Into The Trenches: Reviewing The World War With Troops

The World War IX began on June 1st, barely a week ago. Since then, the two alliances involved in the war have clashed 22 times. In this post, we venture into the trenches and find out what the troops think of the war so far.

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The World War IX, fought between the Blue Sunset Alliance and the Sapphire Concordat, began with the BSA declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin. Club Penguin Armies started a Live Coverage of the World War to keep up with the flow of events since then. From the declaration of the Sunset alliance, to the Sapphire Concordat’s counter declaration, a lot has transpired over the course of just eight days.

Ever since the beginning, every single day has been packed with battles across the three time zones. While this ensured that every member could participate in the events, it also increased stress levels in the community significantly. Moreover, the Sapphire Concordat still crave the taste of a victorious battle, despite multiple close rooms.

Troops make up the building block of this community. Despite the significant power held by leaders, armies crumble without their troops’ support. One can only imagine the drastic transition from takeover events to suddenly fighting 3+ heated battles a day. However, the members of both sides pulled through quite well. Throughout the war, both sides kept up the quality of their warfare. It should also be noted that tactics are very rarely repeated. We can certainly attribute a major part of this successful performance to the troops’ contribution.

Club Penguin Armies jumped down into the trenches to find out more about various army members’ experience in this war.

How has your experience been with the World War so far? What do you like the most about it?

Zooy, SWAT: Has been very time-consuming but fun, it is very dissappointing whenever those dreaded results come out, I feel at times that my team should’ve won but what the judges say are generally final so there is not really any point in making a fuss about it. My favorite part about it is probably just that so many armies are working together and that really lets you to get to know them.

Nico, Templars: My experience with the war was actually pretty good since it’s my first one. and honestly, I like battles/wars with high sizes because it makes it more, fun imo.

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: It was nice until I read about all the drama, the thing I like most about is that our confederacy seems to be actually helping each other, which is, not a common quality in people in general, games or otherwise, demonstrated by SC being exactly the opposite.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: It has been a very unique experience, for me and the EGCP. I’m personally no stranger to being on the backstage of wars in the community, however this one has been different, never before have i been so invested in a conflict, let alone one of such large scale.
While i do enjoy the heat of battle, i find more enjoyement in the plannings, wether it be of tactics or treaties or propaganda, it’s something i’ve always loved doing.

Greg, PIC: Eh, kind of at a point where I’m not really in HCOM dur to barely joining PIC, all I’ve been doing is attending what I can and recruiting when I have it in me to. Nothing special really.

Ella, RPF: Honestly it’s kinda fun for my First World War except the 3am battles yk dbdhdhdv, what I like most about it is, there’s an event everyday in different time zones so everyone is able to experience their first battle or just overall get to experience battling other armies

Caisha, ACP: The world war has definitely been intense. It has put ACP and the Sapphire Concordat to a test. In my opinion, one of the highlights for us has been the formation of the Sapphire Concordat. It’s so fun working hand in hand with the other armies. We have been supporting one another and getting to know everyone. That’s really inspiring for me and very fun getting to know the community.

Imagine, Napalm Corps: I mostly like that it is pretty fun some times it even cheers me up. my experience with the world war so far has been pretty good too

Foxyy, Help Force: My experience with the world war has been pretty fun because we can help out our allie ACP to try and win :acpXhf~1: but apart from the lag what happens on my laptop the thing I like the most about it is that it’s actually interesting; hearing calgo scream down the mic, not only that I want to see who wins and captures a land. (To be honest, I do need to help out with the world war more often)

Every single day, multiple battles are fought across all three time zones. How do you deal with the burnout of attending multiple fights every day?

Zooy, SWAT: The thing is, if you aren’t trying to attend every battle it makes it more accessible to people, but if you are trying to attend every battles it makes it way less accessible. It solves the problem of people saying “there are no events for me at the time I’m free”, but brings up the problem of “how do I go to all of these”.

Nico, Templars: keep up the battles that happen every year because I have like a lot of energy and I don’t lose that much hope in our battles

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: Hardly any burnout for me over a relaxed game like this after tryharding so many different games at their absolute top levels, sleep scheduling sometimes has problem but not big issue really.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: Due to my busy schedule, i have only been able to personally attend a handful of battles so i haven’t been hit by fatigue that much, i think the aftermath of a good fight where we discuss our tactics and next moves also helps us keep focus.
Regardless, i do believe both sides should not push themselves or their troops too much, afterall we’re in this community to have a nice fun time, not to do chores.

