The Clover Triumvirate: AustinFraud and Coolguy Join ACP Leadership

Amidst warfare and conflict, the Army of Club Penguin witnessed a significant change in their leadership, as two new leaders were inducted.

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In a detailed post published on May 29, Army of Club Penguin leader Calgocubs announced the promotion of two long-time army veterans and ACP high command, Austinfraud and Coolguy to the position of leader. This marks the first time since 2021 that the army will have a triumvirate system, consisting of a trio of leaders.

Calgo introduced the Triumvirate to the army and community in a website post

Coolguy stumbled upon the army community in 2011, stumbling upon many armies and their events before joining an army known as UCCP in 2012. Since then, he has been a major part of many armies including Templars, Doritos, Army Republic, Coup Crusaders, and Chaos. None, however, were as notable as his work and immense dedication to SWAT, where he went on to become the army’s longest serving leader, and earned the title of legend. He would later go on to enlist in the Army of Club Penguin, where Coolguy will now be seen as a part of the leadership.

Austin on the other hand, joined CP armies as a Rebel Penguin Federation troop. Austin is a notable AUSIA member, having led armies such as Athletes, Elites, Dark Champions, Fire Warriors, and Secret Service in the past. Ever since joining the Army of CP as an AUSIA Commander, Austin has worked hard consistently and now rightfully earns the rank of leader.

ACP at a recent event

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity of interviewing the new leadership inductees to learn more about their thoughts and future plans.

How does it feel to be inducted as a leader of the army?

Austin: To be completely honest, I consider myself extremely honoured to command such a historic army as ACP. Leading ACP is a challenge for me because it is my first time commanding a Major Army. Having previously led small/medium armies, this is a completely new chapter for me. The ACP has a rich history, and I am honoured to be a part of it as the 50th Commander-in-Chief. I joined ACP solely to enjoy CP Armies in general, and I quickly rose through the ranks, joining staff around the last week of December and eventually becoming a leader. I put a lot of effort into getting where I am, and I won’t let that effort go to waste. I am the most ambitious man you will ever meet and I’ll accomplish my goals during my tenure in ACP.

Coolguy: I joined ACP exactly 2 months ago today so Calgo has impeccable timing for this but it is truly an honour to be able to serve alongside both Calgo and Austin and a Triumvirate doesn’t happen very often in ACP, so it means a lot not only to me but to ACP and everyone involved because it’s a special occasion. My arrival alone was an anomaly which has only happened twice I believe (in terms of people joining for Field General aka Second in Command. So achieving leader in 2 months is an amazing feat for me and I hope that I beat Calgo in terms of the amount of time it took me to get leader in comparison to him 🤣. I can’t say who was the fastest to ever get the role of ACP leader but I am honoured to be an ACP leader. Only 50 people in the army’s history has been able to achieve the leader role and both me and Austin are now apart of these 50 people. So the occasion is truly a special one for both of us. It is something I aimed for ever since joining because, if you know my past in armies, you know you can’t keep me away for long 🤣 and after leading for 3 years I felt like I can continue to lead and yet the break in-between was needed, being able to prove myself as a valuable member, which I hope I have done and also to hone my own skills both in ACP and in CPA.

What are your future plans for the army?

Austin: My goal, as stated in Calgo’s “future of ACP leadership” post, is utter dominance. My goals as second in command have not changed: I want to have the most powerful AUSIA division ever seen in an army. I want to break all records with my AUSIA division. Another significant goal of mine is to add a prestigious trophy to our trophy cabinet, which will happen.

We always had a smaller staff or HCOM team than other major armies, probably because we valued quality over quantity. I intend to build a strong and sustainable staff team under my leadership especially the AUSIA one, which may sound bold, but it is entirely doable.

Coolguy: Hmm, well since joining my plans have been to make ACP great, obtain leader and win tournaments/wars. We have already broken records in ACP, helping Calgo’s generation to break CSY’s record of the number of first-place finishes in Club Penguin Armies’ Top Ten in the CPPS era so I was glad to be able to help him with that. It’s something that didn’t come round very often in Templars’ year of dominance for me or ACP so being able to take this year by the horns and really give it our all to obtain first place 5 times is a great feat and it’s one that no-one apart from the Templars were able to do last year. We have bigger plans, of course, Calgo already released the plans for Phase 3, domination. So that is our plan, we aren’t just satisfied with 5 first-place finishes, we want a lot more, we want to keep on moving forward, taking out anything that’s in our way as we aim to dominate the Top Tens, dominate tournaments and as for future plans, something more specific, well right now, we have war with SWAT so that will be the first thing that’s on our mind and while we are warring SWAT we will be able to hit two birds with one stone in terms of extending the CPPS #1 record further and making it even harder to break. I aim to take my place as an ACP leader and truly cement my place in their history. Not only that, I aim to further make progress in Club Penguin Armies, continuing to help make the media the best it’s ever and while continuing to write and edit posts as an Editor In Chief. Upon retiring from SWAT, I said this wasn’t the last you’ve seen of Coolguy and now you are seeing this come to life. I hope to continue to fulfil my roles within both and strive for greatness in both areas.

Can you share a favorite memory/memories that you have of the army?

