that weren’t already planned before I became leader. However, I am ready to work with my fellow commanders to greatly improve the army and just make everything a lot better.

Yoda: I can’t say that I have a very ready plan at the moment (except to reduce taxes) but I believe we will come with good ideas from time to time

What, in your opinion, are the traits of a good leader or what moral principles are you planning to follow through your career?

Jo: Responsibility, organisation, and communication are traits I feel a good leader should have. I will try to follow through with these traits as much as I can. A good leader should also be hard working and should try to maintain a safe community, which I will try my best to do.

Yoda: In my opinion a good leader should be brave, calm, self-disciplined, responsible, someone who understands people’s language and someone who can appeal to everyone and most importantly hardworking person! leader has a very important position, everyone expects something from a leader for sure! I will try to do what I wrote as much as I can

It is common for armies to suffer low maxes when the new school year starts. Do you have any ideas how to handle the September Drop?

Jo: I feel like having a greater integration of club penguin and other games would help. We already do this where we usually host some sort of fun activity after every event. This way there’s a lot more variety in our activities, which will help keep things refreshing and new.

Yoda: Maxes can depend on timing but i also believe hype and organization is the key factor if everything is done properly I don’t think the results will be bad. As jo said, we are hosting games after events at the moment and offer a fun environment to new recruits! And maybe some themed weeks, themed teams would help to hype up!

It seems that Help Force is in good hands, ready for anything that the future holds for them. Despite the two army veterans, Snowy and Maya, retiring, ROOBOO, Yoda and Jo strike as a good team that share a common vision. Will the new generation be able to bring the army to the new heights? We at Club Penguin Armies wish all the best to both the new and the retiring leaders.

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