Meet The Judges Of The Christmas Chaos XIII Grand Finals

Following a month filled with invigorating battles and eager contestants, the stage is set for the spectacular Christmas Chaos XIII Grand Finals. Five experienced judges stand between the two finalists and the prestigious trophy.

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Reaching the Grand Finals in one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year is no easy task. Both the Water Vikings and Elite Guardians have carved their paths through the bracket with impressive displays of strength. Without losing a room, the Guardians triumphed over the Special Weapons and Tactics and Rebel Penguin Federation in previous weeks. In similarly decisive victories. the Vikings secured wins against the Help Force and Army of Club Penguin. With the high calibre of battle expected, judges are sure to be evaluating each opponent carefully.

Semi-Final: RPF vs. EGCP

Several familiar individuals, having accumulated extensive experience in the role, will be serving as judges for the coming Grand Finals. Being responsible for determining the outcome of such a highly regarded tournament, each judge will undoubtedly seek to provide quality analysis. Club Penguin Armies spoke with the judges to learn about their thoughts and expectations of the coming spectacle.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your past army and judging experience?

Jakob: Hello I’m Jakob. I’ve been in armies since mid-2020, and I started judging during the most recent World War to help prevent a lack of judges, and in the Legends Cup tournament.

Mare: I’m Mare I’ve been a girl boss since 2020 judging the streets of Club Penguin. I now am a head judge with my home girl Spootles, Poppy, Patricia, and Lil Yvng. I use to be a leader in SWAT and it was dope but then I decided it’s time to go and now I’m back to the streets with no army.

Popcorny: My name is Popcorny I have been in the community for a while and have had minor successes in armies. Judging wise I have most recently been judging the World War and have done many tournament finals before that.

Spotty: Hey I’m Spotty and I joined the community in February 2018. Since, then I have been apart of several armies such as the Help Force, and Dark Warriors where I was a leader. More recently I’ve been known as a community figure, whether that’s being a community admin between the years of 2021-2023, or as Head Judge, where I’ve been apart of the team since Summer 2020.

Sweater: I’m Sweater and I’ve been judging on and off for 4 years now. I’ve judged several high-stakes battles and led a mix of both major and minor armies. I consider myself qualified for the battle ahead of us and extend the best of luck to both armies competing.

What is most important to you in deciding the outcome of a battle?

Jakob: There are many things that decide the outcome of a battle. But as a judge, the most important thing to look for isn’t size when it comes to close battles. But for the strength of formations and as always, the amount of covering is the key to pull through.

Mare: The army has to be slaying and speedy quick. I don’t like AFK troops on the sidelines because it makes the army look like they are lacking and my girl Spootles with 10/10 agree with me on that.

Popcorny: I think size is important in deciding the outcome.

Spotty: Honestly I know most people focus on size, but as we’ve seen it’s not just about size. The only way one army can win solely on size is when they have at least a 20+ advantage and they aren’t dead in the battle. If the size gap is left, then it’s all to play for, armies need to execute their forms and tactics perfectly.

Sweater: I tend to follow the judging guidelines by the book to avoid any problems. That’s to say size is typically the most important factor for me, but obviously formations, movement and speed come into play. One thing that impresses me is when an army knows when to surrender a formation, not everybody does.

What have your thoughts been on previous battles? Were there any matchups you found particularly notable?

Jakob: Not even gonna lie, I don’t really pay attention to the stuff I don’t judge in so I wouldn’t be able to tell

Mare: The last few battles were actually shocking, they all messed up my brackets so big L for me. I was surprised that RPF didn’t make it through the finals mainly because of their past streak.

Popcorny: I have loved the previous battles, I remember SWAT’s battle fondly.

Spotty: ACP and WV I’d say represent the true finals of this tournament, in terms of size being the same, and then forms and tactics as that battle was extremely close.

Sweater: The only other battles in the tournament I’ve seen was Elite Guardians vs RPF and of course the qualifier battle which I led. I have no real thoughts other than I was a little surprised to see RPF beat so easily. Definitely the Elite Guardians vs RPF match. Truly a highlight for the effort EGCP are putting into this and hopefully a wake up call for RPF that the competition is not so easy anymore.

How do you forecast the coming Grand Finals? Do you believe one side is more likely to win?

Jakob: It’s very difficult to tell who will win the finals just off of this question. There are many factors that each army can have such as EGCP tanking it through the battle as usual (not dropping size; staying consistent), however, WV has a lot bigger of a vet pull, especially for finals which is what makes it so difficult to tell.

Mare: I can’t quite predict the future because both armies seem to have equal opportunity within the battle. However, EGCP’s size is consistently large so WV would have to try and compete with that.

Popcorny: I think it’s going to be a sunny day on Club Penguin Island, perhaps at times cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Battle is dependant on how many vets WV can drag out their ass who have been battling since the Napoleonic era.

Spotty: Honestly, I think there may be a few surprises, as we saw EGCP win solely on size in the Semis, if they are able to get such a size difference again then WV won’t stand a chance. But personally, I’m not sure on who will win, and I look forward to judging the battle. I just hope neither side harasses the judges.

Sweater: I try not to predict battles that I know I’m going to judge. Armies have surprised me before and as mentioned previously EGCP have already surprised me so far. I know WV are also putting in a great amount of effort so I think it would be foolish to try and put one of these armies over the other. Anything can happen tonight.

The judges are all set and ready to referee and determine the results of the final round of this tournament. Moreover, their skill and experience in judging should not go unnoticed, and we are glad that they could take out time from their schedules for this important event. This battle can be anyone’s win, and we are excited to see how it turns out. Who do you think will take home the victory and why?


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