Coup Crusaders Withdraw As Da Best Rejoins

Coup Crusaders went through several internal and external changes as the army not only quit the United Front Alliance, surrendering from the war, but also welcomed Da Best back into the leadership. With the war still raging, the Elite Guardians and Coup Crusaders signed a peace treaty ending hostilities and conflict between the two armies.

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On January 12, the Coup Crusaders released an official statement, announcing their withdrawal from the United Front Alliance and the war against the Elite Guardians. As well as this major decision, they welcomed Da Best back into the army’s leadership. Da Best previously led the Crusaders in November 2023, spearheading its revival alongside Toxic Storm. However, in December, upon the army’s declaration of war, Da Best quickly announced his retirement from the army.

In the announcement made by Toxic Storm, not only welcomed Da Best back into the leadership with him, but also explained the reason behind the army’s discontinuation from the alliance and the ongoing war. Toxic Storm mentioned that they felt they had done enough to support their allies and also stated the fact that this war had been dividing the army internally, clarifying that he as a leader wished to prioritize his army over a war.

Coup Crusaders’ official announcement

Prior to this announcement, the army signed a peace treaty with the Elite Guardians, the “Treaty of Covfefe,” declaring that they would be ending the war between the two armies. Both sides agreed to not schedule any battles or invasions against one other, unless mutually decided and took the decision to not acknowledge a victor in their war, despite Elite Guardians winning two battles against them.

Treaty of Covfefe

Additionally, the Coup Crusaders were soon turned on. At the very next Crusaders event, they were raided by members of the People’s Imperial Confederation, wearing tuba uniforms. They performed tactics taunting Da Best, among sitting on their line. This raid of the event seemed to take led by the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Tuba raid

The war may have ended for the Coup Crusaders with this; however, the same cannot be said for the Elite Guardians who are still facing the rest of the United Front Alliance, being the Army of Club Penguin, the People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Templars. While the Crusaders have made the decision to back out from the war and work on the internal matters of the army, the alliance as well as the Elite Guardians continue to go on strong, facing every battle as it comes their way. Despite their decision to withdraw, the Coup Crusaders have their hopes raised as they aim to grow and improve the army from here. We wish the Coup Crusaders, the Elite Guardians, and the United Front Alliance the best in their future endeavors.
Will the Coup Crusaders go on to be a formidable force within the community? Which side is likely to emerge victorious in the Christmas Crusade?

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  1. fwxsweater January 18, 2024 (5:07 pm)

    “Additionally, some individuals in the United Front Alliance did not take Coup Crusaders treaty with their enemies lightly. At the very next Crusaders event, they were raided by members of the alliance wearing a tuba uniform.”

    The raid had nothing to do with the alliance or the treaty Coup Crusaders have with Elite Guardians. There was nothing suggesting this. In fact, both at the time and talking about the raid after we made it very clear that the raid was due to one CC leader, that’s it. This information was readily available, or it would’ve even taken two seconds to ask any PIC leader for information.

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