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Welcome to Army Front, the column where we catch up with this week’s stand-out army! This week, we are exploring how Help Force regained major army status after falling to small-medium less than one month ago.

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Help Force was created in March 2018 as one of the many Club Penguin Online armies. Known for their affinity for stamp collecting, they are no stranger to change. Their transition from CPO to Club Penguin Rewritten came about when the leaders created a bot that would ban everyone from the old Help Force Discord server and invite them to their new one. This officially severed all ties with CPO through the “Helper Exodus.” However, their sizes dropped, and have continued to fluctuate, like most armies in the community. At this time last year, they were seventh on the weekly Top Ten armies list. This past week, they landed at number two on the list. This is a considerable jump from last year despite their recent troubles.

Recently, Help Force secured a tournament win by beating out the Water Vikings in the AUSIA Arena finals. At the end of the summer, two leaders, Snowy and Mayaleft their leadership positions. Because of this, two members were promoted to leader Jo (Thuanthaijo) and Yoda. Hopes were high that they would avoid the September Drop. However, Help Force fell prey to the inevitable drop but they worked hard to quickly increase their numbers.

Help Force at a recent event

The helpers went from maxing 17 in the week that they lost major to maxing 31 last week. This shows tremendous strength and motivation from the army to regain their major status. But how did Help Force achieve this feat?

Club Penguin Armies reached out to ROOBOO, another current Help Force leader, for insight regarding how Help Force regained Major Army status.

You know when u can ace an exam but you choose to be lazy then you face the consequences of not getting the full mark just because you chose to be lazy? We relate to that. Not saying we were lazy — no not at all — yet it’s the idea of not realising we have one week left to remain major and we didn’t give that much of the work with the September climate. It was just the lack of “doing our absolute best” during that period. We may have done our best, but not our absolute best. The difference is in the spirit of the server at the time, be it events, hype, or insights going on. We just belong to major — it’s just like a tiny mistake that happened, but we got back right up the moment after so it’s okay. A slight issue was solved.

We put more focus into actually hyping the events up and announcing earlier and one of the main reasons was an advice I took from Calgo after what happened and it’s to create a purpose for your time period. Be it an event or a theme. For example we made three parts of a BACK TO MAJOR events. Every part in a week alone. We also introduced Club Penguin Journey and got back our tradition of Stamp Segments which also let people feel interested, alongside CPJ game tournaments which was also a big part of HF for a long time. Basically making a purpose and an interesting hyping idea not just random fun or outfit events. Also some advice Edu gave was to poke recruiting hype alongside server hype as well. Both advices were evolving around the idea of having hype and fulfilling goals. We also got aid from allies at times in which we’re so appreciative of as well! 😀

It’s clear that not only did Help Force change, but they also sought advice from their allies. Using a notable CPPS that’s been taking the community by storm, Club Penguin Journey, also helped them on their road back to major. One of the recent events Help Force held on CPJ was a stamp-collecting event where they managed to max 31 penguins. The CPPS and their drop to small/medium status has reignited a fire inside the army. But will Help Force prioritise CPJ as a CPPS after their recent success?

More investigation and research is needed to see whether armies can survive off Club Penguin Army Battleground alone. The usage of private servers such as CPJ may be the key to CPA’s survival. Theoretically, sizes at events held on CPPS’ get boosts through the addition of rogues who may or may not enlist in the army. This was common during the original Club Penguin army era but has been unheard of since the shutdown of CPR and CPO. Could Help Force be living proof that using other CPPS’ is a major benefit to armies or was it their motivation which drove them back to major? Whichever it was, we at Club Penguin Armies wish Help Force the best of luck for the future!

Do you think Help Force will be able to maintain their major status? What impact will new private servers have on the army community?

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