Austin: My favourite memory is when we hopped onto the staff VC after the March Madness battle against the Water Vikings and had an absolute blast in VC despite the fact that it was very late. The VC was filled with laughter, fun, and a variety of other activities such as arguing with CPAT goons.

Coolguy: Whilst I’ve only been in the army for a short period in comparison to others, I definitely do have some memorable moments already. One of them was my induction ceremony as a UK Commander. We had just come out of a war with the Dark Vikings, which we won, and we needed a bit of a break and also we needed to relax a bit and the ceremony was an unexpected break from all of the CPA stuff, and we just had that in that one small event. While we didn’t plan for it, it all was a bit of fun and games and we all took a bit of a breather and just had fun for once which is what ACP is about, enjoying what we have even while we are trying to dominate. Another favourite moment or memory? Well, I’d say the late-night chats in main, they’re always fun to have, whether you’re in ACP or not you can just relax and just have a weird little chat about all sorts whether it be philosophical or even political (cough cough sanya cough cough) LMFAO. But other times include Calgo breaking his bank and even just honing my own skills within the army to get me to where I am today so hopefully I can go on to do much more within the army and help, alongside cal and austin to make this Triumvirate the best in all of ACP’s history.

What are some of the learning experiences you have had throughout your army career, or even otherwise, that you would want to incorporate within the army as a Leader?

Austin: The most important lesson I’ve learned from leading armies is that internal dramas will always kill the army. Even if we deal with the entire drama situation, it will leave wounds. Even though it is impossible to avoid dramas, I intend to keep the drama count to a minimum.

Coolguy: I think ACP is a great army as it doesn’t revolve around one person, it is truly a team, clockwork and in the leadership team, you can bet your bottom dollar that there won’t just be one person carrying all of the weight of leading. Sometimes, one person can take on too much or be forced to have several sleepless nights just to be able to cope or to be able to get stuff done. This is one thing that I do know of, personally too, and aim to avoid with this new ACP leadership. We all know Calgo loves to ruin his own sleep schedule but it’s definitely not a good thing to do so that is definitely one thing I’ve tried to do since coming in acp – lighten the load, and something we can do as a leadership. This also puts us in a good position when thinking about what is too much for staff too, it will allow us to help them when they’re off-balance and help them fulfill their duties without stressing over them. Also, an important thing that you need to have, well 2 important things really, well one is patience because you really need to keep level-headed in CPA and remember what you’re doing this for, what you’re aiming for, and also that this is just a blown-up simulator (game) so that’s another thing I’ll be able to keep in mind and help others to do because it’s easy to lose your cool (see what I did there… <:hehe:714824379917402193>) but losing it will only make you look bad, even if you were “in the right”. It’s important to think about what is best for the army so patience is needed, you can’t rush into anything but at the same time you can’t overthink because if you overthink, you delay or inadvertently make a mistake by focusing so much on one thing that you completely forget another thing which comes back to bite you. These are fundamental things that we have to keep in mind every day and I don’t know if being a leader has completely sunk in yet but I can assure you my years of experience have helped me a lot so far, I believe that I have made many mistakes myself, even by overthinking something because of a previous mistake that I made and I tried not to make it again but in doing that, I overthought and become indecisive which therefore allowed a blindside. This is something I am much wiser to and I believe I am much more equipped to handle all sorts of different situations because of previous mistakes but also because of previous successes too. I know what has worked and what doesn’t. However, now, it’s about determining what works and what does for ACP and that is something all three of us will carefully determine with our vast experiences. None of us are alone in ACP, none of us work solo, we stand united and we attack tasks as a team, as it should be. So, there’ll be quite a lot of things both me and Austin can bring from other experiences, try out, and test, which is something we’ve already started to do as HCOM members, to benefit ACP and to help us become one of the greatest generations, one that everyone can be proud of.

If you could name one thing you look forward to as a leader, what would that be?

Austin: Domination.

Coolguy: That’s a good question. I think that the one thing that I am looking forward to is the future of ACP. By that, I mean that ACP can have a really bright future ahead and rn we have a war to win, getting the W’s in that war will set our leadership up. I guess the war can be a determining factor as it is the first war we will be fighting is as the Triumvirate, so with that being said, we have some things to prove. Moving on from that, looking into the future, the Legends Cup is on the horizon and that is always a premier event within the community with multiple armies going full force to try and secure the trophy, that’s definitely one thing I look forward to. Aside from that, I look forward to leading alongside Calgo and Austin as well as the working further with the team that we have to aim for greatness, aim for dominance, aim to be the best version of ACP that we can be whilst still keeping our values intact – that is something that ACP does well and will continue to do. 🙏

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

Austin: I believe that the ACP will be the most dominant army in a year’s time similar to RPF in 2020.

Coolguy: We will be on top of the Top Tens, we will have won a couple of wars/trophies and we will be a force within CPA. We hope to go far so that’s the dream.

In conclusion, both individuals have pretty ambitious goals for the army in the foreseeable future. It remains to be seen how the experienced duo of Austin and Coolguy, joining forces with Calgo, will lead the army from here on. ACP has done very well this year already, and it is certain that they do not plan on slowing down anytime soon. How much more will ACP accomplish? Can they surpass RPF’s golden run from 2020? How do you see ACP performing under the new leadership?

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