Ella, RPF: By staying positive! it’s summer time and there’s really nothing to do except log on and support our allies and rpf anyway I can, it’s fun to do anyway so why not I say (also getting rest whenever I can) :Mocha8:

Greg, PIC: I don’t. I haven’t been experiencing burnout if I had to be real. It’s more of the losing that gets to me specifically. To see myself put this work and then to just see a 0-3 in the judge’s call puts me down a bit. But as somebody once told me “This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”

Caisha, ACP: Oh it is a lot to handle. At one point we had seven battles in one day, I think. Of course most of us cannot fit all of them in our daily schedule. I try to attend as many battles as I can, and as staff in ACP, there is also other duties. I have to remember to take time for myself too and for IRL things. I try to not take it so seriously, to be honest. Otherwise you will lose your sanity lol!

Imagine, Napalm Corps: some times I like to just take a little bit of a break from doing so much battles each day.

Foxyy, Help Force: To be honest, I don’t really join their battles due to school, but I’m actually trying to join more so that I can at least try to help them win and own a land :prayge~1:

How do you think your army is doing in the war? What improvements do you think should be made?

Zooy, SWAT: The army is definitely doing well tactically, we are having a few too many AFKs and a lot of people do not know how to get to the allied server, a lot of people are also just annoyed with how many events there are. Considering we are an alliance that together if we added all our maxes would max 100+ but most of our active players dont go to the allied server and we max around 20+ is kind of underwhelming. I think an improvement would be if they had relayers or a bot relaying into all the main army servers.

Nico, Templars: I think the army is doing pretty well in the war. we might’ve lost battles during it, but we can still handle it

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: Army doing very good, the whole team is literally almost undefeated as whole, so hard to suggest improvements really, only one I would say is that maybe we should get pre-informed anouncement about ALLIED events because there is no warning so they pop up as surprise and often many players(including me) are not ready and/or afk.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: I am honestly very surprised and happy with our perfomance so far, the war is helping us form a new generation of battle-hardened leaders and is helping us get used to the new army meta.
In terms of leadership, i think we have to improve with text tactics as well as quicker responses, but these minor difficulties are understandable given that we have only been reopened for about a month.

Greg, PIC: My army specifically? I don’t really know, just get more members really. The alliance? That’s the more interesting part. Due to most armies in the alliance not being allies prior the war, there hasn’t been a whole lot of unison in the alliance. It feels like PIC/SWAT/ACP/NC/TCP/HF on a good day vs BSA instead of SC vs BSA. Also some general tactic stuff like don’t use as many word bubbles as normal tactics and respond to enemy tactics to create banter.

Ella, RPF: I think we’re doing wonderful we’re getting higher maxes, working together as for improvements at the moment I don’t see anything that needs to at the moment :RPFSalute:

Caisha, ACP: ACP has good attendance. We are excited and eager to keep on battling. Truthfully, at first I was worried because ACP staff team was temporarily very small. We needed to stay active and recruit, and it was challenging to balance everything when we didn’t have many hands on deck. Luckily now this has been fixed and we just got more staff, probably even more to come – now we can expect things going smoother!

Imagine, Napalm Corps: I think that my army is doing pretty good. I think we can improve by doing orders more clearly.

Foxyy, Help Force: I think my army is doing quite well in this war, but yet again, I wish we could have more people from Help Force who can help ACP with their war.

What is the hardest part of battles for you?

Zooy, SWAT: Probably either changing my schedule to make them, or trying to get my computer to not overheat during battles. But the hardest part is just seeing how we keep losing, but remembering to never give up.

Nico, Templars: the hardest part about the battles is when we’re not awake as much and were slacking off on tactics

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: The Lag, 100%, it keeps kicking me, already bad enough, but on top of that lag also leads to me not seeing the other penguins movement, and mine is slowed down, so it gets harder to know where to move.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: It may seem silly, but i really hate the last 10 minutes before the battle begins (so called warming up), it’s a moment where soldiers usually start logging in bigger numbers and i sometimes find myself hit with thoughts such as “will our size be good enough?” or “will my computer lag during the middle of the battle?”. Thankfully, these thoughts are completely dissipated once the fighting actually begins and i get reminded of how much our troops and leaders can be effective.

Greg, PIC: Staying up for AUSIA battles. Also the occasional panic situation because all of the leaders are offline and the future threat of it. Like two days back I think me and Mads had to improv lead an event for a room as I had no tactics prepared never expecting this to ever even happen.

Ella, RPF: as for someone who has horrible internet most of the time I would definitely say relogging every five minutes and taking pics.

Caisha, ACP: About the war battles: The amount of them! That has been interesting. I have never battled SO MUCH. And sometimes I find myself, an adult person, up at 3am, spamming little smiley faces in a penguin game knowing well I have a workday the next day, and I contemplate my life choices.

Imagine, Napalm Corps: the hardest part of battles can be walking places which is hard because there are so much people in a room and it gets hard to find places to walk.

Foxyy, Help Force: The hardest part of battles for me is trying to change keep active with all the tactics and emotes but depending on how many people / armies are online I do lag pretty bag (usually about 3-5 minute delay) And another hardest thing for battles is trying to see who won the battle like sometimes the judges don’t send the results until about 3-6 minutes after when the results are due.

