Dark Pirates Declares War on Penguins of Madagascar; Beefs Up Leadership

Following rumours of a small/medium tournament, a recent war declaration has the Dark Pirates wishing to invade the Penguins of Madagascar. The two armies have more history than one may think, leading to some exciting battles. On top of this, the Dark Pirates have also added a new leader to their ranks.

Thumbnail image of the new Dark Vikings leader standing opposite a Penguins of Madagascar leader in which both penguins are battle-ready.

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On August 12, 2023, Dark Pirates Captain Tide released a cryptic announcement surrounding the army’s plans to go to war with the Penguins of Madagascar. In his announcement, he told his Pirates to “never forget what they stole from us,” but did not go in-depth as to what this means. He did, however, announce that a full post would release sometime soon. As of now, the Penguins of Madagascar are yet to acknowledge this declaration. On top of this, both armies are landless on the World Map which means this war will be landless.

Tide making an announcement in the Dark Pirates Discord server. The announcement begins with an image of a Baseball Team penguin saluting. It then reads:"@everyone DPC ARE GOING TO WAR WITH THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY TOOK FROM US expect a post soon" The announcement ends with propaganda featuring a Dark Pirate penguin holding a victory belt over an injured Penguins of Madagascar soldier/leader.

Cryptic declaration of war Tide posted on Penguins of Madagascar. Click to expand.

As no reasons have been provided by the Pirates, the community is left to speculate. When Tide mentioned “stole from us,” it is possible he is referring to the failed merge between his old army and the Penguins. The Dark Pirates’ leadership are the same individuals behind the mildly successful Baseball Team of Club Penguin. The Baseball Team had a lifespan of a few months in early 2023 but merged into the Penguins of Madagascar following multilogging accusations. After just a few weeks, the leaders of the Baseball Team formed the Dark Pirates. Is it possible that tensions may have soured during this unsuccessful merge?

It’s important to note that the Penguins of Madagascar are under an entirely new leadership. Cre3py, Solarix and Guest User were not leading at that point. During the merge, Ryebread and Logical were leading the army. Sweater joined the army to join the Sapphire Concordat Alliance which Dark Pirates was also a member of. The pair were even able to get along during this time. Perhaps the reason behind the war is personal issues between the new leaders and the Dark Pirate leadership.

The Dark Pirates battling the Dark Vikings at the snow forts, with Penguins of Madagascar and the SCA assisting.

May 2023: The Sapphire Concordat (including Penguins of Madagascar and Dark Pirates) invades the Dark Vikings

To assist with the army’s efforts against the Penguins, Dark Pirates announced a temporary new leader. A few hours before the declaration, Ninja Leader announced Ay12 would be joining the leadership. Ay12’s leadership will likely last throughout the war, possibly even after. His experience includes high ranks in armies such as Elite Federals and the Lime Green Army.

Dark Pirates new leader Ay12 announcing himself. Ninja Leader gives explanation on who he is.

August 2023: Ay12 joins Dark Pirates leadership. Click to expand

Unsatisfied with secrecy, Club Penguin Armies approached Tide for an interview regarding the recent declaration of war, as well as the induction of Ay12.

Why did Dark Pirates declare war on the Penguins of Madagascar?

The Dark Pirates of Club Penguin have chosen to declare war on POM due to the events that unfolded when the Ninja Leader merged BCP into Pom. I perceived a lack of proper respect directed towards myself, Ninja Leader, and the BCP community. Following POM’s revival, I experienced disrespect from Solar, one of its leaders. This occurrence rekindled my hatred towards POM, as my aim is to avenge BCP and ensure that they hold me and my army in the appropriate esteem.

How will Dark Pirates ensure victory in this war?

The Dark Pirates of Club Penguin are going to boost recruitment efforts to increase our ranks, ensuring that our numbers are sufficiently increased to overcome Pom. Also, we are fortunate to have an experienced member within the CPA community, Ay12, who will play a crucial role in guiding us to victory.

What led to the decision of moving Ay12 from advisory to leadership?

Ay12’s decision to take up a leadership role within DPC was influenced by the upcoming Beach Brawl tournament; however, he has also committed to supporting us in the war.

Tide confirmed common suspicions, detailing how the Penguins of Madagascar ‘disrespected’ himself and Dark Pirates – as well as seeking revenge for the Baseball Team merger. Ay12 joining the leadership was seemingly irrelevant to the war, perhaps the declaration was a split-second decision following his promotion. It’s clear, though, that the Dark Pirates’ leadership is looking to win both this war as well as the unannounced Beach Brawl tournament this year.

Club Penguin Armies also approached Guest User, Penguins of Madagascar leader, to find out what they plan to do to secure victory in the conflict.

What was your initial reaction when you found out Dark Pirates declared war on you?

I was glad to finally have another war.

It’s no secret that POM has not been as stable under the new leadership, what will you do to ensure victory in this conflict?

Many training events.

Are you confident that you will secure victory in this war?


From the interview with Guest User, he doesn’t seem too confident in his army to win this fight. With the Dark Pirates seeming more ready – and more passionate – the small/medium community is in for a thrill. Will the new Penguins of Madagascar leadership shock the world, or will the Dark Pirates get their justice?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 August 12, 2023 (11:54 pm)

    WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK! POM might need help!

    • ๖̶̶̶Sweaterr August 12, 2023 (11:56 pm)

      I guess we’ll see! Maybe the leadership will surprise us 🙂

      • AhsokaTano24 August 12, 2023 (11:58 pm)

        I agree pal. If POM needs help, they can contact DV.

  2. daddy maguro August 13, 2023 (12:03 am)

    what’s dpcs terms?

    • ๖̶̶̶Sweaterr August 13, 2023 (4:50 am)

      That’s the funny thing, no terms have been set by DPC yet. I guess this is more of a pre-declaration or something, not how I’d go about it, that’s for sure!

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