Trick Or Treat Trials: Finals Results

With Halloween right around the corner, our terrifying Trick Or Treat Trials tournament has come to a close! Like all tournaments, there’s only room for one army at the top. Who was the standout army in Club Penguin Armies’ recent spooky skirmish?

The Trick or Treat Trials is potentially a stepping stone to more innovative tournaments. In the first stage, every army logged on to the same server. In a twist, armies had the option of two rooms to enter: a treat room and a trick room. The treat room, as its name suggests, was easy and traditional. Armies earned points just for showing up and the winner of each treat room received more points. Fairly standard. But in trick rooms, armies earned additional points by completing silly tasks – such as leaders abandoning the battle entirely and playing Cart Surfer. Whilst its concept sounded silly, it proved to be a success with six armies competing.

Due to their performance in the Qualifiers, both the Army of Club Penguin and Help Force were invited to compete in the Grand Finals. The format of the battle was precisely the same as any other, a typical 30-minute battle. In each room, both armies had their ups and downs but unfortunately, only one of them could win.

The first room was immediately stormed by the Clovers, with Help Force following immediately after. Straight away, the judges knew that this was going to be close. As each army took its formation, the Army of Club Penguin covered – a common theme throughout the battle. Despite trading blows, the judges ruled that the Army of Club Penguin dominated room one.

October 28, 2023: Trick Or Treat Trials Room One: ACP Victory

Kicking off the second room, once again the Clovers took first. This room largely repeats the pattern of the first room: ACP enters first, HF enter moments later, ACP takes centre-controlling form and HF tries to avoid it. Much like the first room, the Army of Club Penguin dominated and Help Force didn’t really stand a chance.

Room three was easily the closest battle room. The Army of Club Penguin’s size advantage had dropped to +/- five penguins and the Help Force was ramping up. In this room, the Army of Club Penguin’s formations appeared more bunched. More of their penguins seemed to be AFK (or lagging) too, resulting in fewer doing the actual tactic. On Help Force’s side, their formations in this room were spectacular and were able to cover the Clovers for once. However, due to the Army of Club Penguin’s more complex formations (and overall coverage of the map), they also took the third room in a 3-0 sweep for the Clovers. This crowns them the victors of the Trick Or Treat Trials tournament!

October 28, 2023: Trick Or Treat Trials Room Three: ACP Narrow Victory

Winner – Army of Club Penguin

Second Place – Help Force

Trophy will be added soon!

To find out how the Army of Club Penguin managed to secure this victory, Club Penguin Armies approached Coolguy for a statement on his army’s recent win.

The Trick or Treat Trials tournament was definitely…different. The first round took everyone by surprise and we tried to do our best to get through. It was in the finals that we were able to showcase what we were truly made of though, I was proud of ACP and those within the army because a lot of work had been put in behind the scenes by many individuals which allowed us to remain calm heading into the battle. Help Force are an amazing army and they definitely showed up big time for this battle but I was glad to see that all of the work and dedication put into making the finals a success worked. We did everything we could in the moment to try and beat our brother allies in the battle for the second tournament win of the year (as both armies were fighting for the same thing). Bare in mind, it was in the Ausia Arena tournament that ACP were knocked out by Help Force as they topped our group and they went on to win the whole thing. Both armies were on level pegging and gave it our all, I don’t think we could ask for any better. Of course, as a leader, you analyse parts of the battle which could have gone better or were amazing but at the same time we are riding the victory.

Evidently, the Army of Club Penguin’s leadership is looking to start a tournament-victory streak. The Clovers have now won the past two tournaments including this year’s Legends Cup – but will their streak continue into Christmas Chaos? Coolguy also spoke on the irony that Help Force was able to beat the ACP in the previous AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. The Clovers now plan on reviewing their recent battle to ensure success in the next skirmish.

Club Penguin Armies also sat down with the Help Force leadership. We asked Yoda their plans on improving themselves for the next tournament. This is what he had to say:

I feel like we can be better with some trainings sessions we had close max to acp but our form werent the best. So we will try to give into different ways of recruiting hopefully!

The Help Force evidently plans on expanding their recruiting efforts.

Truly another incredible tournament! Congratulations to the Army of Club Penguin for taking home another trophy, but don’t fear, the next tournament will be upon us before you know it. Can the Army of Club Penguin continue their momentum into Christmas Chaos? Will we see their streak end before it has really started?

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