Which part of battles do you like the most?

Zooy, SWAT: My favorite attribute of battles is the speed of which tactics are sent, if the tactics are all sent by all members but within a span of 5 minutes you look messy, but if they are all sent right away then you look super clean.

Nico, Templars: think creative forms and big word bubbles that cover are pretty good and help us get an advantage in winning

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: Hard to say, I like many of those, I would say covering enemies and “CANTSEEU” ing seems pretty interesting and optimal right now, needs good click control skill and coordination too, I try that but hard in lag.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: There are a lot of tactics which are absolute eyecandy for me, but recently i’ve grown fond of the so called “Z-wipe”, our troops took so little time to get the hang of it and everytime they do it feels super satisfying.

Greg, PIC: Creative word tactics, especially ones that create back and forth banter against the two armies.

Ella, RPF: Me personally I like big creative word bubbles.

Caisha, ACP: I looove bombs and running around like crazy. I love a good whirlpool, waterfall and a rake. Keeps us awake and focused. Also changing rooms is fun and trying to get there first.

Imagine, Napalm Corps: I like making clean formations which is of course hard because there are so much people in a room at once

Foxyy, Help Force: The thing I like the most about battle movement’s is the time we try to look clean and also I like how we do big word bubbles so that we can cover the other army we are battling.

Thanks to the leaders’ efforts, many funny or creative word tactics come to light during battles. Which tactic did you like the most, and why?

Zooy, SWAT: Probably WV’s comeback to Sapphires making fun of BSA relying on allies, and then WV being like: wait but u guys have more allies.

Nico, Templars: The tactics I like the most and are kinda funny are tactics like “CHANGE YOUR NAME TO RP SINCE THE F STANDS FOR FATHERS” or “LEARN THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, LIKE TAKING THIS L” and many more tactics based on army being bad, and it can kinda make us get more courage

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: Not sure what this question exactly means, if you mean in game action patterns, Probably EV and Plus formations, although sitting on people definitely takes the cake if that counts.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: That’s a tough answer, but i think the one that got a genuine chuckle out of me was Water Viking’s “PEOPLES IMPERIAL CONFEDERATION IS GOING TO WIN? WRONG! GAS LEAK”. It makes absolutely no sense unless you’ve seen the original meme and that makes it great in my opinions.

Ella, RPF: EX ofc :relieved: i love people doing the amazing applebruh :Applebruh:, I also liked“this keeps proving that the good fight always prevails” because ftgf

Caisha, ACP: The back and forth banter in battles is always entertaining to me. But my favorite ones are the type of tactics where we highlight some of our people to give them recognition. I always spam those so hard. It’s fun lifting my buddies up. Also shoutout to Nefe for making up so many insane tactics for our battles. He’s really not holding anything back.

Imagine, Napalm Corps: one of my favorite tactics are ex (The apple guy) I like the e7/e8/e9 flicker its just really fun to do.


Do you miss attending non-battle events, or do you prefer battles?

Zooy, SWAT: I think I really like practice battles, they are super chill and you can try new things, and it also lets the leaders help incorporate the members’ ideas without risking the success of a battle, but battle events are truly what shows what you’ve learned during your practice. It’s like an exam vs. homework, you need to do your homework to know how to do the exam, and your intellegence and skill is shown during the exam. The exam is your time to shine, the homework is your time to train.

Nico, Templars: honestly, I prefer battles, it makes us interact with more armies that we face so we can get ready for more intense battles (like march madness or legends cup)

LuckyDummy, Water Vikings: Idk I am new, played another game with aurora, she got me in this, I only joined 1 month, it was during ausia , and now this war, so I never had a time of “non battle event”, so obviously I can’t “miss” it.

Feliks/Guta, Elite Guardians: Honestly, yes. Before the war we were experimenting a bit with more thematic events (ie: dance parties, puffles, special dances, etc) and we have been attempting to bring some of that to the battlefield, like when we used dinosaurs outfits for the invasion of Acre or ushankas for the invasion of Moscow.

Greg, PIC: Battles are objectively more fun and anyone who thinks other wise is in far more lamer terms, a coward.

Ella, RPF: I do miss attending non-battles but hopefully the war will be over soon :pray:

Caisha, ACP: I miss non-battle events, yeah! Something lighthearted little fun. But there will be time for that later!

Imagine, Napalm Corps: yes but no at the same time I miss the practices to get ready for the battle.

Foxyy, Help Force: I prefer battles because they are more interesting than non-battle events.

A glimpse into the trenches reveals several interesting things. While the troops don’t seem to be demotivated yet, they do have some interesting insights regarding future changes. Moreover, most of them seem to enjoy the war more than normal takeover events. The World War IX continues in full fledge, with even more battles already being scheduled. Club Penguin Armies will continually strive to provide you with timely information, news and analysis regarding the war.

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